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Re: [PATCH,ARM][1/n] New patterns for subtract with carry

On 04/05/13 16:26, Greta Yorsh wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Earnshaw
Sent: 22 February 2013 16:30
To: Greta Yorsh
Cc: GCC Patches; Ramana Radhakrishnan;;
Subject: Re: [PATCH,ARM][1/n] New patterns for subtract with carry

On 18/02/13 18:35, Greta Yorsh wrote:
Add patterns to handle various subtract with carry operations.

These patterns match RTL insns emitted by splitters
for DImode operations such as subdi, negdi, and cmpdi.


2013-02-14  Greta Yorsh  <>

          * config/arm/ (subsi3_carryin, subsi3_carryin_const):
          (subsi3_carryin_shift,rsbsi3_carryin_shift): Likewise.

Not ok.  RSC does not exist in Thumb state.


I'm attaching an updated patch. I changed the condition of rsbsi3_carryin_shift pattern and added "arch" attribute to subsi3_carryin as appropriate.

I have also tested the patch again on the recent trunk along with all other patching in this series, which have already been approved. No regressions.

Ok for trunk?



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