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*ping* - Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR39505 - add support for !GCC$ attributes NO_ARG_CHECK

*ping* - Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR56907 - do not 'pack' arrays passed to C_LOC

4.6 backports

4.7 backports

[4.7, testsuite] Skip gcc.dg/torture/pr53922.c on Tru64 UNIX

[4.7, v3] Compile 30_threads/condition_variable/members/53841.cc with -std=gnu++0x on Tru64 UNIX and IRIX

[4.7] Fix a couple of C++isms

Re: [4.9 PATCH, alpha]: Switch alpha to LRA

[AArch64 Testsuite] Fix fallout from FCM changes.

[AArch64] Add combiner patterns for FAC instructions

[AArch64] Add special case when expanding vcond with arms {-1, -1}, {0, 0}.

[AArch64] Add testcases for FAC, FCM changes.

[AArch64] Add vector fix, fixuns, fix_trunc, fixuns_trunc standard patterns

[AArch64] Add vector int to float conversions.

RE: [AArch64] Bitwise adds and subs instructions with shift

[AArch64] Change iterator for neg<mode>2 from VDQM to VDQ.

[AArch64] Convert NEON frint implementations to use builtins.

[AArch64] Describe the 'BSL' RTL pattern more accurately.

[AArch64] fcvt instructions - arm_neon.h changes.

[AARCH64] Fix mov<mode>_aarch64/SHORT regression

[AArch64] Fix order of modes to lroundmn2 standard names.

[AArch64] Fix printf format warning in aarch64_print_operand

[AArch64] Fix vld1<q>_* asm constraints in arm_neon.h

[AArch64] Fold max and min reduction builtins to tree.

[AArch64] Implement TARGET_GIMPLE_FOLD_BUILTIN for aarch64 backend.

[AArch64] Implement vector float->double widening and double->float narrowing.

[AArch64] Improve description of <F>CM instructions in RTL

[AArch64] Make vabs<q>_f<32, 64> a tree/gimple intrinsic.

[AArch64] Map fcvt intrinsics to builtin name directly.

[AArch64] Map frint intrinsics to standard pattern names directly.

[AArch64] Map standard pattern names to NEON intrinsics directly.

[AArch64] Refactor reduc_<su>plus patterns.

[AArch64] Refactor vector max and min RTL and builtins.

[AArch64] Remap neon vcmp functions to C/TREE

[AArch64] Rewrite vca<ge, gt, le, lt> Neon patterns in C.

[AARCH64] Split movtf_aarch64 pattern

[AArch64] Support vrecp<esx> neon intrinsics in RTL.

[AArch64] Vectorize over more math.h functions.

[AArch64][Testsuite] Enable vect_uintfloat_cvt for AArch64.

[ada] [patch] gnatlink's order of options interfers with --as-needed

[Ada] Ada 2012 predicate checks on (in-) out parameters

[Ada] Add Reason argument to pragma Warnings

[Ada] Allow System.Multiprocessors[.Dispatching_Domains] in Ada 95

[Ada] Always set Do_Discriminant_Check flag during semantic analysis

[Ada] Anonymous access components that denote tasks

[Ada] Array components of discriminated records with packed parent types

[Ada] Aspect Abstract_State and nested packages

[Ada] Aspect Depends

[Ada] Aspect specifications can appear on subprogram body stubs

[Ada] Aspect/pragma Contract_Cases and library level subprograms

[Ada] Aspects on expression function without prior declaration

[Ada] Assertions_Policy must be captured at time of aspect specification

[Ada] Avoid raising an exception in Connect_Socket with timeout

[Ada] Avoid uninitialized variable in Pop_End_Context

[Ada] Check for container tampering

[Ada] Classwide postconditions on null procedures

[Ada] Clean up handling of assertions when disabled

[Ada] Cleanup code for the generation of the _Postconditions procedure

[Ada] Cleanup of aspects

[Ada] Completing the implementation of Ada 2012 restrictions

[Ada] Control over error message details for Contract_Cases

[Ada] Correct project search path when using switch -aP

[Ada] Detect suspicious Contract_Cases instead of Contract_Case

[Ada] Diagnose unsupported bit packed arrays

[Ada] Disabled invariants and preconditions and _Postconditions

[Ada] Do not apply float conversion checks if expansion not enabled

[Ada] Entities for subprogram body should not have a contract node attached

[Ada] Expression of static predicate should be static

[Ada] Extended syntax for Check_Policy

[Ada] Extra semantic rules for aspect Abstract_State and aspect Global

[Ada] Fall-back termination handlers does not apply to Self

[Ada] Fix initialization problems on global variables in frontend

[Ada] Fix undefined reference at link time for array size symbol

[Ada] Freezing actions for object renaming declarations

[Ada] Generation of routine _Postconditions

[Ada] Ghost entities

[Ada] gnatbind: improve messages in -v mode

[Ada] gnatclean -f ignores nonexistent directories

[Ada] gnatfind and source file names on Windows

[Ada] gnatname and temporary files

[Ada] gnatname creates backup copy of project file

[Ada] Handle others better for string aggregates

[Ada] Handle VMS RMS keys in file I/O

[Ada] Hidden state detection

[Ada] If-expressions and the capture of local values

[Ada] Illegal selected components of types derived from private types

[Ada] Implement Ada 2012 Assertion_Policy pragma

[Ada] Implement AI12-0022 (raise expression)

[Ada] Implement new assertion kind Statement_Assertions

[Ada] Implement Predicate_Check

[Ada] Improve detection of bad Stdcall convention

[Ada] Improve error message on static vs non-static predicate use

[Ada] Improve explanations for non-staticness

[Ada] Include scalar storage order information in -gnatR3 output

[Ada] Incomplete view of ancestor type

[Ada] Incorrect handling of type conversion with endianness change

[Ada] Initial implementation of aspect Ghost

[Ada] Legality of self-referential outputs in aspect/pragma Depends

[Ada] Legality rules for aspect Depends

[Ada] Locally enabled invariants are ignored

[Ada] Minor edit to -gnatW message

[Ada] Missing range checks on the expression for Priority in protected types

[Ada] More complete style checks for specs

[Ada] New environmment variable GPR_PROJECT_PATH_FILE for project path

[Ada] New function Ada.Environment_Variables.Value with default

[Ada] New gnatls switch -aPdir

[Ada] New procedure GNAT.Sockets.Set_Close_On_Exec

[Ada] No tampering check for empty container

[Ada] Placement and analysis of aspect Contract_Cases

[Ada] Proper placement and analysis of aspects/pragmas Depends and Global

[Ada] Properly initialize value of global variable Unit_Casing before use

[Ada] Raise_Expression in membership test causes test to fail

[Ada] Redundant comparison to True

[Ada] Reject illegal uses of Static_Predicate

[Ada] Remove internal debug flags -gnatd.X/-gnatd.Y

[Ada] Remove special expansion for membership tests in SPARK mode

[Ada] Spurious error in case expression of static predicate subtype

[Ada] Support for renamings in aspects Depends and Global

[Ada] Use of attribute 'Loop_Entry in various contexts

[Ada] VAX Float runtime via Targparm

[Ada] Warning on suspicious existential quantifier

[Ada] Warning on unused loop variable of a quantified expression

[Backport 4.8][PATCH][ARM] Handle unordered comparison cases in NEON vcond

[build, driver] RFC: Support compressed debug sections

[build] Use -z ignore instead of --as-needed on Solaris

[C++ Patch / RFC] Tidy c-common.c:pointer_int_sum?

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 56450

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 57092


[C++ PATCH] Another maybe_constant_value without fold_non_dependent* (PR c++/56895)

[C++ Patch] Define __cplusplus == 201300L for -std=c++1y

[C++ PATCH] Fix up strip_typedefs (PR debug/56819)

[C++ Patch] Mini bunch of mini clean-ups

[C++ Patch] PR 54216

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 56725

[C++ Patch] PR 56815

[C++ Patch] PR 56871

[C++ Patch] PR 56913

[C++ Patch] PR 56970

[C++ Patch] Small bunch of SFINAE related fixes


[C++ testcase, committed] PR 55708

[c++-concepts] Merge from trunk

[C++/C Patch] Have -Wpointer-arith enable by -Wpedantic, as documented

[C++11] There can be only one ref qualifier at most.

RE: [C++11][4.9] Add missing REDUC_PLUS_EXPR case to potential_constant_expression_1.

[C++1y] Support n3599 - Literal operator templates for strings for C++1y

[cilkplus] misc cleanups for <#pragma simd> implementation

[commit] Fix SPU breakage (Re: [patch] Stop using JUMP_INSN for jump table data)

[committed] Add testcase from PR56992

[committed] Another no-dist case (in 4.6 this time) (PR other/43620)

[committed] Fix GCC bootstrap on hppa*-*-hpux* using HP cat

[committed] Fix PR target/55487: Don't increment label nuses on NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL notes

[committed] Fix recgprop bug with ms_abi -> sysv memcpy call (PR rtl-optimization/57003)

[Committed] S/390: Fix pr48335 testsuite fails

[COMMITTED][PATCH,ARM] Cleanup uninitialized variable

[contrib]: Loosen check of build directory in validate_failures.py

Re: [cxx-conversion] RFC - Helper types for building GIMPLE

[Debug, Fortran] RFC patch for DW_TAG_namelist (PR fortran/37132)

[Dwarf Patch] Create .debug_str section in .o with -gsplit-dwarf (issue8540048)

[DWARF] Fix multiple register spanning location.

Re: [Fortran, RFC patch] Document naming and argument passing convention

[Fortran-dev] Implement TS29113 type handling

[Fortran-Dev] Merge from Trunk / Commit of the last patch

[Fortran-dev] Merge trunk into the branch

[Fortran-Dev] Some ubounds -> extent changes

Re: [Fortran-dev][Patch] Add "rank" field and use it

[gomp4] C FE OpenMP 4.0 parsing stuff

[gomp4] Disallow class iterators in omp simd and omp for simd loops

[gomp4] Handle seq_cst clause on OpenMP atomics

[gomp4] Little compiler OpenMP 4.0 progress

[gomp4] Some further little steps towards #pragma omp simd support

[gomp4] Some libgomp changes

[gomp4] Some nesting region check adjustments

[gomp4] Some progress on #pragma omp simd

[gomp4] Tiny c-family addition

[Google 4.8 Dwarf] Backport .debug_str in .o files with -gsplit-dwarf from trunk (issue9052046)

[google gcc-4_7] offline profile merge (patchset 2) (issue8508048)

Re: [google gcc-4_7] offline profile merge tool (issue 8508048)

[google gcc-4_7] offline profile merge tool (issue8508048)

[google gcc-4_7] offline profile tool (patchset 3) (issue8508048)

[google gcc-4_7] offline profile tool (patchset 4) (issue8508048)

[google/gcc-4_8]Regenerate Makefile.in

[GOOGLE] Add AutoFDO based indirect call value profiling to GCC

[google] Add function name to function_patch_* sections (issue9025045)

[google] Add libgcov interface for accessing profile directory (issue8726046)

[google] Avoid warning when unused attribute applied to C++ member variables (issue8580044)

[GOOGLE] backport r188371 to google-4_8

[GOOGLE] Change function naming to use context function assembler name to replace function id

[google] Disable RDRAND bits when building with Clang

[GOOGLE] Disallow importing modules with different --std

[GOOGLE] Enhance LIPO support in AutoFDO

[google] Fix testsuite failures with -fdebug-types-section.

[Google] Fix the bug in calculating sum_all

[GOOGLE] Fix the LIPO support in AutoFDO

[Google] Recompute function frequency after calculating branch probability

[Google] Update all caller edges for AutoFDO invocations

[Google] Use line offset instead of absolute lineno to represent AutoFDO profile

[GOOGLE] Workaround a bug in AutoFDO which may leads to infinite loop for inlined assembly

[google][4.7] Generate a label for the split cold function while using -freorder-blocks-and-partition

[google][4_7] Function reordering plugin enhancements

[i386] Replace builtins with vector extensions

[ira-improv] patch for new code dealing with hard reg preferences

[Java,docs] Some style and link changes to gcj.texi

[libitm,PATCH] Fix bootstrap due to __always_inline in libitm

[linaro/gcc-4_8-branch] Merge from upstream gcc-4_8-branch and backports from trunk

[PATCH 0/3] assorted patches for uClibc support

[PATCH 0/5] Submission of Altera Nios II port

[PATCH 0/6] Elimination of global state relating to passes

[PATCH 1/3] libgcc: check for fenv.h in dfp configure check

[PATCH 1/5] Altera Nios II: GCC backend patches

[PATCH 1/6] Introduce macros when constructing the tree of passes

[PATCH 1/9] Improve pointer hash function to include all bits

[PATCH 2/3] libstdc++-v3: ::tmpnam depends on uClibc SUSV4_LEGACY

[PATCH 2/5] Altera Nios II: libgcc

[PATCH 2/6] Move the construction of the pass hierarchy into a new passes.def file

[PATCH 2/9] Add murmurhash3

[PATCH 3/3] libsanitizer: add LFS guards

[PATCH 3/5] Altera Nios II: testsuite patches

[PATCH 3/6] Autogenerated part of conversion of passes to instances of C++ classes

[PATCH 3/9] Use murmurhash3 for pointer map hashing

[Patch 4.6 only] Fix PR48308.

[PATCH 4/5] Altera Nios II: dwarf generation fix

[PATCH 4/6] Handwritten part of conversion of passes to instances of C++ classes

[PATCH 4/9] Add murmurhash2a

[PATCH 5/5] Altera Nios II: hexadecimal numbers in options

[PATCH 5/6] Introduce virtual functions in testsuite/gcc.dg/plugin/one_time_plugin.c

[PATCH 5/9] Use murmurhash2A for type merging

[PATCH 6/6] Example of converting global state to per-pass state

[PATCH 6/9] Add --param tunables for the initial size of the type merging hash tables

[PATCH 7/9] Add -flto-report-wpa

[PATCH 8/9] Print lto report at the right place

[PATCH 9/9] Fix lto report names

[patch Ada]: Fix PR/55445 also for Ada's SEH-exception-mechanism

[Patch ARM] Add support for Cortex-A53.

[PATCH ARM]Extend thumb1_reorg to save more comparison instructions

[patch cygwin]: Add missing 64-bit cygwin triplet to config.gcc

[patch cygwin]: Replace use of TARGET_CYGWIN64 by TARGET_64BIT

RE: [PATCH GCC/pr56124] Don't prefer memory if the source of load operation has side effect

[PATCH GCC]Fix typo in definition of macro AUTO_INC_DEC in rtl.h

RE: [PATCH GCC]Relax the probability condition in CE pass when optimizing for code size

Re: [patch i386 windows]: Fix PR/52790 also required for workig upcoming cygwin x64 target

Re: [patch libgcc]: Adjust cygming-crtbegin code to use weak

[Patch Ping] Re: [C++/C Patch] Have -Wpointer-arith enable by -Wpedantic, as documented

[patch rfa] Fix PCH test failure when -fdebug-types-section is enabled

Re: [PATCH RFC] Finer grained reg classes.

[PATCH SH] Error: unaligned opcodes detected in executable segment

[PATCH SH] Fix PR57108

[patch tree-ssa-structalias.c]: Small finding in find_func_aliases function

[PATCH v2] gcc: arm: linux-eabi: fix handling of armv4 bx fixups when linking

[PATCH v2] inline fail reporting: reporting inline fail caused by overwritable function

[PATCH v2] PR56771: Fix arm-rtems target for 32-bit hosts

[PATCH v3]IPA: fixing inline fail report caused by overwritable functions.

[PATCH, AArch64] Add/Sub and set flags instructions in extend and shift_extend mode

[PATCH, AArch64] Compare instruction in shift_extend mode

[PATCH, AArch64] Compare Negative instruction in shift and extend mode


[PATCH, AArch64] Enable Redundant Extension Elimination by default at 02 or higher

[Patch, AArch64] Fix duplication in test case.

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix the generation of .arch and .cpu assembly directives

[PATCH, AARCH64] Fix unrecognizable insn issue

RE: [PATCH, AArch64] Make MOVK output operand 2 in hex

[PATCH, AArch64] Negate and set flags in shift mode

[PATCH, AArch64] Negate with Compare instruction

[PATCH, AArch64] Support BICS instruction in the backend

[PATCH, AArch64] Support LDR/STR to/from S and D registers

[PATCH, AArch64] Testcases for ANDS instruction

[PATCH, AArch64] Update definitions of _FP_W_TYPE and _FP_WS_TYPE in libgcc to be based on 'long long'

Re: [PATCH, ARM, iWMMXT] PR target/54338 - Include IWMMXT_GR_REGS in ALL_REGS

Re: [PATCH, ARM] ARM Linux kernel-assisted atomic operation helpers vs. libcall argument promotion

[PATCH, ARM] emit LDRD epilogue instead of a single LDM return

Re: [Patch, ARM] Enable libsanitizer

[PATCH, ARM] Fix PR56797

[PATCH, ARM] Improve GCC pipeline description for Cortex-M4 FPU

[PATCH, ARM] Prologue/epilogue using STRD/LDRD in ARM mode

[PATCH, ARM] Remove incscc and decscc patterns from thumb2.md

[PATCH, ARM][10/n] Split scc patterns using cond_exec

[Patch, ARM][11/n] Split patterns that output multiple assembly instructions - thumb2.md

Re: [PATCH, ARM][2 of 2] Enable shrink-wrap for ARM

[PATCH, ARM][9/n] Split scc patterns using movsicc

Re: [patch, AVR] Add new ATmega*RFR* devices

Re: [PATCH, boehm-gc, AArch64] Add AArch64 support

[Patch, bootstrap] PR 57028 Fortran bootstrap failure wrt zlib

Re: [PATCH, combine] Fix host-specific behavior in simplify_compare_const()

Re: [Patch, committed, wwwdocs] Re: Typo in GCC 4.8 release page

Re: [PATCH, committed] Fix PR 45472

[PATCH, doc]: Reword mstack-protector-guard description.

[PATCH, fixincludes] Fix NULL on AIX

Re: [Patch, fortran, 4.9] Use bool type instead gfc_try

[patch, fortran, backport, 4.8] PR51825 - Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name

[Patch, Fortran, comitted] PR56969 - Fix bogus ambiguous symbol error for ISO_C_Binding intrinsics

[patch, fortran, committed] Change 1**k to 1

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix small issues

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Init a variable

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Plug some memory leaks

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR56994 - invoke.texi: NEAREST's second argument isn't optional

[Patch, Fortran, committed] PR57114 correct intrinsic.texi (RANK) bug.

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 55959: ICE in in gfc_simplify_expr, at fortran/expr.c:1920

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56261: seg fault call procedure pointer on polymorphic array

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56266: ICE on invalid in gfc_match_varspec

Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56284: ICE with alternate return in type-bound procedure

Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56500: "IMPLICIT CLASS(...)" wrongly rejected

[Patch, Fortran] Avoid segfault in conformable_arrays

[patch, fortran] Committed fix for PR 56782

[Patch, fortran] Fix sign error in SYSTEM_CLOCK kind=4 Windows version

[Patch, Fortran] Permit allocatable/pointer attributes with BIND(C)

[Patch, fortran] PR 40958 Compress module files with zlib

[Patch, Fortran] PR 56814: [4.8/4.9 Regression] Bogus Interface mismatch in dummy procedure

[Patch, fortran] PR 56919 SYSTEM_CLOCK on Windows

[Patch, Fortran] PR 56929 - Fix ICE with scalar coarrays

[Patch, fortran] PR 56981 Improve unbuffered unformatted performance

[Patch, Fortran] PR 57022: [4.7/4.8/4.9 Regression] Inappropriate warning for use of TRANSFER with arrays

[patch, fortran] PR 57071, some power optimizations

[Patch, Fortran] PR39505 - add support for !GCC$ attributes NO_ARG_CHECK

[Patch, Fortran] PR50269 - Add some checking fixes for C_LOC

[Patch, Fortran] PR56810 - fix I/O READ of COMPLEX with repeat count

[Patch, fortran] PR56816: double free on unfinished SELECT TYPE statement

[Patch, Fortran] PR56845 - Fix setting of vptr of CLASS(...),SAVE,ALLOCATABLE

[Patch, Fortran] PR56849 - Fix RESHAPE shape checking with order=

[Patch, Fortran] PR56907 - do not 'pack' arrays passed to C_LOC

[Patch, Fortran] PR57035 - add constraint checks for type(*), dimension(..) and NO_ARG_CHECK

[Patch, Fortran] PR57093 - fix to-small malloc size with scalar coarrays of type character

[patch, fortran] Really fix PR 56782

Re: [PATCH, generic] Support printing of escaped curly braces and vertical bar in assembler output

[PATCH, i386]: Enable SSE -> GPR moves for generic x86 targets (PR target/54349)

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR44578, GCC generates MMX instructions but fails to generate "emms"

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR57098, ICE with -mcmodel=large -msse4 and __builtin_shuffle()

[PATCH, i386]: Merge *testqi_ext_3_rex64 and *testqi_ext_3

[PATCH, i386]: Simplify *call_value_rex64_ms_sysv and *call_rex64_ms_sysv.

[PATCH, i386]: Use ANY_QI_REGNO_P in ix86_hard_regno_mode_ok QImode checks.

[Patch, libfortran] Simplify SYSTEM_CLOCK implementation

[PATCH, libgomp, libatomic] Fix configure for systems without libpthread

[PATCH, libstdc++]: Update alpha baseline_symbols.txt

[patch, mips] Fix for PR target/56942

[Patch, ping] Emit error for negative _Alignas alignment values

Re: [Patch, Ping] Emit error for negative _Alignas alignment values

[PATCH, PowerPC] Fix PR 56843

[PATCH, PR 10474] Shedule pass_cprop_hardreg before pass_thread_prologue_and_epilogue

[PATCH, PR 42371] Remove references to functions from symbol table during inlining

[PATCH, PR 56718] Middle-end intraprocedural type-based devirtualization

[PATCH, PR 56988] Honor by_ref in IPA-CP transformation phase

[PATCH, SH] PR target/56995

[Patch, testsuite] Add -gdwarf to debug/dwarf2 testcases (Take 2)

[Patch, testsuite] Add -gdwarf to dg-options in debug/dwarf2 testcases

[Patch, testsuite] Fix sra-13.c for 16 bit int

[PATCH, testsuite] Test cases for regex_traits

[PATCH, testsuite]: Avoid "error: inlining failed in call to always_inline" with -fpic

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix FAIL: obj-c++.dg/try-catch-13.mm -fgnu-runtime (test for errors, line 12)

[PATCH, tree-ssa] Avoid -Wuninitialized warning in try_unroll_loop_completely()

[PATCH, trivial] Make type_hash_lookup, type_hash_add static

Re: [PATCH, updated] Vtable pointer verification, C++ front end changes (patch 1 of 3)

[PATCH, wwwdocs] Fix PR 50642

[PATCH, x86] Use vector moves in memmove expanding

[Patch,ARM,Committed] Remove trailing whitespaces in thumb2.md

[PATCH,ARM] Internal memcpy using LDRD/STRD

Re: [PATCH,ARM][1/n] New patterns for subtract with carry

Re: [PATCH,ARM][3/n] Split various patterns

Re: [PATCH,ARM][6/n] Split min and max patterns

[PATCH,i386] Add -mstack-protector-guard= for i386

[patch,libfortran] PR56660 Fails to read NAMELIST with certain form array syntax

RE: [Patch/ARM] Cortex-M4 core pipeline patch to tune LDR/STR pairs

[PATCH] 4.8: Fix RTX sharing problem in ifcvt

[patch] [4.7] revisit PR middle-end/56848 for 4.7.4

Re: [Patch] [MIPS] Fix Many warnings in MIPS port

RE: [Patch] [MIPS] Fix Many warnings in MIPS port (Was: [PATCH] [MIPS] microMIPS gcc support)

[PATCH] [MIPS] Support microMIPS HI/QI moves

[patch] a few random fixes

[Patch] Add -gdwarf option to make gcc generate DWARF with the default version

[PATCH] Add a new option "-fstack-protector-strong"

[PATCH] Add explicit default constructors where required by the standard

Re: [Patch] Add microMIPS jraddiusp support

[PATCH] Adjust g++.dg/vect/slp-pr56812.cc

[PATCH] Adjust gfortran.dg/vect/fast-math-pr37021.f90

[PATCH] Allow MEM_REF lhs on gimple_clobber_p stmts (PR c++/34949)

[PATCH] Allow nested use of attributes in MD-files

[PATCH] Another ldist testcase

[PATCH] Assorted dump/debug fixes for the vectorizer

Re: FW: [PATCH] Avoid a few find_base_term calls in alias.c

[PATCH] Avoid fn->x_current_loops references

Re: [PATCH] Avoid warning when unused attribute applied to C++ member variables (issue8212043)

Re: [PATCH] backport darwin12 fixes to gcc-4_7-branch

[patch] C++11: Observers for the three 'handler functions'

[PATCH] Call fold_non_dependent_expr_sfinae before maybe_constant_value (PR c++/56895)

Re: [patch] cilkplus: Array notation for C patch

[PATCH] color diagnostics markers

[patch] committed: minor sched-int.h and sched-deps.c fixes

Re: [PATCH] Compute and emit working set information from gcov-dump (issue6940061)

[PATCH] Convert profile scaling computations to rounding divides (issue9050044)

[PATCH] Do not consider vector CONSTRUCTORs is_gimple_constant

[PATCH] Don't forwprop into clobbers in some cases (PR tree-optimization/56854)

[PATCH] Don't instrument with -fsanitize=thread accesses to DECL_HARD_REGISTER vars (PR tree-optimization/57104)

[PATCH] Don't run vrp87.c on various targets

[Patch] Emit error for negative _Alignas alignment values

[PATCH] Enable java for aarch64

Re: [PATCH] Enable non-complex math builtins from C99 for Bionic

Re: [PATCH] Fix -Wformat-security warning in arm.c

[PATCH] Fix a -Wsign-compare warning in i386.c

[patch] fix anachronism in libstdc+ docs

[PATCH] Fix assembler options for -mcpu={supersparc,hypersparc}

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap with go (uninit warning with ab edges)

[patch] fix comment before add_to_renaming_pragma_list

[PATCH] Fix cond_exec_find_if_block (PR rtl-optimization/56745)

[patch] Fix DWARF test cases that don't work with -fdebug-types-sections

[PATCH] Fix extract_muldiv (PR tree-optimization/56899)

[PATCH] Fix folding of logb (-Inf) (PR tree-optimization/57066)

[PATCH] Fix g++.dg/vect/slp-pr56812.cc

Re: [patch] Fix ICE during RTL expansion at -O1

[PATCH] Fix linking with -findirect-dispatch

[PATCH] Fix MULT_HIGHPART_EXPR folding (PR tree-optimization/56918)

Re: [patch] Fix node weight updates during ipa-cp (issue7812053)

[patch] Fix non-deterministic output order for type stubs in DWARF output

[PATCH] Fix omp loop ICEs if iterators are addressable

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR 55889

[patch] Fix PR middle-end/56474

[PATCH] Fix PR48182

[PATCH] Fix PR48184

[PATCH] Fix PR48186

[PATCH] Fix PR48762

[patch] fix PR52139 correctly

[PATCH] Fix PR56213

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR56756

[PATCH] Fix PR56768

[PATCH] Fix PR56778

[Patch] Fix PR56780: --disable-install-libiberty still installs libiberty.a

[PATCH] Fix PR56812

[PATCH] Fix PR56817

[PATCH] Fix PR56826

[PATCH] Fix PR56837

[PATCH] Fix PR56878

Fwd: [PATCH] Fix PR56915

[PATCH] Fix PR56921

[PATCH] Fix PR56933

[PATCH] Fix PR56982, handle setjmp like non-local labels

[PATCH] Fix PR56990

[PATCH] Fix PR57000

[PATCH] Fix PR57026

[PATCH] Fix PR57036

[PATCH] Fix PR57075

[PATCH] Fix PR57077 (issue8840045)

[PATCH] Fix PR57081

[PATCH] Fix PR57089

[PATCH] Fix PR57103

[PATCH] Fix PR57107

[PATCH] Fix PR57122, bug in split_edge

[PATCH] Fix PRs 56957 and 57105

[PATCH] Fix SLSR wrong-code (PR tree-optimization/56962)

[PATCH] Fix small colorization omission

[patch] Fix test failure with -fdebug-types-section.

[patch] fix verify_rtl_sharing handling of SEQUENCEs

[PATCH] Fix VRP LSHIFT_EXPR non-singleton shift count handling (PR tree-optimization/57083)

[PATCH] fixincludes: use $(FI) instead of fixincl at EXEEXT@

[PATCH] Fold __builtin_constant_p immediately when in the first argument of __builtin_choose_expr (PR c/19449)

[PATCH] Fold VEC_[LR]SHIFT_EXPR (PR tree-optimization/57051)

[PATCH] gcc: arm: linux-eabi: fix handling of armv4 bx fixups when linking

[PATCH] Generate a label for the split cold function while using -freorder-blocks-and-partition

[PATCH] Handle mixed constant / invariant ops in SLP

Re: [patch] Hash table changes from cxx-conversion branch

[patch] Hash table changes from cxx-conversion branch - config part

[patch] Hash table changes from cxx-conversion branch - PART 1

[PATCH] Improve cstore code generation on 64-bit sparc.

[PATCH] Improve stmt_kills_ref_p_1 (PR c++/34949)

Re: [PATCH] Improve the mode which is used for insertion

[PATCH] Improve vec_widen_?mult_odd_*

[PATCH] Improve vec_widen_?mult_odd_* (take 2)

[PATCH] Improve vectorizer code generation

[PATCH] inline fail reporting: reporting inline fail caused by overwritable function

[patch] Introduce #pragma GCC diagnostic off

[patch] libstdc++/51365 for shared_ptr

[patch] libstdc++/56905 deprecate copy_exception

[PATCH] Loop distribution improvements

[PATCH] Maybe fix PR57050

[PATCH] MEM_REF clobber handling fixes/improvements (PR c++/34949, PR c++/50243)

[PATCH] More vectorizer TLC

[patch] obvious: remove REG_EH_CONTEXT note

[patch] PR middle-end/43631

Re: [PATCH] PR55033: Fix

Re: [patch] PR56729

[PATCH] PR56771: Fix arm-rtems target for 32-bit hosts

[patch] PR56798 (committed)

[PATCH] PR56799

[PATCH] Preserve loops from CFG build until after RTL loop opts

[patch] print SEQUENCE of insns in sched-vis.c

[PATCH] Properly outline loop tree in move_sese_region_to_fn


[PATCH] Random cleanups

Re: [PATCH] Redesign pthread in LIB_SPEC for systems without libpthread

[PATCH] Remove unsave_expr_now

Re: [patch] Remove unused ivtype_map symbols from sese.[hc]

[PATCH] Remove useless BIT_AND_EXPRs

[patch] replace a bunch of equivalent checks for asm operands with a new function

[PATCH] Reset `used' flags after verify RTL sharing

[patch] Rework libstdc++ contributing docs

[patch] RFC: ix86 / x86_64 register pressure aware scheduling

[PATCH] S/390: Initial libitm support

[patch] simplify emit_delay_sequence

RE: [patch] Stop using JUMP_INSN for jump table data

[PATCH] Stream loops with LTO

[PATCH] Testcase for PR55964 from PR56097

[PATCH] testcase for PR56407

[patch] trivial replacements for SET_INSN_DELETED and BLOCK_FOR_INSN as lhs

[patch] tweak some libstdc++ comments

[PATCH] Two -mxop wrong-code fixes (PR target/56866)

[patch] update documentation for SEQUENCE

[patch] Update email, status in MAINTAINERS

[PATCH] Update tail-merge header comment.

[PATCH] V2DI zero constant in GPR (PR target/56948)

[PATCH] Vectorizer load permutation TLC

[PATCH] Vectorizer TLC, load permutation handling

[PATCH] Vectorizer TLC, split SLP discovery and cost calculation

[PATCH] VRP (x << 31) < -1 fix (PR tree-optimization/56984)

Re: [PATCH][10/10] -fuse-caller-save - Add test-case

[PATCH][4.7] Fix PR56501

[PATCH][AArch64] Fix PR 56809

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Fix PR 56809

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Fix signed-unsigned comparison warning

[PATCH][ARM] Improve code generation for anddi3

Re: [PATCH][ARM] minmax_arithsi for non-canonical operand order with MINUS operator

[PATCH][ARM] Restrict store_minmaxsi

Re: [PATCH][ARM] use vsel instruction for floating point conditional moves in ARMv8

[PATCH][ARM][1/2] Add support for vcvt_f16_f32 and vcvt_f32_f16 NEON intrinsics

[PATCH][ARM][testsuite] Fix testsuite options for testing rounding vectorisation on ARMv8

[PATCH][ARM][testsuite][2/2] Add support for vcvt_f16_f32 and vcvt_f32_f16 NEON intrinsics

RE: [PATCH][ARM][thumb1] Reduce lr save for leaf function with non-far jump

[PATCH][Backport 4.7][ARM] Fix PR 56720

[PATCH][cilkplus] replace TREE_LIST and mallocs in pragma simd code with vec_trees

[PATCH][committed]: Fix typo in predict.c

[patch][DF] do not call df_insn_delete in remove_insn, only unlink the insn

[patch][DF] fix df_find_def and df_find_use

[patch][doc] remove one more loop note reference

[patch][google/gcc-4_7] Suppress failure in gcc.dg/lto/20100430-1 on powerpc and powerpc64

[Patch][google/gcc-4_8] Backport r198101 (fix for PR56847) into google/gcc-4_8

[Patch][google/gcc-4_8] Fix arm build broken

[patch][google/gcc-4_8] Fix powerpc64-grtev3-linux-gnu.xfail

[patch][mips] split mips_reorg in pre- and post-dbr_schedule parts

[PATCH][RFC] Handle commutative operations in SLP tree build

[PATCH][RFC] Preserve loops from CFG build on

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Remove TODO_ggc_collect, collect unconditionally

[patch][sparc] define_c_enum for UNSPEC/UNSPECV

[patch][sparc] remove sparc machine_reorg, add machine specifc pass after delayed-branch scheduling

[PATCH][tsan] Fix PR55702

[PING ^1] [AArch64] Bitwise adds and subs instructions with shift

[Ping, Patch, c-common] Emit error for negative _Alignas alignment values

[Ping, Patch, testsuite] Add -gdwarf to dg-options in debug/dwarf2 testcases

[PING] [PATCH, ARM][2 of 2] Enable shrink-wrap for ARM

[PING] RE: [PING]RE: [patch] cilkplus: Array notation for C patch

[PING] SLSR for conditional candidates

[PING]RE: [patch] cilkplus: Array notation for C patch

[Ping^2] [PATCH, ARM][1 of 2] Add epilogue dwarf info for shrink-wrap

[RFA] [PATCH] Minor improvement to canonicalization of COND_EXPR for gimple

[RFA] patch to fix PR56903

[RFA][PATCH] Eliminate more unnecessary type conversions

Re: [RFA][PATCH] Eliminate more unnecessary type conversions


[RFA][PATCH] Improve VRP of COND_EXPR_CONDs -- v2

Re: [RFC PATCH] Implementing ifunc target hook

[RFC] Allow functions calling mcount before prologue to be leaf functions

Re: [rtl, i386] vec_merge simplification

Re: [RTL] Canonicalize commutative operations more

[SPARC] Fix PR target/56890

[testsuite, i386] Reimplementing array comparison in avx2-vpop-check.h

[testsuite] Adding target nonpic to g++.dg/tm/pr47746.C

Re: [testsuite] Disabling gcc.dg/cpp/trad/include.c for Android

Re: [trunk][google/gcc47]Add dependence of configure-target-libmudflap on configure-target-libstdc++-v3 (issue7740043)

[v3] Define __gnu_cxx::__aligned_buffer

[v3] Do not use __alloc_traits for forward_list::reference

[v3] Fix libstdc++/56834

[v3] libstdc++/57010

[v3] libstdc++/57065

[v3] N3669

[v3] Tidy std::is_signed

Re: [var-template] Accept variable template declaration

[WIP RFH] #pragma omp declare simd (aka OpenMP elemental functions) parsing

[wwwdoc] Mark ARM/hard_vfp_4_4_branch as discontinued

[wwwdocs, committed] gcc-4.9/changes.html - Update Fortran section (add NO_ARGS_CHECK)

[wwwdocs, patch, committed] Updated Fortran part of http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.9/changes.html

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.8

[wwwdocs] C++14 support for binary literals says Noinstead of Yes

[wwwdocs] Remove redirected link to AMD x86-64 release

[wwwdocs] update libstdc++ doc links

[wwwdocs] Updating svn.html

Add AARCH64 to config-list.mk

Add myself to MAINTAINERS as Write After Approval

Re: Add std::unordered_* C++11 allocator support

Another C++ PATCH for c++/52748 (N3276 and operator overloading)

Backport PR48189 fix

Backport r185150 to google-4_7 and google-4_8(save --std flag as cl_args)

Breakage with your libstdc++ allocator patch

Broken private gcc port

C++ PATCH for c++/23055 (function parms with only non-deducible template parameters)

C++ PATCH for c++/25466 (runtime SEGV with typeid)

C++ PATCH for c++/34949 (destructor clobbers object)

C++ PATCH for c++/48665 (typeid and function-cv-quals) - also disables some library tests

C++ PATCH for c++/50261 (aggregate mem-initializers)

C++ PATCH for c++/53721 (this in trailing-return-type)

C++ PATCH for c++/56388 (lambdas and EH)

C++ PATCH for c++/56772 (array new with initializer-list)

C++ PATCH for c++/56793 (scoped enum in class)

C++ PATCH for c++/56794 (range for and variadic template)

C++ PATCH for c++/56821 (ref-qualifier mangling)

C++ PATCH for c++/56859 (alignas and value-dependent expressions)

C++ PATCH for c++/56901 (lambda, auto)

C++ PATCH for c++/57064 (ref-qualifier and function returning rvalue ref)

C++ PATCH for core 1609

C++ PATCH for core 1612 (lambda and anonymous union)

C++ PATCH for core issue 941

C++ PATCH to add capture initializers to -std=c++1y

C++ PATCH to avoid ICE on unimplemented constexpr bits

C++ PATCH to correct mangling/demangling of cv-qualified function types

C++ PATCH to fix [[noreturn]]

C++ PATCH to implement C++11 ref-qualifiers

C++ PATCH to implement conditional conversions (n3323)

Re: C++ PATCH to implement N3582 changes to proposed C++14 return type deduction

C++ PATCH to implement N3638 changes to return type deduction

C++ PATCH to lambda printing in diagnostics

C++ PATCH to print missing template instantiation context

C++ PATCH to support ~auto

C++ PATCH to tsubst of var_decl

Re: C++ PATCH: Use VAR_P instead of direct TREE_CODE (t) == VAR_DECL

C: Add new warning -Wunprototyped-calls

Re: Can -mno-big-switch be removed from the PA port?

change_address in rs6000_secondary_reload_inner

Comments on the suggestion to use infinite precision math for wide int.

Commit: V850: Use FPU-3.0 multiply-add instructions on E3V5 architectures

Re: Compute precise counter histogram at LTO

Re: Constant folding of VEC_COND_EXPR

Contents of PO file 'gcc-4.8.0.vi.po'

doc patch committed: Mention Go 1 language standard

Document cortex-a53 in invoke.texi

driver-rs6000.c comment pasto

Drop more of the old alias handling code

Re: extend fwprop optimization

Re: Fill more delay slots in conditional returns

Fix an invalid C++ testcase

Fix C++ testcases for size_t vs intptr_t

Fix minor regression with size functions

Re: Fix PR 56077

Fwd: Fix std::pair std::is_copy_assignable behavior

Fold BIT_FIELD_REF of a reference

Fold {2, 3, 4, 5} >> 31

Re: functional and type_traits cleanup

GCC 4.6 branch is closed now

GCC 4.6.4 Status Report (2013-04-03)

GCC 4.7.3 Status Report (2013-04-03)

GCC does not support *mmintrin.h with function specific opts

Improve WPA type merging hash performance for LTO

insert move iterator patch

libcpp: registering both a pragma and a pragma namespace with the same name

Logic operators ! && || for vectors

Re: LRA assign same hard register with live range overlapped pseduos

a lra patch

maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_libstdcxx_svn: add error detection

Make change_decl_assembler_name functional with inline clones

Make lto-symtab to ignore conflicts in static functions

Make m32c build, fix PSImode truncation

Many warnings in MIPS port (Was: [PATCH] [MIPS] microMIPS gcc support)

MEM_REF representation problem, and folding fix

Re: Minimize downward code motion during reassociation

Minor C++ PATCH to tsubst of DECLTYPE_TYPE

Re: mips SNaN/QNaN is swapped

Missing dependencies in Makefile.in

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8.0)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.8.0)

One 4.6 backport

patch for latest lra changes.

patch for recent LRA changes -- another try

Patch ping

Patch ping - Add a new option "-fstack-protector-strong"

Patch to extend the fix PR53676 to unsigned char

Re: patch to fix constant math - 4th patch - the wide-int class - patch ping for the next stage 1

Re: patch to fix constant math - builtins.c - the first of the tree level patches for wide-int

Re: patch to fix constant math - first small patch - patch ping for the next stage 1

Re: patch to fix constant math -5th patch, rtl

patch to fix PR 56847

patch to fix PR56999

patch to fix PR57018

patch to fix pr57046

patch to fix PR57097

PATCH: Add -mx32 to x86-64 ASM_SPEC

PATCH: contrib/repro_fail: filter out "-ignore SIGHUP" from spawn line

Ping: [PATCH, ARM][1 of 2] Add epilogue dwarf info for shrink-wrap

Ping: [PATCH, PR 42371] Remove references to functions from symbol table during inlining

Ping: [PATCH, PR 56988] Honor by_ref in IPA-CP transformation phase

PING: PATCH: PR plugins/56754 some missing plugin headers during installation in gcc 4.8

powerpc64le-linux support

PR 50686: dwarf2cfi fix for IRIX

PR57052, rs6000.md subregs

Profile mode (was Re: Add std::unordered_* C++11 allocator support)

Re: Proposition

remove unused fiields in init_expmed_rtl expmed.c

Results for 4.9.0 20130401 (experimental) [trunk revision 197313] (GCC) testsuite on powerpc-ibm-aix7.1.0.0

Results for 4.9.0 20130422 (experimental) [trunk revision 198156] (GCC) testsuite on powerpc-ibm-aix7.1.0.0

RFA: enable LRA for rs6000

Re: RFA: enable LRA for rs6000 [32-bit fortran]

Re: RFA: enable LRA for rs6000 [lra-constraints]

Re: RFA: enable LRA for rs6000 [patch for WRF]

RFA: Fix declaration of default value of TARGET_NARROW_VOLATILE_BITFIELD

RFA: Fix tree-optimization/55524

RFA: Fix use of extra_objs when configuring tilepro-linux and tilegx-linux


RFA: Use gen_int_mode in plus_constant

Re: RFC: add some static probes to libstdc++

Re: RFC: color diagnostics markers

RFC: elimination of global state relating to passes

RFC: PR 28865: Fix ELF .size directive for structures with a flexible arrray member

richard, i accidently pushed send rather than save, the previous email was not finished, just ignore it.

rs6000_emit_set_long_const tidy

RTL gensupport - fix warning when using a match_scratch predicate

Simple change in dot dumper -- Display profile count and branch probability

Re: SLP for vectors

Tract symbol names that are unique in DSO

Trivial testsuite fix

Unreviewed build, driver patch

Unreviewed build/driver patch

useless cast blocking some optimization in gcc 4.7.3

vtables patch 1/3: allow empty array initializations

vtables patch 2/3: fold vtable refs that use COMPONENT_REFs

vtables patch 3/3

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