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Re: [PATCH, fixincludes] Fix NULL on AIX


On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 9:42 AM, David Edelsohn <> wrote:
> I coped c_fix_arg from openbsd_null_definition fix. I don't know if
> two different formats for similar fixes would be confusing, but I do
> not have a problem using the EOF version.

I haven't reviewed all patches and I don't always raise nits.

> Do you have any comment about the change to void_null fix?

By analogy, I'd prefer the EOF version there, too.  But ultimately,
it works and is not exactly illegible, so I have no serious objection
to the fix.  It would be nice if it were combinable, but doing so is
tricky.  I'm guessing that the fix on AIX is separated because the
headers contain "__cplusplus" and that is used as an exclusion test
for the "void_null" fix?  Otherwise this:

select    = "^#[ \t]*define[ \t]+NULL[ \t]+("
                    "\\(\\(void[ \t]*\\*\\)0\\)"   "|"   "\\(*0L*\\)*"   ")";

would allow void_null to work for you -- perhaps by using %1 somewhere
in the replacement "c-fix-arg".

Cheers - Bruce

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