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[PATCH][ARM][1/2] Add support for vcvt_f16_f32 and vcvt_f32_f16 NEON intrinsics

Hi all,

This patch adds the vcvt_f16_f32 and vcvt_f32_f16 NEON intrinsic
to arm_neon.h through the generator ML scripts and also adds the
built-ins to which the intrinsics will map to. The generator ML scripts
are updated and used to generate the relevant .texi documentation,
arm_neon.h and the tests in .

The new intrinsics are guarded by checking the __ARM_FP predefine
as described in ACLE. The second bit of the macro defines
half-precision floating point support, so the intrinsics are guarded by:
#if ((__ARM_FP & 0x2) != 0)

In arm.c I had to add handling of half-precision floats
(and their vector forms) in quite a few places.
I hope I didn't miss any part out.

Testing arm-none-eabi on qemu showed no regressions.

Ok for trunk?


2013-04-12  Kyrylo Tkachov  <>

	* config/arm/arm.c (neon_builtin_type_mode): Add T_V4HF.
	(TB_DREG): Add T_V4HF.
	(v4hf_UP): New macro.
	(arm_init_neon_builtins): Handle NEON_FLOAT_WIDEN,
	Handle initialisation of V4HF. Adjust initialisation of reinterpret
	(arm_expand_neon_builtin): Handle NEON_FLOAT_WIDEN,
	(arm_vector_mode_supported_p): Handle V4HF.
	(arm_mangle_map): Handle V4HFmode.
	* config/arm/arm.h (VALID_NEON_DREG_MODE): Add V4HF.
	* config/arm/arm_neon_builtins.def: Add entries for
	vcvtv4hfv4sf, vcvtv4sfv4hf.
	* config/arm/ (neon_vcvtv4sfv4hf): New pattern.
	(neon_vcvtv4hfv4sf): Likewise.
	* config/arm/ Handle half-precision floating point
	* config/arm/ Handle Requires_FP_bit feature.
	* config/arm/arm_neon.h: Regenerate.
	* config/arm/ (type elts): Add F16.
	(type vectype): Add T_float16x4, T_floatHF.
	(type vecmode): Add V4HF.
	(string_of_mode): Move earlier in the file.
	(type features): Add Requires_FP_bit feature.
	(elt_width): Handle F16.
	(elt_class): Likewise.
	(elt_of_class_width): Likewise.
	(mode_of_elt_str): New function.
	(type_for_elt): Handle F16, fix error messages.
	(vectype_size): Handle T_float16x4.
	(vcvt_sh): New function.
	(ops): Add entries for vcvt_f16_f32, vcvt_f32_f16.
	(string_of_vectype): Handle T_floatHF, T_float16, T_float16x4.
	* doc/arm-neon-intrinsics.texi: Regenerate.

2013-04-12  Kyrylo Tkachov  <>

	* New test. Generated.
	* Likewise.

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