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Re: patch for -Wno-long-long and early GNAT compilers

    I direct your attention to, in which Robert Dewar
    asserts that "the sources at are buildable with 3.13 or 3.14".

I thought that's what I just said too.

    There has not been a release of GCC with Ada as an official supported
    language since then.  

Or before then, which is my point.

    Even when there is, support for building with 3.13 or later has to be
    maintained until the newer version is in wide use.  This is not

Well, 3.14 has been out for a while, but that's not the point.  The point is
that there are apparently GNAT distributions out there that call themselves
"3.13" but don't seem to work properly.  That's unfortunate, but not something
we can do anything about.

The reason for this is precisely that there was no previous FSF version,
which is why I'm making this point.  It's perfectly reasonable to say that
from this point on we will ensure that each version of GNAT is buildable
from the previous version, but we can't go back into the past and deal
with the problem that the lack of official versions caused some people
to produce versions that didn't work properly.

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