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[patch] fix PR52139 correctly


The fix for PR52139 only papered over another problem: That things
from a basic block header were emitted into the insns stream. When
going out of cfglayout mode, these header-insn will be lost. It's
probably possible to construct a test case where e.g. a
NOTE_INSN_DELETED_DEBUG_LABEL is lost because of this, but I haven't
tried to do so.

The correct fix is to find a new home for the header and footer insn,
and the most logical place is to put them in the footer of the merged

Bootstrapped&tested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with current trunk,
and with r184004 (modified patch) to make sure the test case is fixed
(it doesn't fail on trunk even with r184005 reverted).
OK for trunk?


        * cfgrtl.c (cfg_layout_merge_blocks): Revert r184005, implement
        correct fix by moving header and footer insn to the footer of
        the merged basic block.  Clear BB_END of the merged-away block.

Index: cfgrtl.c
--- cfgrtl.c    (revision 197942)
+++ cfgrtl.c    (working copy)
@@ -4083,18 +4083,40 @@ cfg_layout_merge_blocks (basic_block a,
   if (!optimize)
     emit_nop_for_unique_locus_between (a, b);

-  /* Possible line number notes should appear in between.  */
-  if (BB_HEADER (b))
-    {
-      rtx first = BB_END (a), last;
-      last = emit_insn_after_noloc (BB_HEADER (b), BB_END (a), a);
-      /* The above might add a BARRIER as BB_END, but as barriers
-        aren't valid parts of a bb, remove_insn doesn't update
-        BB_END if it is a barrier.  So adjust BB_END here.  */
-      while (BB_END (a) != first && BARRIER_P (BB_END (a)))
-       BB_END (a) = PREV_INSN (BB_END (a));
-      delete_insn_chain (NEXT_INSN (first), last, false);
+  /* Move things from b->footer after a->footer.  */
+  if (BB_FOOTER (b))
+    {
+      if (!BB_FOOTER (a))
+       BB_FOOTER (a) = BB_FOOTER (b);
+      else
+       {
+         rtx last = BB_FOOTER (a);
+         while (NEXT_INSN (last))
+           last = NEXT_INSN (last);
+         NEXT_INSN (last) = BB_FOOTER (b);
+         PREV_INSN (BB_FOOTER (b)) = last;
+       }
+      BB_FOOTER (b) = NULL;
+    }
+  /* Move things from b->header before a->footer.
+     Note that this may include dead tablejump data, but we don't clean
+     those up until we go out of cfglayout mode.  */
+   if (BB_HEADER (b))
+     {
+      if (! BB_FOOTER (a))
+       BB_FOOTER (a) = BB_HEADER (b);
+      else
+       {
+         rtx last = BB_HEADER (b);
+         while (NEXT_INSN (last))
+           last = NEXT_INSN (last);
+         NEXT_INSN (last) = BB_FOOTER (a);
+         PREV_INSN (BB_FOOTER (a)) = last;
+         BB_FOOTER (a) = BB_HEADER (b);
+       }
       BB_HEADER (b) = NULL;

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