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".globl" symbol

"const" and "pure" functions pessimize code

Re: (OT) Where IS?

--with-gnu-as mistake on solaris

-fstrict-aliasing and naughty code?

-MD together with -save-temps broken

-pthreads on hppa?

-Wall and all that



2.95.3 basic_string thread safe?

3.0.4 build status

3.1 branch libstdc++ problem with ctime on hpux

3.1 libstdc++ calls setlocale to format a number

3.1 release criteria

3.2 bootsrtrap fails on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

3.2 fails bootstrap on sparcv9


64 bit

64 bit host detection

:? ??




[Ada] ACATS status

[Ada] Bootstrapping mainline GNAT fails

Re: [Ada] Bootstrapping mainline GNAT fails (with workaround and root cause: makefile bug)

Re: [Ada] Bootstrapping mainline GNAT fails (with workaround androot cause: makefile bug)

Re: [Ada] fix lib and tools build

[ADMINISTRIVIA] New spam blocking software in effect

[ast-optimizer-branch] Merged with mainline as of 2002-03-04

[ast-optimizer-branch] Simplification of Simple grammar

Re: [cfg-branch]: Outputs dwarf2 location lists using variable tracking info

[cfg-branch]: Outputs dwarf2 location lists using variable trackinginfo

Re: [David Mosberger <davidm@hpl.hp.com>] problem with unwind info for .init/.fini sections

Re: [David Mosberger <davidm@hpl.hp.com>] problem with unwind infofor .init/.fini sections

Re: [discuss] Absolute paths horror in gcc

Re: [discuss] Re: Absolute paths horror in gcc

[PATCH] Builtins and C++ and such

[RFC] nonzero_bits (was Re: Another Java sparc-sun-solaris2.8 bootstrap failure)

[RFC] Unexpected compiler twist of the wcscoll issue

[TESTCASE] New testcase for altivec


About check memory over bound

Absolute paths horror in gcc

Access to CVS

Ack! ./config doesn't create Makefiles...

ada binaries for alpha-linux

ADA bootstrap problem

Re: ada/5856: GNAT bug box improvements

Add -D__PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME to Solaris compiler flags

Adding notes to existing PRs?

Additional failures on i586-pc-linux-gnu vs. i686-pc-linux-gnu

AJP News 28-03-2002 dla gcc

Announcement on GNAT for ia64/OpenVMS

Announcing libstdc++-v3.0.97

Another AltiVec problem

Another Java sparc-sun-solaris2.8 bootstrap failure


Assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast

Attempting to add udivmodsi4 for ColdFire.

Re: Bad mirrors

best approach to move around registers bigger than word width?

Bison1.34 warnings for parse.y


bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

Bootstrap problem on Alpha

Broken link

broken links on http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.1/criteria.html

Broken parameter offset in ColdFire v4/v4e port of gcc-3.0.4

Bug in fold-const.c

Bug with copyprop_hardreg_forward and shared RTX

Bugzilla Stats as of 3/9/2001

Bugzilla: Go! (was: Status of Bugzilla?)

build problem with mondays snapshot on solaris 2.8

build status -- 3.0.4

build status gcc-3.0.4

build success

build successfull with alpha workstation

building 3.1 branch on Cygwin

Building cross from Mac OS X to MinGW fails

Building gcc3.0.3 on AS/400

Building java library is slow

Builtins and C++ and such

C compiler for windows needed

C compiler for Windows needed.

Re: C headers in C++ (was: Builtins and C++ and such)


C++ ABI issues

c++/5507: warning regression

c/3190 Re: warning: `%y' yields only last 2 digits of year

Call of overloaded function is ambiguous ?

Can you display readable RTX from within gdb?

can't find you

The canadian cross build is broken

Changed IA64 ABI demangler license

Class layout differences across platforms ?

Code size regressions, mainline+branch

Re: Comments wanted on an idea of changing the binutils version

Comments wanted on an idea of changing the binutils version handling

Re: Comments wanted on an idea of changing the binutils versionhandling

Common labels not outputed where needed

compilation problem on SunOS 4.1.3_U1

Compile of gcc 3.0.4 / 3.0.3 fails

Compiler option?

Re: Conditionalizing the GCC documents

copying gcc binaries

Re: Copying SI regs as HI subregs

Could beohm-gc test be 'dejagnu-ised'?

CPP documentation

Crossbuilding sparc64 and x86-64

Date Error in Announcement

Default Build Target Question

definition of REAL_VALUE_TYPE is wrong...

description of CLIB of GCC 3.0.x needed

Determining gcc version

Do we really want indented #include in gcc/version.c and gcc/f/version.c?

documentation deficiency


Dwarf2 and inlined functions

Embedded 80188 w/ remote debug

Error compiling GCC 3.0.4

Error when building GCC 3.0.3 on i686-pc-cygwin

Error when installing GCC 3.0.3 on i686-pc-cygwin

errors when linking c++ on cygwin

exception error using SSE extensions with gcc3.1/cygwin

Experimental patch for slow libstdc++ configure

fail to compile "hello,world" toy

Fwd: failure notice

False memory dependeces

files included to 3.0.4 release but not tagged as gcc_3_0_4_release in cvs

Fix bootstrap failure on sparc/HPPA

fPIC on HP-UX 11.0

function attribute const

function in gcc

g++ 3 name mangling

a g++ compile warning

g++ regression? constructor function attribute


Gcc -save-temps interaction with Insight/GDB

GCC 3.0.4 build

GCC 3.0.4 build on SCO 3.2 505

gcc 3.0.4 redhat 7.2 success

gcc 3.0.4 successful build on solaris 2.9

gcc 3.0.4 successfull build

gcc 3.04 - mandrake 8.2 beta 2

gcc 3.1 + KDE3 (rc1) so far so good

gcc 3.1 and MTL testing

gcc 3.1 branch bootstrap error

gcc 3.1 branch, internal error

gcc 3.1 failed to bootstrap on Linux/mipsel

gcc 3.1 fails to build Linux 2.4.7 kernel on i686-linux

GCC 3.1 Issues

Re: GCC 3.1 issues

Re: GCC 3.1 Issues

GCC 3.1 issues document.

GCC 3.1 Issues List

Gcc 3.1 performance regressions with respect to 2.95.3

gcc 3.1 pre-release successfully builds bootable kernel 2.4.18 with patches

GCC 3.1 Release Criteria

gcc 3.1 succeeds in building Linux 2.4.18

gcc binaries for linux

gcc bug when profiling nested functions on powerpc

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2002-03-16T11:00:03Z.

GCC c Compiler

gcc compiling problems on Solaris 5.8

gcc development schedule [Re: sharing libcpp between GDB and GCC]

Re: gcc development schedule [Re: sharing libcpp between GDB andGCC]

gcc free download

gcc Head breakage make[3]: *** [os_dep.lo] Error1

gcc Head breakage on Alpha - *** [os_dep.lo] Error 1

Re: gcc Head breakage on Alpha - *** [os_dep.lo] Error 1

GCC mainline snapshots

gcc make error

GCC successful build

gcc test status on darwin (branch)

gcc testsuite failures?

GCC to open the C++ demangle API?

gcc version 3.0.4: problem with shared library

GCC-3.0.3, const Compound Literal array and optimisations

gcc-3.0.4 on osf5.1

gcc-ss-20020304 is now available

gcc-ss-20020309 is now available

gcc-ss-20020311 is now available

gcc-ss-20020318 is now available

gcc-ss-20020325 is now available

gcc.dg/cpp/charconst.c vs. WCHAR_TYPE "long int"

GCC/GNAT bootstrap problem

GCC: accessing exceptiond from C?

gcov trouble

Generated insns far from being optimal

Generating complex ASM output

generating infos about compiled code

get_mem_attrs documentation

glibc backtrace_symbols()

GNAT build process

GNAT is a compiler, too

GNATS loosing bug reports?

GNATS web interface unusable

GNU gcc build on Sparc / Solaris 8

Re: help on SunOS4.1.3_U1


hi, help needed.

how can I get some help for improving register allocation for gcc

How do I get pc-relative constant loads?

How do I get the IP-adr from connect's parameters?

How to pack the following struct in x86?

how to write port

Howto avoid temporaries instantiated fully?

hppa64-hp-hpux11.00: how to avoid usage of langtools?

I don't know how to link the object files under uclinux

Re: FW: I hate to ask this question (.la files and depends)

I have some question about GCC/ARM cross-compiler..

I need help with compiling/linking c++ programs under gcc 3.0.4 [UW/EE Research Computing #51]

Re: I need help with compiling/linking c++ programs under gcc 3.0.4 [UW/EE Research Computing #51]

Re: I need help with compiling/linking c++ programs under gcc 3.0.4[UW/EE Research Computing #51]

Re: I need help with compiling/linking c++ programs under gcc 3.0.4[UW/EEResearch Computing #51]

IA-64 structure passing

ia64 bootstrap failed

IA64 When?

ICE in convert_modes called from basic_induction_var

ICE in simplify_plus_minus when called from loop.c

ICE in subst_stack_regs_pat


Illegitimate address in REG_EQUAL note: legal?

improving g++ alias analysis (was: Re: g++ and aliasing bools)

Re: inefficient float performance

Info needed about GCC version

inline asm problem

Input stream crash with gcc 3.1/cygwin (stack trace incl.)

Re: integrated -save-temps and the death of specs

intermediate representation

Invitation to our H.Q. in Denmark

Iterate over TORTURE_OPTIONS for g++.dg as for gcc.dg?

Re: java aliasing rules

Java vs. Dwarf2 EH Unwinder

jump optimizations

KDE and gcc 3.1

Large resources required to build profiled gcc

leaf functions are broken on SPARC

Less than half price on original options


lib conio.h

libgcc questions

libgcc2.c error

libjava "make install" silent failures

Libjava failures status

Libjava won't build in gcc-3.0.4 under Solaris 2.6

libstdc++ bootstrap failure on sparcv9 for both 3.1 and 3.2

Re: Linkage of GPLed GCC to Closed Source via XML or Perl

links to issues, criteria

The Linux binutils is released.

The Linux binutils is released

loading registers before shift operations

Long long usage question

Low on cash? This is easy and it works!

Low overhead looping problem

making a 2.95.4 release

Market Applications-Overbased Calcium Oleate

memcpy Prototype.

Mips profiling

Re: More test results...

More troubles in ColdFire land

Multiple entries in impl. of pure virtual function.

Music, musique

my bad memory: C++ typechecks on 64 bits arches ?

Need help adding an error to gcc (C++)

New bugzilla email interface

New regressions because of ICE in flow.c

New test for g77 regression

No 3.0.4 docs on http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/?

no warning on mixing unsigned and signed

non-bootstrap: makeinfo still runs, although too old.

nontrapping math in Java

O.T. linux thread library question

ObjC: attributes on methods

odd bootstrap fail on Solaris (3.1 branch): bad Makefile generated

Re: Odd code generated by binutils assembler for x86

offsetof "problem"

open gcc-3.1 issues on darwin

OpenMP support in gcc

Re: optimization/6007: cfg cleanup tremendous performance hog with -O1

optimize -funroll-loops bug


Re: patch for -Wno-long-long and early GNAT compilers

patch for exception problem in GNAT

PATCH for Re: Bad mirrors

Path to libstdc++

Performace problems with gcc 3.0.4

Persistent IA64 (and others?) exception failure

Re: pointer <-> integer conversion warnings (bogus -Wall warnings )

pointer <-> integer conversion warnings (bogus -Wall warnings)

pointer <-> integer round-up

port for hc12

Re: port for hc12

PORT of GCC 3.0.4 to ix86 DG/UX Unix

port3 under g77

PowerPC Code generation (probably altivec related)

PPC EH failure

Re: PR #5753

PR 3591, PR 5676 - mcore C++

PR c++/5504: Optimization breaks wei-ku-1 from blitz

PR target/5991



PR5918 (searching for fix) gcc3.1/ppc/ada

Re: printing exceptions?

Problem in fixup_var_refs_insns

Problem in hfa_element_mode for IA64

Problem installing gcc on hpux 11

problem when using clrscr

problem with Mondays snapshot

Problems with gcc

profiling on sh


Question about #pragma removal

question about LAPACK (integration test for 3.1 release criteria)

question about POOMA (integration test for 3.1 release criteria)

Re: question about POOMA (integration test for 3.1 release criteria) (fwd)

Re: question about POOMA (integration test for 3.1 releasecriteria)

Re: question about POOMA (integration test for 3.1 releasecriteria) (fwd)

Re: question about POOMA (integration test for 3.1 releasecriteria)(fwd)



Questions about bootstrap problem on Solaris

RCS tags in ada source files

Re; inefficient FPU poerformance

Re: Redundant entries in .la files

register Allocation

regression for 3.1: bad sign extension?

Regression from gcc 3.0: openjade

reload picks invalid register in 3.1

reload problems on c4x target

reload_indi with scratch == target?

RE: FW: Remaining Itanium exception, static linking patches

remaining libjava/verify_local_live_at_start failures

Report to Sender

request for copyright forms

Re: Request on memory allocation

RES: Assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast

Research Network Job Site

Results for g++ 3.1 application testing on i686-pc-linux-gnu

RFC: C/C++ preprocessor macro support for GDB

RFC: Change rules for adding/changing test cases

RFC: g++ aliasing (was: Re: g++ and aliasing bools)

Right BOOT_CFLAGS for profiling sparcv9?

rs6000 3.1 Ada bootstrap problem

Running test suite with in-tree binutils: "lt-ld-new: cannot find -lg2c"?

SC issues

SC issues revised

Segmentation violation (SEGSEGV 11)

SH profiling redux

sharing libcpp between GDB and GCC

Should gcc/mkmap-symver.awk really use "nm"?

Should we compile rtl when parsing finds error?

Re: sin/cos via SSE2, and an alignment bug (was Re: sqrt via SSE2)

snapshot from 20020318

so long and thanks for all the fish

Solaris 2.6 / Solaris 7

Something terribly wrong with gcc-3.0.4 Linux

sparc-sun-solaris2.8 bootstrap failure: libstdc++ vs /usr/include/stdio_impl.h

Re: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 bootstrap failure: libstdc++ vs/usr/include/stdio_impl.h

sparcv9 bootstrap errors

Sparcv9 still fails bootstrap; libstdc++ problem?

sparcv9 update

Re: SPEC95 pages now tracking SPECfp

SSA question

stabs at function entry point?

Still problems with verify_local_live_at_start


Succesfully Build OSF5.1a /configure --prefix=/usr/local Succesfully Build GCC 3.2 20020326 OSF5.1

success: gcc 3.0.3 on AIX 4.3.2

Successful Build

Successful build (GCC 3.0.4 with Cygwin 1.3.10-1 on WinXP Pro)

Successful build gcc version 3.0.4

successful build of 3.0.4 on sparcv9-sun-solaris2

Successful build of gcc 3.0.4

Successful build of gcc 3.0.4 on SCO OpenServer 5.0.6

Successful build of gcc-3.0.3 with Cygwin 1.3.10 on Win2K 5.0

Successful build on Ultrix 4.4 mips ECOFF

Successful Build: gcc-3.0.4

Successful Compilation

successful compilation of gcc-3.0.4 on hpux-11.11

Successful GCC 3.0.4 on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

Successfull build gcc 3.0.4

Successfully built and installed GNU gcc 3.0.4

Suggestion for gcc additions: process/thread synchronization

Tabac Stop center - information

Taking argument addresses.

Test file for GDB preprocessor macro support

Testing gcc 3.1

Thanks For The Dedication

Re: Throwing exception in constructor causes segfault

Tree inlining

A trouble with installation of gcc 3.0.4

two structure-list questions, need help

TYPE_ALIGN? Re: Java: hashtable synchronization for PowerPC

UCNs in identifiers and numbers

Unable to generate reloads

unformatted input from files in g77?

Unnamed functions, functors or, more formally, function literals

Re: Unnamed functions, functors or, more formally, functionliterals

unrolling and peeling decisions

Unwind fde-glibc

Upgrading RedHat GCC 2.96

use +z to recompile

Using c++-shared-library not compiled with g++

va_arg and Alignment

verify_flow_info check fails building libgcc2 on ia64

Version handling (Was_GLOBAL__I_*)

Viewing/printing SGML docbook sources

volatile workaround and how to mark register unused?

Vos futurs contact

Want Easy Money, Read this, It WORKED for me!!

Want Easy Money? Try this, WORKED for me!!

Warning "__restrict_arr" redefined while building libiberty/xatexit.c

Warning "_XOPEN_SOURCE" redefined while building libf2c/libI77/open.c

warning: `%y' yields only last 2 digits of year

Was I sleeping when 'and' became a c++ keyword?

Re: web link broken

Webmaster: link to "Known bugs in gnu fortran" dont work

What is 'GCC_3.0' in gcc-3.1's libgcc.map?

what optimizations are invalid in java?

where is the file conio.h

Where IS?

Where to install gcc?

why is the SC relevant (was Re: SC issues revised)

Why the const attribute cannot work?

Will gcc lower C++ to C ?

Your change to gcc/llibjava/{configure.host,configure.in} at 2002-03-15

Re: Your change to gcc/llibjava/{configure.host,configure.in} at2002-03-15

zlib question




银河之星 The silver star

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