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Re: rs6000 3.1 Ada bootstrap problem

On Friday, March 15, 2002, at 05:16 , Laurent Guerby wrote:

> A solution to this would be to have the library build process
> generate a file with all target constants known in a
> package like GNAT.Target_Parameters which would
> look like Get_Targ of the compiler but with Pure and no dependencies.

This package should not be called GNAT.*, as the run-time library
should not assume the presence of a GNAT library level package.
This is a namespace issue. Yes, I know there are a few violations
of that rule now, but these should eventually go and no new ones
should be added.

The current packages System (the private part) and System.Parameters are 
the right
places for this. Since the runtime library is target-specific anyway, 
there is
no need for an extra occurrence of the word target. Note that there is 
circuitry in GNAT to read target parameters from the actual 
which allows for changing the parameters without consistency problems or
rebuilding the compiler.


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