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Re: [PATCH] Enable non-complex math builtins from C99 for Bionic



2013/3/28 Alexander Ivchenko <>:
> Hi,
> 4.8 is now branched, lets come back to the discussion that we had
> before. I updated the patch a little
> bit since we now have linux-protos.h and linux-android.c files.
> I tried to preserve the avaiability of c99 for all targets, but it's
> pretty difficult, because we are changing
> the defaults. Passing an empty string as second argument doesn't look
> very good, but on the other hand
> the user has one clear way for checking the presence of a certain
> function. But of course we can create
> another function, that will call targetm.libc_has_function
> (function_class, "") within itself.
> best regards,
> Alexander
> 2013/1/7 Joseph S. Myers <>:
>> On Fri, 21 Dec 2012, Alexander Ivchenko wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Thank you very much for your input! Please, take a look at the updated version:
>>> I fixed coding style, moved documentation for TARGET_LIBC_HAS_FUNCTION
>>> to target.def.
>>> Removed TARGET_C99_FUNCTIONS and TARGET_HAS_SINCOS and all their
>>> influence and moved the implementation of linux_libc_has_function to
>>> host-linux.c.
>>>       I changed the defaults: now it is assumed that we have C99 runtime,
>>> but no sincos. I updated all needed gcc/config/*.h. But 'm not sure in
>>> this part,
>>> cause I don't have the opportunity to test it properly...
>> This patch seems mostly plausible, though there are various places that
>> call targetm.libc_has_function with and empty string as second argument,
>> that should be naming the specific function instead.  I haven't reviewed
>> the details, and at this development stage I think it will need to wait
>> until after 4.8 branches.
>> --
>> Joseph S. Myers

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