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Re: [Dwarf Patch] Create .debug_str section in .o with -gsplit-dwarf (issue8540048)

> 2013-04-22  Sterling Augustine  <>
>         * dwarf2out.c (skeleton_debug_str_hash, comp_dir_string,
>         add_skeleton_AT_string. comp_dir_string, debug_str_dwo_section): New.


I think comp_dir_string only needs to be mentioned once.

>         (DEBUG_STR_DWO_SECTION): Rename to ...
>         (DEBUG_DWO_STR_SECTION): ... this.
>         (DEBUG_NORM_STR_SECTION): Delete.
>         (DEBUG_STR_SECTION, DEBUG_STR_SECTION_FLAGS): Edit definitions.
>         (find_AT_string): Move most logic to ...
>         (find_AT_string_in_table): ... here.  New.
>         (add_top_level_skeleton_die_attrs): Call comp_dir_string and
>         add_skeleton_AT_string.  Delete logic.
>         (output_skeleton_debug_sections): Remove call to
>         add_top_level_skeleton_die_attrs.
>         (add_comp_dir_attribute): Move logic to comp_dir_string.
>         (dwarf2out_init): Initialize debug_str_dwo_section.
>         (output_indirect_string): Call find_string_form.
>         (output_indirect_strings): Rewrite.
>         (prune_unused_types): Empty skeleton_debug_str_hash.
>         Call get_skeleton_type_unit and add_top_level_skeleton_die_attrs.
>         (dwarf2out_finish):  Call output_indirect_strings.

You'll be calling comp_dir_string twice, so I think you should cache
its return value.


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