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Re: GCC c Compiler

At 16.20 30/03/2002 (GMT +0530), you wrote:
>from where i can download GCC c Compiler free of cost

I depends in what form you want it - the GCC team <> 
does not provide precompiled binaries.

If you already have a C compiler, you can download the sources of gcc 
<>, and then configure, compile and install 
it <>.

For a binary (procompiled) version, you should try looking at your OS 
supplier web site.
An exception is Windows - there you have two options:
.) cygwin <>, which installs a POSIX 
(UNIX-like) layer on top of the Windows console,
.) MinGW <>, which aims to letting you use GCC more or 
less as a Windows system compiler, using Microsoft libraries.
Have a look at the corresponding web sites to decide which one is more 
appropriate for you, and to download it.

Note - both cygwin and MinGW only ship gcc 2.95.3, which is now quite old. 
gcc 3.1 will be released (hopefully) in a few weeks, and that will be 
supported by both projects. Otherwise, you can download the 2.95.3 binaries 
and use those to compile gcc 3.0.4 from source.


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