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Re: why is the SC relevant (was Re: SC issues revised)

       I can't speak for the others, but I know about the KDE League
       (the consortium of companies sponsoring KDE). This is a pretty
       good amount of companies who pay an annual fee to the KDE
       League. The money isn't used for development at all.
       I think it's a wise choice

Building on that and Per's statement:

	But if we have more formal process including publicly visible
	project proposals and confidential signing up of customers,
	perhaps it would be worth it.

and making some fast-and-loose analogies, perhaps the right role for
an improved SC is to be a IETF-like secretariat, solicitor of public
participation, and first-level protest reviewer, with the FSF playing
the IAB-like ultimate authority role.

Maybe a good (and not to expensive) place to start would be with a
first-approximation documents track and initial working group areas,
then any political reform (or not) can leverage that.  (And again,
(apply this other-projects)).  Worked once...


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