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Re: [PATCH, ARM] Improve GCC pipeline description for Cortex-M4 FPU

On 16/04/13 10:47, Terry Guo wrote:

This patch intends to improve cortex-m4 FPU pipeline description based on
below findings:

1) The integer instructions can be pipelined with fused/chained mac
2) The two-cycle 32-bit floating point load instructions should be put
together to save one cycle. The three-cycle 64-bit fp load instructions
haven't such feature.
3) The 32-bit floating point store instructions need 1 cycle, not 2 cycles.

I use some f32 functions from CMSIS DSPLib to benchmark this patch. All of
them show performance improvement i.e. less cycles are needed to perform
those functions.

Is it OK for trunk?


2013-04-16  Terry Guo  <>

         * config/arm/ (cortex_m4_v): Delete cpu unit.
Replace with ...
         (cortex_m4_v_a,  cortex_m4_v_b): ... new cpu units.
         (cortex_m4_v, cortex_m4_exa_va, cortex_m4_exb_vb): New reservations.
         (cortex_m4_fmacs): Use new reservations.
         (cortex_m4_f_load, cortex_m4_f_store): Likewise.



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