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Re: RFC: color diagnostics markers

On Fri, Apr 05, 2013 at 11:51:43PM +0200, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
> In this patch the default is "never", because for some reason "auto"
> triggers colorization during regression testing. I have not found a

That reason is obvious, dejagnu (expect?) creates pseudo terminals, so
isatty is true, we'd need to just use -fno-diagnostics-color by default
for the testsuite (IMHO not a big deal).

Anyway, I've kept the default as never for now, but am sending my review
comments in form of a new diff, which fixes formatting, avoids memory leaks
and changes it to introduce more color names (for caret, locus, quoted
text), change default of note color (for some color compatibility with
clang, bold green is there used for caret lines, for notes they use
bold black apparently, but that doesn't work too well on white-on-black
terminals).  Right now the patch is unfinished, because there is no support
for the new %[locus]%s:%d:%d%[] style diagnostics strings (where
%[locus] and %[] stand for switching to "locus" color and resetting color
%back) in the -Wformat code (and gettext).  I'm wondering if instead of the
%[colorname] and %[] it wouldn't be better to just have some %r or whatever
letter isn't taken yet which would consume a const char * colorname from
%va_arg, and some other letter with no argument that would do color reset.
Ideas for best unused letters for that?  Perhaps then -Wformat support for
it would be easier.  I.e. instead of:
pp_printf ("%[locus]%s:%d:%d[]", loc.file, loc.line, loc.column);
one would write:
pp_printf ("%r%s:%d:%d%R", "locus", loc.file, loc.line, loc.column);


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