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Re: [Ada] fix lib and tools build

Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> This patch looks fine to me.  I just have build all of ada with it for
> the first time since the broken merge happened.  Thanks.

Thanks for testing, I'll wait for an Ada maintainer approval for HEAD.

> It's -r gcc-3_1-branch if you want the 3.1 branch.

Silly me :).

> But since Ada on 3.1 and mainline are quite different at the moment,
> it might not make sense to apply your patch there.

I tested and the current 3.1 branch has 23 more ACATS failures
than HEAD (ie same status as head of end of february 2002).

I tried to replace the 3.1 gcc/ada directory by the HEAD
one but got link failures probably due to backend symbol
name changes, I didn't investigate further

Richard, I didn't follow closely the changes to the backend, are
there any impossibility in getting the HEAD ada sources compilable
in the 3.1 branch, I noticed nearly/all of your backend
fixes have been commited to both head and branch.

Robert, what is the plan for 3.1? Does ACT work with 3.1 or HEAD?

Laurent Guerby <>

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