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Re: Changed IA64 ABI demangler license

On Friday 15 March 2002 19:28, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> --On Friday, March 15, 2002 05:50:51 PM +0100 Gerald Pfeifer
> <> wrote:
> > For those you might have missed it on gcc-patches (and as we want to
> > announce relevant changes on the gcc list):
> >
> > On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> >> The FSF has agreed to make the IA64 ABI demangler available under the
> >> same license as libgcc.
> >>
> >> This patch updates the copyright notice on cp-demangle.c, but does not
> >> actually incorporate the demangler in libgcc.  Applied on the mainline
> >> and on the branch.
> >
> > (Should we even add that to the announcements on our web page?)
> I don't think so -- not until we actually turn on the demangler in the
> runtime library.
> And Jason points out that Zack and I blew it: cp-demangle.c depends
> on the (even more trivial) dyn-string.c.  So, we need to ask the FSF
> to libgcc-ize that code too, or reimplement cp-demangle.c without
> using dyn-string.

Looks like you opened a can of worms.

I don't understand why there was no respons to the mail about a standalone 
libunwind. Not a single mail, no "this is insane" or "seems reasonable, 
please make it usable". Your mail here shows exactly why having a standalone 
lib would be preferable. Also, the same code is needed in binutils and gdb 
(and maybe other apps). Has it been decided that all apps simply need the 
exact same code?

Bo (who's working on implementing the ia64 unwind lib for x86-64).


     Bo Thorsen                 |   Praestevejen 4
     Free software developer    |   5290 Marslev
     SuSE Labs                  |   Denmark

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