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open gcc-3.1 issues on darwin


today a clean 3.1 co with bootstrap reminded me on two things which I
have to tweak to build a 3.1 or 3.2 release on darwin. (a FSF one, not an
Apple one!)
The two things appear when building the libstdc++-v3.

The first one has to go in here:


and the second here:


I don't know if they affect other targets, in the first case I don't
expect it but in the second case I'm not sure.

Any thoughts about?


--- gccclean/gcc/gcc/ginclude/stddef.h  Wed Jan  9 08:14:09 2002
+++ gccsrc/gcc/gcc/ginclude/stddef.h    Wed Jan  9 13:28:06 2002
@@ -175,6 +175,7 @@
 #ifndef _BSD_SIZE_T_
 #ifndef _SIZE_T_DEFINED_
 #ifndef _SIZE_T_DEFINED
 #ifndef ___int_size_t_h
 #ifndef _GCC_SIZE_T
 #ifndef _SIZET_
@@ -190,6 +191,7 @@
 #define _BSD_SIZE_T_
 #define _SIZE_T_DEFINED_
 #define _SIZE_T_DEFINED
+#define _BSD_SIZE_T_DEFINED_  /* for Darwin */
 #define ___int_size_t_h
 #define _GCC_SIZE_T
 #define _SIZET_
@@ -207,6 +209,7 @@
 #endif /* _SIZET_ */
 #endif /* _GCC_SIZE_T */
 #endif /* ___int_size_t_h */
+#endif /* _BSD_SIZE_T_DEFINED_ */
 #endif /* _SIZE_T_DEFINED */
 #endif /* _SIZE_T_DEFINED_ */
 #endif /* _BSD_SIZE_T_ */

--- gccclean/gcc/libstdc++-v3/include/c_std/std_cctype.h  Tue Jan
29 09:24:34 2002
+++ gccsrc/gcc/libstdc++-v3/include/c_std/std_cctype.h  Wed Jan
30 23:02:25 2002
@@ -61,6 +61,26 @@
 #undef tolower
 #undef toupper

+/* APPLE LOCAL begin supply missing ctype.h decls 2001-07-11 sts */
+/* These are supposed be in ctype.h like the standard says!  We need
+   this until Darwin ctype.h gets fixed and/or GCC has a fixincludes
+   to supply these if they're missing.  */
+extern "C" {
+extern int isalnum(int c);
+extern int isalpha(int c);
+extern int iscntrl(int c);
+extern int isdigit(int c);
+extern int isgraph(int c);
+extern int islower(int c);
+extern int isprint(int c);
+extern int ispunct(int c);
+extern int isspace(int c);
+extern int isupper(int c);
+extern int isxdigit(int c);
+/* APPLE LOCAL end supply missing ctype.h decls 2001-07-11 sts */
 namespace std
   using ::isalnum;

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