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Re: gcc 3.1 fails to build Linux 2.4.7 kernel on i686-linux

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 12:56:40AM +0100, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> The problem is actually kernel bug (or at least I believe 2.4.17 did include
> it).  THere is function declared with both __attribute__ ((regparm (0))) and
> __attribute__ ((regparm (3))) and 3.1 chooses different value from previous
> compilers.
> The problem has been fixed in 2.4.18.

Ah! That's why I was getting oopses when trying 2.4.17... :)

Anyway 2.4.18 compiled with 20020311 works just fine. I have build PLD
RPM package, which means almost all modules are on, and kernel itself is 
hevily modularized. It includes xfs and grsec patches (from these more
important, I also tried unpatched 2.4.18, and it works fine too).

Anyway to compile xfs on x86 at least one needs patch for ffs()
function (it always uses inline asm regardless if it's used on constant,
which causes problems with tree inliner I guess), I'm going to sumbit patch 
to LKML tomorrow.

Other report: full bootstrap on i[356]86 and ppc-linux seems to work
fine (with little patch to hardcode rs6000_long_double_size to 64 for
ada). Waiting for sparc and alpha results.

: Michal Moskal :::::::: malekith/at/ :  GCS {C,UL}++++$ a? !tv
: PLD Linux ::::::: Wroclaw University, CS Dept :  {E-,w}-- {b++,e}>+++ h

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