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Re: GCC to open the C++ demangle API?

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 02:46:34PM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> I did not say that the interface of the two demangling functions
> wouldn't change.  Functions get added to libiberty fairly often, but
> rarely change or disappear.  That makes depending on an installed
> version somewhat tricky.
> It is if they have a different copy installed than you built against! 

These problems exist for all libraries. If I want to build for a
specific platform (for example RedHat Linux 7.x), then I need to use the
compatible version of the libraries to build against.

In what way is libbfd and libiberty so different from other libraries ?

If my user wants to install his own version of binutils, then he is free
to do so, but I expect them to recompile my app ... this is pretty much
the definition of binary incompatibility :)

> We don't install linkable versions of the shared library for a reason. 
> (At least I think we don't.)

You install a .so for libbfd but not for libiberty.

If you really want to make your point, then don't install the headers. I
suspect you'll find most downstream vendors end up reverting that bit
anyway though ...

I am a complete moron for forgetting about endianness. May I be
forever marked as such.

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