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Re: [gomp4] Some progress on #pragma omp simd

Hi Balaji.

"The syntax and semantics of the various simd-openmp-data-clauses
are detailed in the OpenMP specification.
(, Section 2.9.3)."

Balaji, can you verify which is correct?  For that matter, which
are the official specs from which we should be basing this work?

Privatization clause makes a variable private for the simd lane. In
general,  I would follow the spec. If you have further questions,
please feel free to ask.

Ok, so the Cilk Plus 1.1 spec is incorrectly pointing to the OpenMP 3.0 spec, because the OpenMP 3.0 spec has the private clause being task/thread private. Since the OpenMP 4.0rc2 explicitly says that the private clause is for the SIMD lane (as you've stated), can we assume that when the Cilk Plus 1.1 spec mentions OpenMP, it is talking about the OpenMP 4.0 spec?

One more question Balaji, the Cilk Plus spec says that for #pragma simd, the private, firstprivate, lastprivate, and reduction clauses are as OpenMP. However, for <#omp simd>, there is no firstprivate in the OpenMP 4.0rc2 spec. Is the firstprivate clause valid for Cilk Plus' <#pragma simd>?


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