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Re: Conditionalizing the GCC documents

> On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Stan Shebs wrote:
> >> Our company wants to ship GCC docs only for the target architectures
> >> that our customers use.  I'd like to submit to the gcc/*.texi files to
> >> make the specific arch support conditional like the GAS manual does.
> > So I'd like to put in a vote not to go down that path.  If it's that
> > important to Wind River, then it should be possible for you to maintain
> > this as a local patch.
> I thought about this, and came to the same conclusion as Stan, so I
> believe this should be kept a Window River-local patch.
> (The crucial question for me, wearing my GCC maintainer hat, is ``How
> does the FSF version of GCC benefit from such a change''?)

I wouldn't object to it being possible to do this, provided:

1) It was possible to build a manual with all optional sections in it
2) The default was to do that.

That would put the onus on people wanting to make cut-down manuals to keep 
the optional parts consistent.


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