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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 57022: [4.7/4.8/4.9 Regression] Inappropriate warning for use of TRANSFER with arrays

Am 22.04.2013 20:00, schrieb Janus Weil:
>Side remark and just for completeness, there is also rank == -1 for
>assumed-rank arrays. However, as TRANSFER is not an inquiry function, it
>shouldn't reach that code. (Maybe you could quickly check that that's indeed
>the case.)
well, I guess you*can*  actually reach that code with assumed-rank
arrays, e.g. via

subroutine assumed_rank (a)
   integer, intent(in) :: a(..)
   integer :: c(1:4)
   c = transfer(a,c,4)
end subroutine

So, good point! The code part quoted above has been removed in the
last revision, but I have updated gfc_target_expr_size to check for
"(e->rank)" now (i.e. without the "> 0"), and I have also added the
above test case (which indeed showed the false warning with the last
version of the patch, but not any more).

Checking for "rank" instead of "rank >0" is fine - but I wouldn't add the test case as it is invalid - and gfortran should reject the code according to the following TS29113 constraint:

"C535b An assumed-rank variable name shall not appear in a designator or expression except as an actual argument corresponding to a dummy argument that is assumed-rank, the argument of the C_LOC function in the ISO_C_BINDING intrinsic module, or the first argument in a reference to an intrinsic inquiry function."

Seemingly, the constraint code is not correctly checked for intrinsics as TRANSFER is a transformational function.

I wonder whether TYPE(*) and !GCC$ attributes no_arg_check have the same problems as similar constraints exist for those.

I have now filled:


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