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Re: Builtins and C++ and such

> > We have gotten this question more than once on the libstdc++ list; apparently
> > there are people interested in using v3 with a compiler which is not GCC.
> Non-issue. I've been assuming GCC-compatibile compiler all along. Note, 
> this does not necessarily mean gcc, but something that implements all 
> g++-isms used in the library. I think this is a safe assumption, and, 
> from my past experience trying to make C++ library code fit into a 
> multi-sized-and-compensating-for-weak-compiler hole in a past life, it's a 
> smart one.

No argument from me; I've been cheerfully suggesting the use of various
GCC-isms knowing that some non-GCC-users somewhere out there are gonna
hate it, and I haven't lost any sleep over it.

It might be useful someday to make note of where such GCC-isms are located
in the library (a sort of "if you wanna use v3 with your Guacamole C++
v1.7 compiler[*] then here are the things you'll need to work around" list).

[*]  Assuming no possible copyright infringement by mentioning this name on
     the grounds that I refuse to believe anyone would name a software product
     after an avacado dip.  And I refuse to check.

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