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Re: GCC to open the C++ demangle API?

    But you were objecting to David O'Brien claiming (falsely) that Bison was
    a ripoff of Byacc.

That is not what he said.  He said that we had done something with
Byacc and that Corbett was angry at us for that.  

      Given this, you should have said, in your first
    message, as you do now, that "The code we used with Corbett's explicit
    cooperation is in fact the core of Bison", and your claim that this is not
    relevant to the point you made is false.

Bison was not relevant at all.  The accusation was about Byacc.

    Exactly.  I only regret that your first message did not include this
    material, as I then would not have needed to prompt you to get you to set
    the record properly straight.

I wish you regretted the way you treated me.  You thought I should
have explained the history of Bison, so you made an accusation against
me so that I would give that explanation to defend myself.

Now that the record is "properly straight" on this point, everyone can
see there was no reason for your fuss.  That short message took me 20
minutes to write, and this one took another 20 minutes.  I have other
work to do; please stop creating problems for me to solve.

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