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Re: hppa64-hp-hpux11.00: how to avoid usage of langtools?

> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> > Unfortunately, there are files needed by GCC that are only shipped with
> > the HP compilers.  I am currently working with various groups here in HP
> > to address this situation and make it possible to use GCC without having
> > the HP compilers on a system.
> It would be great could you arrive at a solution (and ideally provide a
> patch for our installation documentation) before the release of GCC 3.1,
> but in any case your efforts here are really appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Gerald
> -- 
> Gerald "Jerry"

Here is the current "best way" that I know of to get the files you need.
My understanding is that anyone who has purchased an HP-UX system should
have gotten an HP application CD which has the needed files on it and
that they are installable without needing a codeword (used to protect
products that you have to buy).

Steve Ellcey


You can install the missing files from an HP Application CD:

a. If you have an Application CD from December, 2000, or later, mount 
the Application CD that contains the HP compiler bundles, and run 
swinstall as root: click on View, then Change Software View, then Start 
with Products.  

b. If you have an earlier Application CD, mount the Application 
CD that contains the Object COBOL Developer bundle, and run swinstall
as root: open the Object COBOL Developer bundle.

c. You will see two products similar to this:

  Auxiliary-Opt         B.11.11.02     Auxiliary Optimizer for HP Languages
  DebugPrg              B.11.11.02     Debugging Support Tools

Mark these two products for install, then analyze and install them.

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