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Re: GCC to open the C++ demangle API?

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 12:18:29PM -0500, Phil Edwards wrote:

> I'm not sure what John meant when he said that linking against libiberty is
> not allowed, either.  The demangling routines are under the GPL, and their
> API will not be changing (trust me, I accidentally broke this for a few days
> recently, lots of programs noticed).  You're free to link against libiberty.

This is in direct contradiction to what the binutils list told me last
week (and indeed what they said to someone reporting that the
cplus_demangle wasn't in the installed libiberty headers).

In fact I was told in able to do binary work, I needed to include
something of the order of 13Mb of source in my application (libbfd +

I didn't get a satisfactor answer for why it's not approved - they
mentioned that BIC is broken for libbfd every week or so, which is
hardly a problem, unless my users are upgrading every week to new
binutils (which they are not).

I shall certainly continue linking against libiberty/bfd until a
sensible solution comes about.

> Perhaps you're worried about GPL/LGPL issues.  That's a huge political issue;
> we'd like the code to be LGPL, but the FSF disagrees for now.  At the moment,
> if you call the run-time demangling routines, your code must be full GPL.

no, this is irrelevant afaik ...


I am a complete moron for forgetting about endianness. May I be
forever marked as such.

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