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Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 56266: ICE on invalid in gfc_match_varspec

Hi Mikael,

>> Unless someone has a better idea how to treat this, I will commit the
>> attached patch as obvious.
> Not really a better idea, but it seems to me that function calls can
> have trailing sub-references, so that gfc_match_varspec could be called
> on them.
> gfc_match_rvalue has:
> [...]
> switch (sym->attr.flavor)
>  {
>     [...]
>     case FL_UNKNOWN:
>       [... try to match a variable ...]
>       /* Give up, assume we have a function.  */
>       [...]
>       e->expr_type = EXPR_FUNCTION;
>       [...]
>       gfc_match_actual_arglist (...);
>       [...]
>       /* If our new function returns a character, array or structure
>          type, it might have subsequent references.  */
>       m = gfc_match_varspec (e, ...);
> So, it seems that EXPR_FUNCTION is acceptable in gfc_match_varspec.
> And then, there is nothing preventing 'c(i)' in 'c(i)%encM()' from being
> parsed as a function.  Is this supported?

I think this is forbidden by the Fortran standard, cf. e.g.

Actually I'm not sure in which context a function call with sub-refs
would be valid. One should re-check the standard on this ...

(Btw, I have already committed the patch as r197936.)


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