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Re: C headers in C++ (was: Builtins and C++ and such)

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Kosnik <> writes:

>> > Amongst the issues that I hope would be fixed by the solution that
>> > we decide upon is the ISO C++ requirement that #include <string.h>
>> > defines both "::memcpy" and "std::memcpy" (i.e. in both the std and
>> > global namespaces).

> I'd like to get this fixed up too. If possible, let's separate this 
> discussion from the builtin issue, or start another thread.


>> I'm amenable to providing compiler help in implementing the C header
>> shadowing stuff, but it should be something that's explicitly requested by
>> the library code.  Nathan Myers' original strategy had one or two requested
>> extensions that seemed reasonable, though they haven't been implemented
>> yet.

> Huh. After careful excavating in the libstdc+++ archives.... it looks like
> this has or had been implemented:

> Is this what you are talking about? If not, what?

Er, yes, that is what I was talking about.  That patch never made it into
the compiler.  Oops.


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