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Re: non-bootstrap: makeinfo still runs, although too old.

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Michael Matz wrote:

> This for some reason doesn't work.  A bootstrap from toplevel first
> bootstraps the compiler, then builds the target libs, and right after
> returning out of gcc/ where it just created the SYSCALLS stuff, the
> toplevel Makefile seems to do a 'make info' for different subdirs
> (libiberty, zlib, then already gcc).  As the info generation for gcc/ is
> deactivated by means of the doc: target, but the info target still exists,
> it will be tried to make, so it stops with the above error.

That would then be a bug introduced since 3.0 in the toplevel support (and
nothing to do with changes to the required makeinfo version, since such a
problem could apply any time if makeinfo is missing or older than the
version that may from time to time be required).  (When removing texinfo
from the source tree before 3.0, I tested the disabling of building info
when working makeinfo wasn't present, and that it was installed iff it was
present in the source tree; it worked fine then.)

Joseph S. Myers

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