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Re: [patch,libfortran] PR56660 Fails to read NAMELIST with certain form array syntax

Am 01.04.2013 20:33, schrieb Jerry DeLisle:
With this particular bug, nml_read_obj was clearing the error flag itself with
the read so that rather then bailing out, it tried to continue reading data
until it was done, then the subsequent read failed looking for a valid name,
which had been passed by.

The problem is resolved by moving the error flag reset outside nml_read_obj just
before the call to nml_read_obj.  Also, we test the flag on entering
nml_read_obj, and if it is set, we bail out right away, a do nothing, until the
parent nml_read_obj finishes its loops.

Regression tested on x86-64.  Test case attached.
OK for trunk?

OK - and thanks for the patch!

* * *

Do we want to close PR 56786? While it is a regression from 4.6, it seems to only occur for slightly invalid namelists - unless, I missed some fineprint. Or do we want to backport it to all/some of 4.6 / 4.7 / 4.8?

* * *

The test case below is motivated by this PR56660 and the original PR49791. It fails with "Cannot match namelist object name 'cc'". I was wondering whether we should support that extended read (= vendor extension) or not. Ifort and g95 do; pathf95, Crayftn, pgf95 and NAG don't. (gfortran supports the extended read for simpler variants, e.g. PR49791, comment 0 and comment 18.)


type ptracer
   character(len = 2)  :: sname
   logical              :: lini
end type ptracer
type(ptracer) , dimension(3) :: tracer
namelist/naml1/  tracer

tracer(:) = ptracer('XXX', .false.)
write (*, nml=naml1)

open (99, file='nml.dat', status="replace")
write(99,*) "&naml1"
write(99,*) "   tracer(:)   = 'aa' , .true."
write(99,*) " tracer(2) = 'bb' , .true., 'cc', .true." ! Extended read: Two DT elements
write(99,*) "/"
read (99, nml=naml1)
write (*, nml=naml1)
close (99, status="delete")

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