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Re: gcc 3.1 fails to build Linux 2.4.7 kernel on i686-linux

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 10:13:40PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> In practice this part of the release criteria didn't seem to get applied
> for 3.0 - there weren't any regular status reports before the release
> collecting details of what worked on what platforms, and what needed to be
> made to work before release, and Linux 2.4.x compilation with 3.0.y didn't
> work until about 3.0.3.

Joseph is absolutely right in this statement, and the fact that
the GCC 3.0 release could go out the door, and not be able to
compile an important piece of software like the Linux kernel until GCC 3.0.3
should be considered an embarassment to the GCC project.
I saw many, many bug reports in GNATS from people who failed to
compile the Linux kernel with GCC 3.0.x, where x < 3.
We need to get our act together and figure what can and cannot
work in terms of GCC compiling the Linux kernel.

If you have free time, disk space, and CPU, I urge you to help
join in the GCC testing effort before the GCC 3.1 release. :)

I've heard moaning and groaning in the past about how the Linux
kernel takes advantage of implementation details of various versions
of GCC.  Well, this is the real world of kernel development, and
we have to live in the real world, where real users are going to
want to compile their kernel with gcc.  That's life.

If the Linux kernel needs to be fixed, we should notify the Linux kernel 
people with the appropriate fixes.  If gcc needs to be fixed, we should fix gcc.
If the gcc release criteria says that compiling Linux kernel 2.4.0 with
gcc 3.1 is OK when it is not, then the release criteria should be fixed
to tell the truth.

I just grabbed Linux kernel 2.4.18 from the Red Hat rawhide ftp site,
so I'll give that a whirl and see how it goes.
Craig Rodrigues

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