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Re: [PATCH, combine] Fix host-specific behavior in simplify_compare_const()

2013/3/7 Chung-Ju Wu <>:
> 2013/3/5 Eric Botcazou <>:
>>> In other words, any 32-bit target with 'need_64bit_hwint=yes' in config.gcc
>>> is not able to have benefit from this optimization because it never
>>> passes the condition test.
>>> My solution is to use GET_MODE_MASK(mode) to filter out all bits not
>>> in target mode. The following is my patch:
>> The patch is OK for 4.9 once stage #1 is open if it passes bootstrap/regtest.
> Thanks for the approval. I will wait for 4.9 stage1 opening.
> The following is the new patch according to your suggestions:

Hi, Eric,

Since now it is on 4.9 stage1, I would like to contribute this patch.
The followings are previous discussion:

The attached patch has passed bootstrap/regression test
on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with current main trunk.
A plaintext gcc/ChangeLog is as below:

2013-04-06  Chung-Ju Wu  <>

        * combine.c (simplify_compare_const): Use GET_MODE_MASK to filter out
        unnecessary bits in the constant power of two case.

On behalf of Andes Technology Co., we have signed FSF agreement.
However, so far I don't have svn write access yet.
Would you please help to commit this patch?

Thanks again for the approval and I really appreciate your help. :)

Best regards,

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