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*ping* Re: [Patch, fortran] PR65792 - allocation of scalar elemental function with structure constructor fails

[0/9] Record number of hard registers in a REG

[1/9] Make more use of END_REGNO

[2/9] Add a REG_NREGS macro

[3/9] Clean up df_ref_change_reg_with_loc

[4.9 PATCH, testsuite]: Use c++1y target for g++.dg/cpp1y/auto-fn26.C

[4/9] Add a dedicated rtx union member for REGs

[5/9] Create sensible dummy registers

[6/9] Pass REG changes through a new function

[7/9] Record the number of registers in a REG

[8/9] Remove END_HARD_REGNO

[9/9] Simplify register bitmap operations

Re: [AArch64/GCC] PR64304, miscompilation with -mgeneral-regs-only

Re: [AArch64] Fix predicate and constraint mismatch in logical atomic operations

[AArch64] Implement -fpic for -mcmodel=small


[AArch64][PATCH 2/3] Strengthen barriers for sync-compare-swap builtins.

Re: [AArch64][PR65375] Fix RTX cost for vector SET


[AArch64][TLSLE][2/N] Rename "tlsle_small" to "tlsle"


Re: [AArch64][TLSLE][4/N] Recognize -mtls-size

[AArch64][TLSLE][5/N] Recognize -mtls-size

[AArch64][TLSLE][N/N] Implement local executable mode for all memory model

[Ada] Incomplete types and null procedures.

[Ada] Add constants to g-sercom for slow bit rates

[Ada] Allow constants in SPARK contracts

[Ada] Allow new restriction pragmas in package System

[Ada] Assertion expressions and policy Ignore

[Ada] Avoid use of secondary stack

[Ada] Cannot rename component of Volatile_Full_Access object

[Ada] Check violation of 6.20/3 in aggregates

[Ada] Cleanup in renaming support

[Ada] Cleanup work in internal support for renaming (1)

[Ada] Cleanup work in internal support for renaming (2)

[Ada] Constants and hidden state

[Ada] Constants without variable input are not hidden state

[Ada] Correct some anmolies in the handling of Atomic

[Ada] Default_Initial_Condition attributes apply to the base type

[Ada] Duplicate symbol xxxAM due to anonymous access allocation

[Ada] Ensure consistency of fpt exponentiation results

[Ada] Fix bogus Constraint_Error raised for Max_Size_In_Storage_Elements

[Ada] Fix declaration of object with delayed elaboration

[Ada] Fix ICEs with function returning variable-sized type

[Ada] Fix internal error on limited_with clause in ASIS mode

[Ada] Fix undetected overflow case in Ada.Real_Time."/"

[Ada] Generic_Dispatching_Constructor and multiple interfaces.

[Ada] Handling of object declarations with aggregates and specified alignment.

[Ada] Implement -gnatd.k to suppress internal line numbers

[Ada] Implement Ghost entities

[Ada] Implement new pragma Ignore_Pragma

[Ada] Implement new pragma/aspect Volatile_Full_Access

[Ada] Implementation of new pragma/aspect Volatile_Full_Access

[Ada] Improve performance of writable actuals aliasing detection

[Ada] Improved performance of writable actuals aliasing detection

[Ada] Internal crash on package instantation compilation unit

[Ada] Issue missing warning for 'Size attribute

[Ada] Legality checks on a formal derived type derived from previous formal.

[Ada] Lift restriction on renaming with Volatile_Full_Access

[Ada] Make sure Volatile_Full_Access is treated like Atomic

[Ada] Minor adjustment to implementation of 'Min/'Max

[Ada] Minor cleanup in gigi (1/4)

[Ada] Minor cleanup in gigi (2/4)

[Ada] Minor cleanup in gigi (3/4)

[Ada] Minor cleanup in gigi (4/4)

[Ada] Move generally useful utility subprograms to GNAT frontend

[Ada] New aspect Disable_Controlled

[Ada] Preparatory work for solving exponentiation problem

[Ada] Raise Program_Error on default initialization of references

[Ada] Removal of SPARK RM 6.9 (11)

[Ada] Remove propagation of atomicity from object to type

[Ada] Rename Has_Volatile_Full_Access into Is_Volatile_Full_Access

[Ada] Shadow entity of class-wide types

[Ada] Size should be zero for null range discrete subtype

[Ada] Small enhancement to unchecked conversion warning in -gnatf mode

[Ada] Speed improvements for controlled types

[Ada] Spurious visiblity error on private subtype and inlined constructs

[Ada] Tidy up gnat_pushdecl

[Ada] Use underscored preprocessor symbols in C files

[Ada] Visibility error of selected component in instance body

[Ada] Visibility of a generic grand-child unit instantiated in its parent.

Re: [ARM,AArch64][testsuite] AdvSIMD intrinsics tests cleanup: remove useless expected values.

[ARM] fix arm bootstrap

Re: [ARM][PR65768] Keep constants in register when expanding

Re: [Bug target/66015] New: align directives not propagated after __attribute__ ((__optimize__ ("O2")))

[BUILDROBOT] arc-elf: match_code "REG" matches nothing (was: Reuse predicate code analysis for constraints)

[BUILDROBOT] mmix: match_code "LABEL_REF" matches nothing (was: Reuse predicate code analysis for constraints)

[C frontend] Fix construction of TYPE_STUB_DECL


[C patch] PR49551



[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 53184

[C++ Patch[ PR 66130

[C++ Patch] Fix 66243, silent cast of scoped enum

[C++ PATCH] fix canonical type ICE

[C++ PATCH] Fix return deduction and ref-quals

[C++ PATCH] Minor fix for warn_args_num

[C++ patch] N4166: movable initializer lists for C++1z

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 61683

[C++ Patch] PR 65598

[C++ Patch] PR 65815

Re: [C++ patch] PR 65858

[C++ Patch] PR 66007

[c++-concepts] code review

[C++/52595] template in NSDMI initializer

[C++/66270] another may_alias crash

[C++17] Implement N3928 - Extending static_assert

[c-family] Adjust -fdump-ada-spec after type variant change

Re: [C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-negative-value (PR c/65179)

[C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-overflow (PR c++/55095)

[Cec-weeklies] ST40 tools #1517,#1518,#1519

Re: [CHKP, PATCH] Fix instrumented indirect calls with propagated pointers

Re: [CHKP, PATCH] Fix LTO cgraph merge for instrumented functions

Re: [committed, gcc-5-branch] Set DEV-PHASE to prerelease

[committed] [patch 0/27] Use automake-1.11.6 across the tree

[Committed] check_GNU_style.sh: Declare local vars with local

[Committed] check_GNU_style.sh: Improve readability function calls

[committed] Fix #pragma omp task expansion with noreturn task bodies (PR middle-end/66133)

[committed] Fix warnings in extend.texi

[committed] linear/lastprivate clause fixes

[Committed] Restore bootstrap for ARM

[committed] Trivial cleanup in ubsan_instrument_shift

[committed] Tweak inform_declaration

[committed] Use *NARY_CLASS_P more

[committed] Use COMPARISON_CLASS_P more

[committed] Use DECL_P more

[debug-early] call debug_hooks->late_global_decl for optimized away symbols

Re: [debug-early] fix -fdump-go-spec

[debug-early] fix problem with template parameter packs

Re: [debug-early] revert removal of deferred_asm_names

[doc, committed] more attribute documentation cleanup

Re: [dwarf, RFC] Emitting per-function dwarf info

[expmed] Avoid clobbering a yet-to-be-used base/index register.

[gcc patchv2] libcc1: '@' GDB array operator

Re: [gofrontend-dev] Re: GO tools for gccgo cross

[gomp4, committed, PR65419] Add IFN_GOACC_DATA_END_WITH_ARG

[gomp4, committed] Enable parallelization of kernels-loop-n.c

[gomp4, committed] Remove superfluous main in kernels-loop-n.c

[gomp4.1] Add taskloop-4.c testcase

[gomp4.1] Bring C++ FE on rough feature parity with C FE

[gomp4.1] Support C++ references in privatization clauses

[gomp4.1] Taskloop construct lowering and expansion

[gomp4.1] Taskloop support

[gomp4] A thread barrier builtin

[gomp4] Add OpenACC vector-single/vector-partitioned tests

[gomp4] Assorted OpenACC changes (was: Next set of OpenACC changes)

[gomp4] Avoiding predication for certain blocks

[gomp4] Basic -misa support for nvptx (was: How to use old GPU (Fermi) in gcc with OpenACC?)

Re: [gomp4] bootstrap broken, function enclosing_target_ctx defined but not used

[gomp4] Expand OpenACC thread builtins inline

[gomp4] Initialize some extra variables at the entry to an OpenACC offloaded region

[gomp4] Lack of OpenACC NVPTX devices is not an error during scanning

[gomp4] libgomp: Cope with DejaGnu having no mechanism to transfer environment variables to remote boards

[gomp4] Merge trunk r222860 (2015-05-06) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] New builtins, preparation for oacc vector-single

[gomp4] Next set of OpenACC changes

[gomp4] nvptx libgcc atomic routines

[gomp4] nvptx offloading linking (was: [WIP] OpenMP 4 NVPTX support)

[gomp4] Preserve NVPTX "reconvergence" points

[gomp4] Prohibit C++ reference types in OpenACC regions

[gomp4] Prohibit exceptions in OpenACC regions

[gomp4] Unidirectional branches for nvptx

[gomp4] Vector-single predication

[libgomp, testsuite] Support parallel testing in libgomp (PR libgomp/66005)

[libstdc++ PATCH] Implement __is_nothrow_swappable and use it

[libstdc++ PATCH] Implement observer_ptr

[match-and-simplify] fix incorrect code-gen in 'for' pattern

[match-and-simplify] reject expanding operator-list to implicit 'for'

[match-and-simplify] report error for invalid operator-lists

[nvptx] Re: Mostly rewrite genrecog

[obvious fix] fix off-by-one error when printing the caret character

[patch 0/10] debug-early merge

Re: [PATCH 0/13] Add musl support to GCC

Re: [PATCH 0/14][ARM/AArch64] __FP16 support, vectors, intrinsics, testsuite

[patch 0/27] RFC: Use automake-1.11.6 across the tree

Re: [patch 0/29] RFC: Use automake-1.11.6 across the tree

Re: [PATCH 0/3][AArch64] DImode vector compares

[PATCH 0/4] libcpp patches

[Patch 0/4] PowerPC64 Linux split stack support

[PATCH 0/6] Getting rid of some zero_ext* patterns

[PATCH 0/7] More ifdef reduction

[PATCH 0/7] Some ifdef removal

[PATCH 00/13] further rtx_insn *ification

[PATCH 00/13] S/390 Implement support for IBM z13

[PATCH 00/25] more rtx_insn *ification

[PATCH 01/13] change local vars to rtx_insn *

[PATCH 01/13] recog: Increased max number of alternatives - v2

[PATCH 01/13] recog: Increased max number of alternatives.

[PATCH 01/25] use rtx_insn * as the type of a local variable in mode-switching.c

[PATCH 01/35] Introduce new type-based pool allocator.

[PATCH 02/13] df_set_note can take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 02/13] optabs: Fix vec_perm -> V16QI middle end lowering.

[PATCH 02/25] make make_reg_eh_region_note and friend take rtx_insn *

[PATCH 02/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in et-forest.c.

[PATCH 03/13] add_cfi_insn can be a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 03/13] S/390 Fix secondary reload issue with store/load relative operands.

[PATCH 03/25] make stop_search_p take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 03/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in lra-lives.c.

[PATCH 04/13] recog_data::insn can be a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 04/13] S/390 Add -march/-mtune=z13 option.

[PATCH 04/25] change in_expr_list_p to in_insn_list_p

[PATCH 04/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in lra.c.

[PATCH 05/13] kill_autoinc_value can take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 05/13] S/390 Vector base support.

[PATCH 05/25] computed_jump_p takes a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 05/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-color.c.

[PATCH 06/13] make some functions in lra-constraints.c take rtx_insn *

[PATCH 06/13] Vector base support - testcases

[PATCH 06/25] can_nonlocal_goto can take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 06/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-color.c.

[PATCH 07/13] make some functions in config/ take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 07/13] S/390 Add vector scalar instruction support.

[PATCH 07/25] make remove_reg_equal_equiv_notes take an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 07/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in var-tracking.c.

[PATCH 08/13] make several functions in the scheduler take rtx_insn *

[PATCH 08/13] S/390 zvector builtin support.

[PATCH 08/25] make add_shallow_copy_of_reg_note take an rtx_insn *

[PATCH 08/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in asan.c.

[PATCH 09/13] make validate_replace_src_group take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 09/13] S/390 Add zvector testcases.

[PATCH 09/25] make noop_move_p take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 09/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in c-format.c.

[patch 1/10] debug-early merge: Ada front-end

[patch 1/28] top-level: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 1/2] dbgcnt: enhance behavior.

Re: [PATCH 1/2][ARM] PR/63870: Add qualifier to check lane bounds in expand

Re: [PATCH 1/3, libgomp]: Change gomp_futex_{wait,wake} to int

Re: [PATCH 1/3] Implement -Wmisleading-indentation (v4)

Re: [PATCH 1/3] optabs.c: Make vector_compare_rtx cope with VOIDmode constants (e.g. const0_rtx)

[PATCH 1/3][AArch64] Strengthen barriers for sync-fetch-op builtins.

Re: [PATCH 1/3][AArch64][PR target/65697] Strengthen barriers for sync-fetch-op builtins.

[PATCH 1/4, libitm]: Change gtm_futex_{wait,wake} to int

[PATCH 1/4] libcpp: Improvements to comments in line-map.h/c

Re: [PATCH 1/4] match.pd: Add x + (x & 1) -> (x + 1) & ~1 pattern

[PATCH 1/4] rs6000_stack_info changes for -fsplit-stack

[PATCH 1/6] combine: undo_to_marker

[PATCH 1/6] Only resolve_asm_operand_names once

[PATCH 1/7] [D] libiberty: Correctly decode white or non-printable characters

[PATCH 1/7] always define HAVE_lo_sum

[PATCH 1/7] always define STACK_GROWS_DOWNWARD

[patch 10/10] debug-early merge: compiler proper

[PATCH 10/13] make fp_setter_insn take a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 10/13] Testsuite These testcases require disabling hardware vector support on S/390.

[PATCH 10/25] prev_cc0_setter can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 10/28] libcpp: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 10/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in cfg.c.

[PATCH 11/13] Testsuite S/390 vector types are only 8 byte aligned.

[PATCH 11/13] type reg_equiv_init as rtx_insn_list

[PATCH 11/25] emit_note_after can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 11/28] libdecnumber: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 11/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in sh.c.

[PATCH 12/13] make set_return_jump_label take an rtx_insn *

Re: [PATCH 12/14][ARM/AArch64 Testsuite] Update advsimd-intrinsics tests to add float16 vectors

[PATCH 12/25] emit_note_before can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 12/28] libffi: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 12/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in cselib.c.

Re: [PATCH 13/13] fix incompatible posix_memalign declaration on x86

[PATCH 13/13] make emit_partition_copy return a rtx_insn *

[PATCH 13/13] S/390 Invalid vector binary ops

Re: [PATCH 13/14][ARM/AArch64 testsuite] Use gcc-dg-runtest in advsimd-intrinsics.exp

[PATCH 13/25] make emit_debug_insn_before take a rtx_insn *

[patch 13/28] libgfortran: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 13/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in df-problems.c.

Re: [PATCH 14/14][ARM/AArch64 testsuite] Test float16_t vcvt_* intrinsics

[PATCH 14/25] cse_change_cc0_mode can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 14/28] libgomp: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 14/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in df-scan.c.

[PATCH 15/25] pass rtx_insn * more in gcse.c

[patch 15/28] libgo: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 15/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in dse.c.

[PATCH 16/25] change more argument types to rtx_insn *

[patch 16/28] libitm: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 16/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-sra.c.

[PATCH 17/25] use rtx_insn * more in reorg.c

[patch 17/28] classpath: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 17/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-math-opts.c.

[PATCH 18/25] more rtx_insn * in recog.c

[patch 18/29] libltdl Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 18/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in stmt.c.

[PATCH 19/25] notice_args_size can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 19/29] libjava: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 19/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in sel-sched-ir.c.

[patch 2/10] debug-early merge: C front-end (include c-family/)

Re: [PATCH 2/13] musl libc config

[patch 2/28] boehm-gc: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 2/2] IPA ICF: add support for debug counter.

RE: [PATCH 2/3, ARM, libgcc, ping7] Code size optimization for the fmul/fdiv and dmul/ddiv function in libgcc

Re: [PATCH 2/3, libgomp ia64]: Change gomp_futex_{wait,wake} to int

Re: [PATCH 2/3][AArch64] Add vcond(u?)didi pattern

Re: [PATCH 2/3][AArch64][PR target/65697] Strengthen barriers for sync-compare-swap builtins.

[PATCH 2/4 v2: part 1] Move linemap_assert higher up within the file

[PATCH 2/4 v2: part 2] libcpp: Replace macro usage with C++ constructs

[PATCH 2/4 v2] libcpp: Replace macro usage with C++ constructs)

[PATCH 2/4, libitm, alpha]: Change gtm_futex_{wait,wake} to int

[PATCH 2/4] libcpp: Replace macro usage with C++ constructs

Re: [PATCH 2/4] match.pd: Add x & ~(x & y) -> x & ~y pattern

[PATCH 2/4] prologue and epilogue tidy and -mno-vrsave bug fix


[PATCH 2/6] combine: If recog fails, try again with zero_ext{ract,end} simplified

[PATCH 2/6] Merge expand_asm_operands into expand_asm_stmt

[PATCH 2/7] [D] libiberty: Fail if reached end of symbol string

[PATCH 2/7] provide default for HAVE_mem_thread_fence

[PATCH 2/7] remove most ifdef STACK_GROWS_DOWNWARD

[PATCH 20/25] more rtx_insn * in sched-deps.c

[patch 20/29] libmpx: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 20/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-build.c.

[PATCH 21/25] find_all_hard_reg_sets can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 21/29] libobjc: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 21/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in regcprop.c.

[PATCH 22/25] rtx_insn * in combine.c

[patch 22/29] liboffloadmic: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 22/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in sched-deps.c.

[PATCH 23/25] rtx_insn * in df-problems.c

[patch 23/29] libquadmath: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 23/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-pre.c.

[PATCH 24/25] setup_next_usage_insn can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 24/29] libsanitizer: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 24/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-reassoc.c.

[PATCH 25/25] redirect_jump* can take a rtx_insn *

[patch 25/29] libssp: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 25/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-sccvn.c.

[patch 26/29] libstdc++-v3: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 26/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-strlen.c.

[patch 27/29] libvtv: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 27/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in tree-ssa-structalias.c.

[patch 28/29] lto-plugin: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 28/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ipa-profile.c.

[patch 29/29] zlib: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 29/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ipa-prop.c.

[patch 3/10] debug-early merge: C++ front-end

Re: [PATCH 3/13] aarch64 musl support

[patch 3/28] fixincludes: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 3/3, x86 libgomp]: Change gomp_futex_{wait,wake} to int

Re: [PATCH 3/3] Fix indentation issues seen by -Wmisleading-indentation

[PATCH 3/3][Aarch64] Add tests for __sync_builtins.

Re: [PATCH 3/3][AArch64] Idiomatic 64x1 comparisons in arm_neon.h

Re: [PATCH 3/3][Aarch64][PR target/65697] Add tests for __sync_builtins.

[PATCH 3/4, libitm, sh]: Change gtm_futex_{wait,wake} to int

[PATCH 3/4] libcpp/input.c: Add a way to visualize the linemaps

[PATCH 3/4] split-stack for powerpc64


[PATCH 3/6] Canonicalize asm volatility earlier

[PATCH 3/6] rs6000: Don't use zero_extract in the bswap:HI splitter

[PATCH 3/7] [D] libiberty: Include type modifiers in demangled function symbols

[PATCH 3/7] always define HAVE_memory_barrier

[PATCH 3/7] move default for STACK_PUSH_CODE to defaults.h

Re: [PATCH 3/8] add default for PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS

[PATCH 30/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ipa-inline-analysis.c.

[PATCH 31/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ipa-prop.c and ipa-cp.c.

[PATCH 32/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-build.c.

[PATCH 33/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-color.c.

[PATCH 34/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-build.c.

[PATCH 35/35] Remove old pool allocator.

[patch 4/10] debug-early merge: Fortran front-end

Re: [PATCH 4/13] arm musl support

[patch 4/28] gotools: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 4/4, libitm, x86]: Change gtm_futex_{wait,wake} to int

[PATCH 4/4] Replace line_map union with C++ class hierarchy

[PATCH 4/4] Split-stack arg pointer init refinement


[PATCH 4/6] Convert to md_asm_adjust

[PATCH 4/6] rs6000: Delete some now-superfluous zero_ext{end,ract} patterns

[PATCH 4/7] [D] libiberty: Check symbol length before using strncmp

[PATCH 4/7] don't compare ARG_FRAME_POINTER_REGNUM and FRAME_POINTER_REGNUM with the preprocessor

[PATCH 4/7] provide default for HAVE_mem_signal_fence

Re: [PATCH 4/n] OpenMP 4.0 offloading infrastructure: lto-wrapper

[patch 5/10] debug-early merge: Go front-end

Re: [PATCH 5/13] microblaze musl support

Re: [PATCH 5/14][AArch64] Add basic fp16 support

[PATCH 5/4] libcpp: Eliminate most of the non-const/reference-returning inline fns


[PATCH 5/6] i386: Add CCPmode

[PATCH 5/6] rs6000: Don't use gen_rlwinm

[PATCH 5/7] [D] libiberty: Add support for return parameter and attributes

[PATCH 5/7] add default for HAVE_load_multiple

[PATCH 5/7] always define HAVE_conditional_move

Re: [PATCH 5/8] always define HAVE_simple_return and HAVE_return

[patch 6/10] debug-early merge: Java front-end

Re: [PATCH 6/13] mips musl support

[patch 6/28] libatomic: Use automake-1.11.6

[PATCH 6/6] i386: Implement asm flag outputs

[PATCH 6/6] rs6000: Clean up the various rlwinm patterns

[PATCH 6/7] [D] libiberty: Improve support for demangling D2 templates

[PATCH 6/7] add default for HAVE_store_multiple

[PATCH 6/7] remove #if HAVE_conditional_move

[patch 7/10] debug-early merge: LTO

[patch 7/28] libbacktrace: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 7/7] [D] libiberty: Add support for cent and ucent types

[PATCH 7/7] add default for HAVE_tablejump

[PATCH 7/7] always define HAVE_peephole

[patch 8/10] debug-early merge: Objective-C front-end

[patch 8/28] libcc1: Use automake-1.11.6 (across the tree)

[PATCH 8/7] [D] libiberty: Add support for specialized template parameters

[patch 9/10] debug-early merge: testsuite changes

Re: [PATCH 9/13] x86 musl support

[patch 9/28] libcilkrts: Use automake-1.11.6

[Patch AArch64] Add cpu_defines.h for AArch64.

[Patch AArch64] PR target/66200 - gcc / libstdc++ TLC for weak memory models.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite 00/13] Neon intrinsics executable tests

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 00/20] Executable tests

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 01/13] Add vqmovn tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 01/20] Add vrecpe tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 02/13] Add vqmovun tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 02/20] Add vrecps tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 03/13] Add vqrdmulh tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 03/20] Add vreinterpret tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 04/13] Add vqrdmulh_lane tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 04/20] Add vrev tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 05/13] Add vqrdmulh_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 05/20] Add vrshl tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 06/13] Add vqrshl tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 06/20] Add vshr_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 07/13] Add vqrshrn_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 07/20] Add vrshr_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 08/13] Add vqrshrun_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 08/20] Add vrshrn_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 09/13] Add vqshl tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 09/20] Add vrsqrte tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 10/13] Add vqshl_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 10/20] Add vrsqrts tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 11/13] Add vqshlu_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 11/20] Add vrsra_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 12/13] Add vqshrn_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 12/20] Add vset_lane tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 13/13] Add vqshrun_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 13/20] Add vshll_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 14/20] Add vshl_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 15/20] Add vshrn_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 16/20] Add vsra_n tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 17/20] Add vst1_lane tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 18/20] Add vstX_lane tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 19/20] Add vtbX tests.

[Patch ARM-AArch64/testsuite Neon intrinsics 20/20] Add vtst tests.

[Patch ARM] Add cpu_defines.h for ARM

[Patch ARM] Fix PR target/65937

[patch c++]: Fix PR 59759

[PATCH c/c++] use explicit locations for some warnings in c-pragma.c

[patch commit SH] Fix PR target/65979

[patch committed SH] Fix PR target/65987

Re: [PATCH diagnostics/fortran] Handle two locations for the same diagnostic. Convert all gfc_warning_1 and gfc_notify_std_1 calls

[PATCH GCC]Improve how we handle overflow for type conversion in scev/ivopts, part I

[PATCH GCC]Improve how we handle overflow in scev by using overflow information computed for control iv in loop niter, part II

[PATCH GCC]Improve overflow in scev by using information computed in loop niter, part II

[PATCH i386] Allow sibcalls in no-PLT PIC

[PATCH i386] Extend sibcall peepholes to allow source in %eax

[PATCH i386] Move CLOBBERED_REGS earlier in register class list

[PATCH i386] PR65753: allow PIC tail calls via function pointers

[Patch libstdc++] Rewrite cpu/generic/atomic_word.h


[PATCH PR65447]Improve IV handling by grouping address type uses with same base and step

[PATCH v2 6/6] i386: Implement asm flag outputs

[PATCH v2] Handle OS X deployment targets correctly

[PATCH v2] libiberty: cleanup Makefile.in

Re: [Patch V2]: libbacktrace - add support of PE/COFF

[PATCH v3 1/4] libcc1: Introduce GCC_FE_VERSION_1

[PATCH v3 2/4] libcc1: set debug compile: Display GCC driver filename

[PATCH v3 3/4] libcc1: Add 'set compile-gcc'

[PATCH v3 4/4] libcc1: 'set debug compile': Display absolute GCC driver filename

[PATCH v3] libiberty: cleanup Makefile.in

[PATCH, 1/5] check_GNU_style.sh: Don't use filename prefix for one patch

[PATCH, 2/5] check_GNU_style.sh: Check file presence

[PATCH, 3/5] check_GNU_style.sh: Read either from stdin, or from files

[PATCH, 4/5] check_GNU_style.sh: Put stdin into temp file

[PATCH, 5/5] check_GNU_style.sh: Fix tab size in 80 characters check

[PATCH, AArch64] [4.8] Backport PR64304 fix (miscompilation with -mgeneral-regs-only )

[PATCH, AArch64] [4.9] Backport PR64304 fix (miscompilation with -mgeneral-regs-only )

[PATCH, AArch64] Add Cortex-A53 erratum 843419 configure-time option

[PATCH, AARCH64] make stdarg functions work with +nofp

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR57032, ICE with TARGET_LRA_P

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR66015, align directives not propagated after __attribute__ ((__optimize__ ("O2")))

[PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR66140, ICE at extract_insn, at recog.c

[PATCH, alpha]: Remove dead (HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT < 64) code

[PATCH, alpha]: Remove some_operand and some_ni_operand

[PATCH, alpha]: Some cleanups

[PATCH, alpha]: Some further HWI == 64 improvements

[PATCH, alpha]: Switch alpha to TARGET_SUPPORTS_WIDE_INT

[PATCH, ARM, doc] add missing -mtune options

Re: [PATCH, ARM, PR64208] LRA ICE Fix

Re: [patch, arm] align saved FP regs on stack

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [0/6] respin (4th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [1/6] respin (4th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [2.1/6] respin (5th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [2.2/6] respin (5th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [2/6] respin (4th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [3/6] respin (4th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [4/6] respin (4th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [4/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [5.2/6] respin (5th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [5/6] respin (4th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [5/6] respin (5th)

[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [6/6] respin (4th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [6/6] respin (5th)

Re: [PATCH, ARM] committed: attribute target (thumb,arm) [1/6] respin (4th)

[PATCH, ARM] Fix testcase for PR64616

[PATCH, ARM] Fix testcases that require Thumb2 effective target.

[PATCH, ARM] Make tune params tables more self-documenting

RE: [patch, avr] extend part-clobbered check to AVR_TINY architecture

[patch, avr] Restore base register if not marked dead/unused

Re: [PATCH, C, ARM] PING c-family builtin export + attribute target (thumb,arm) [2.1/6] respin (5th)

Re: [patch, c, ping] Fix PR c/48956: diagnostics for conversions involving complex types (reviewed)

Re: [PATCH, CFT] Fix bootstrap with in-tree ISL

[PATCH, CHKP] Clean-up redundant gimple_build_nop calls

[PATCH, CHKP] Fix PR middle-end/66221: lto1: error: type variant has different TYPE_ARG_TYPES

[PATCH, CHKP] Hardcode wrapper names

RE: [PATCH, combine] Try REG_EQUAL for nonzero_bits

[PATCH, committed] Fix placement of REG_EQUAL note in pa_emit_move_sequence

[PATCH, committed] Fix print format used for 'o' operand in pa_print_operand

[PATCH, committed] jit: add test-benchmark.c

[PATCH, committed] Remove 'no-' in '-fno-fixed-form'

[PATCH, committed] Unbreak the JIT after conversion of md_asm_adjust to use vec<>

[PATCH, doc] fix match-and-simplify API doc errors

[PATCH, fixincludes] AIX headers and extern "C"

[Patch, fortran, 64674, v1] [OOP] ICE in ASSOCIATE with class array

Re: [Patch, fortran, 64674, v2] [OOP] ICE in ASSOCIATE with class array

[Patch, Fortran, 66035, v1] [5/6 Regression] gfortran ICE segfault

[patch, Fortran, committed] Fixed test case

Re: [Patch, fortran, PR44672, v6] [F08] ALLOCATE with SOURCE and no array-spec

Re: [Patch, Fortran, PR58586, v3] ICE with derived type with allocatable component passed by value

Re: [Patch, Fortran, PR58586, v4] ICE with derived type with allocatable component passed by value

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr65548, 2nd take, v3] [5/6 Regression] gfc_conv_procedure_call

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr65548, 2nd take, v4] [5/6 Regression] gfc_conv_procedure_call

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr65548, 2nd take, v5] [5/6 Regression] gfc_conv_procedure_call

Re: [Patch, fortran, pr65548, addendum] [5/6 Regression] gfc_conv_procedure_call

[Patch, fortran, pr65894, v1] [6 Regression] severe regression in gfortran 6.0.0

[patch, fortran] [5/6 Regression] Line continuation followed by comment character in string fails to compile

[patch, fortran] Committed two additional test cases

[Patch, fortran] Fix elemental optional dummy argument handling

[patch, fortran] fix for PR 60780, PR 40958

[patch, Fortran] Fix PR 66041

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 66111

[patch, fortran] Fix PR 66113 error with deeply nested blocks

[patch, fortran] Inline matmul with conjugate complex numbers

[Patch, fortran] PR 37131, inline matmul

[patch, fortran] PR 47359 - warnings for constant conversion

[Patch, fortran] PR61831 side-effect deallocation of variable components

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR65792 - allocation of scalar elemental function with structure constructor fails

[Patch, fortran] PR66079 - [6 Regression] memory leak with source allocation in internal subprogram

[patch, fortran] pr66100 bound simplification refactoring fallout

[Patch, fortran] PR66257 [5/6 regression] elemental typebound calls rejected as actual argument

Re: [Patch, Fortran] Simplify lbound

Re: [Patch, fortran] Simplify lbound for array subcomponents

Re: [PATCH, FT32] initial support

[patch, gcc 5 regression] re-enable biarch for powerpc-linux-gnu

[PATCH, GOOGLE] Backport patch r212222 to google 4.9 branch

[PATCH, i386, libgcc]: Split SSE specific part from set_fast_math

[PATCH, i386, PR target/66048] Fix mode switching ICE for functions returning bounds

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 66274, -m32 emits 64bit register in inline asm

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR65871, add *bmi_andn_<mode>_ccno pattern

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR65990, unrecognizable insn with -mmemcpy-strategy=rep_8byte

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR66174: ICE: in extract_insn with -ftree-vectorize -mavx512f

[PATCH, i386]: Macroize mul{,v} patterns some more

[PATCH, i386]: Some trivial const_wide_int/const_double related cleanups

Re: [PATCH, i386]: Switch x86 to TARGET_SUPPORTS_WIDE_INT

[PATCH, i386]: Use HOST_WIDE_INT_1{,U} some more

[PATCH, i386]: Use insn PATTERN when looking for memory_references in ix86_loop_unroll_adjust

[PATCH, libgcc]: Commited: Add space between string literal and macro name.

[PATCH, libgomp, x86]: Optimize i386 futex_wake syscall

Re: [patch, libgomp] Re-factor GOMP_MAP_POINTER handling

Re: [PATCH, libmpx, i386, PR driver/65444] Pass '-z bndplt' when building dynamic objects with MPX

[patch, MIPS, testsuite] Fix gcc.target/mips/branch-1.c

[PATCH, MIPS]: Fix internal compiler error: in check_bool_attrs, at recog.c:2218 for micromips attribute

[patch, nios2] add IJMP_REGS reg class for indirect jumps

[patch, nios2] use "trap" instruction instead of "break"

RE: [PATCH, ping 1] Move insns without introducing new temporaries in loop2_invariant

[PATCH, PR middle-end/66134] Fix coalescing for bounds used in abnormal phi

Re: [PATCH, PR target/65103, 2/3] Propagate address constants into loops for i386

Re: [PATCH, PR target/65103, 3/3] Change rtx cost for i386 address constants

[PATCH, PR target/66015]: Fix alignments with attribute_optimize for aarch64

Re: [PATCH, PR65915] Fix float conversion split.

Re: [PATCH, RFC] fortran [was Re: #pragma GCC unroll support]

[PATCH, RFC] New memory usage statistics infrastructure

Re: [PATCH, RFC]: Next stage1, refactoring: propagating rtx subclasses

[PATCH, rs6000, committed] gcc.target/powerpc/crypto-builtin-2.c only applies for power8-vector support

[PATCH, RS6000] gpc_reg_operand

Re: [PATCH, stage1] Better error recovery for merge-conflict markers

[patch, testsuite, ARM] don't try to execute advsimd-intrinsics tests on hardware without NEON

[patch, testsuite, ARM] don't try to execute simd.exp tests on targets without NEON

[patch, testsuite] don't specify "dg-do run" explicitly for vect test cases

Re: [PATCH, testsuite]: Cleanup dumps

[PATCH, v2] Fix bootstrap with in-tree ISL

[PATCH, x86, libgomp, libitm]: Remove __PIC__ versions of syscall


[patch,gomp4] acc exit data bug fix

[patch,gomp4] error on invalid acc loop clauses

[patch,gomp4] remove gwv test case

Re: [Patch,microblaze]: Optimized usage of fint instruction.

Re: [Patch,microblaze]: Optimized usage of pcmp conditional instruction.

[PATCH,testsuite] Xfail gcc.dg/tree-ssa/stdarg-2.c f15 scans

[patch/C++] adapt java method aliases to use create_same_body_alias

Re: [PATCH/libiberty] fix build of gdb/binutils with clang.

[PATCH/RFC] Make loop-header-copying more aggressive, rerun before tree-if-conversion

[PATCH[2/n] Reduction vectorization improvements

[PATCH] Fix 65697. Add memory model support for stronger __sync operations.

[PATCH] plugin event for C/C++ function definitions

[PATCH] -Wmisleading-indentation: Increase test coverage

Re: [PATCH] 65479 - sanitizer stack trace missing frames past #0 on powerpc64

Re: [PATCH] [AArch32] Additional bics patterns.

[Patch] [AArch64] PR target 66049: fix add/extend gcc test suite failures

Re: [Patch] [AArch64] PR target 66049: fix add/extend gcc test suite failures

[PATCH] [gcc, combine] Backport to GCC 5.0 branch "PR46164: Don't combine the insns if a volatile register is contained".

Re: [PATCH] [libstdc++/65839] whatis support for xmethods

Re: [PATCH] [libstdc++] Add operator-> xmethod to std::unique_ptr

Re: [PATCH] [libstdc++] Add uniform container erasure.

[PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix sibcall testcases.

[PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix split-live-ranges-for-shrink-wrap.c testcase.

[PATCH] [PATCH][ARM] Fix thumb1-far-jump-2.c testcase.

[PATCH] [PR libitm/61164] Remove redefinition of glibc internal macro __always_inline


Re: [PATCH] add self-tuning to x86 hardware fast path in libitm

[PATCH] Add SPECIAL_FLOAT_MODE to enable adding IEEE 128-bit floating point to PowerPC

[patch] Add std::raw_storage_iterator::base() member

[PATCH] Add {u,}mulvhi4 patterns on i?86 (PR target/66112)

[PATCH] Added myself to "Write After Approval" section

[PATCH] Allow all target supported load permutations in BB SLP

[PATCH] auto-wipe dump files, part1, manual stuff

[PATCH] Avoid unnecessary work when -Wmisleading-indentation isn't enabled

[PATCH] Backport fix for PR 64839 to GCC5 (commited)

[PATCH] Break when has_sample is true

[PATCH] clarify doc for __builtin_return_address

[patch] Clean up detection of SJLJ exceptions in target libraries

[PATCH] Combine related fail of gcc.target/powerpc/ti_math1.c

[PATCH] combine: Don't create (set (reg:CC) (compare (reg:CC) (const0)))

[patch] conditional lim

[PATCH] config: fix AM_ICONV for in-tree libiconv

[patch] Constructing std::shared_ptr from an empty std::unique_ptr

[PATCH] Contribute FreeBSD unwind support (x86_64 and x86)

[PATCH] D demangle: Add support for Nj and Nk symbols in mangled string

[PATCH] D demangle: Check identifier length before using strncmp

[PATCH] D demangle: Correctly decode white or non-printable characters

[PATCH] D demangle: Include type modifiers in demangled function symbols

[patch] defer C++ mangling aliases

[patch] Define non-inline destructor for filesystem_error

[PATCH] Don't combine param and return value copies

[PATCH] Don't fold away division by zero (PR middle-end/66127)

[PATCH] Don't instrument DECL_INITIAL of statics (PR sanitizer/66190)

Re: [PATCH] Emit -Waddress warnings for comparing address of reference against NULL

[PATCH] Expand PIC calls without PLT with -fno-plt

[PATCH] Extend -fno-plt to normal non-PIC branches on x86

[PATCH] Fix (ocvt (icvt at 1 @0)) simplification (PR tree-optimization/66233)

[PATCH] Fix another testsuite fallout for PR62283

[patch] fix bootstrap on FreeBSD i386/arm

[PATCH] Fix C++11 compatibility

[patch] fix configure for alpha-linux for

[patch] Fix duplicate xml:id attribute in libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Fix duplicated warning with __attribute__((format)) (PR c/64223)

[PATCH] Fix eipa_sra AAPCS issue (PR target/65956)

[PATCH] Fix gcc.dg/vect/bb-slp-14.c testcase

[PATCH] Fix get_min_precision in __builtin_*_overflow expansion (PR target/66112)

[patch] fix gotools cross build

[PATCH] Fix ICE in __builtin_snprintf folding (PR middle-end/66345)

[PATCH] Fix ICE in PR66251

[PATCH] Fix last SLP analysis refactoring

[PATCH] Fix match.pd narrowing opt (PR tree-optimization/66187)

[PATCH] Fix memory leak in C++ pretty printer

[PATCH] Fix memory orders description in atomic ops built-ins docs.

[PATCH] Fix OpenACC shutdown and PTX image unloading (PR65904)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR ipa/65557

[PATCH] Fix PR ipa/65908.

[PATCH] Fix PR target/65730

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR65701(?), fix typo in vect_enhance_data_refs_alignment

[PATCH] Fix PR65935

[PATCH] Fix PR65965

[PATCH] Fix PR66101

[PATCH] Fix PR66110

[PATCH] Fix PR66123

[PATCH] Fix PR66129

[PATCH] Fix PR66142

[PATCH] Fix PR66165

[PATCH] Fix PR66168: ICE due to incorrect invariant register info

[PATCH] Fix PR66185

[PATCH] Fix PR66211

[PATCH] Fix PR66272

[PATCH] Fix PR66280

[PATCH] Fix PR66314

[patch] Fix std::experimental::any for small, non-trivial objects

[PATCH] Fix two leaks in postreload-gcse.c

[PATCH] Fix typo

[PATCH] Fix ubsan non-call-exceptions ICE (PR tree-optimization/65984)

[PATCH] Fix va_arg gimplification error for s390

[PATCH] Fix(?) PR66002

[PATCH] Fixes combined gcc-binutils builds.

[PATCH] fixup hash table descriptor in winnt.c

[PATCH] fixup libobjc usage of PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS

[PATCH] fortran/64925 -- fix conflict between names

[PATCH] fortran/66039 -- Check for mangled file positioning

[PATCH] fortran/66040 -- convert internal error into normal error

[PATCH] fortran/66043 -- Check for NULL() in STORAGE_SIZE()

[PATCH] fortran/66044 -- Convert ICE into ordinary error

[PATCH] fortran/66045 -- NULL() on RHS of assignment

[PATCH] fortran/66052 -- Prevent dereference of NULL pointer

[PATCH] fortran/66057 -- detect malformed GENERIC statement

[PATCH] fortran/66106 -- Enforce C1202 from F2008

[PATCH] FreeBSD add functionality to build PIE executables.

[PATCH] Handle multiple vector sizes in BB vectorization

[PATCH] Handle OS X deployment targets correctly

[PATCH] hppa-linux: add missing cpp specs

[patch] Implement Ada support for DragonFly, improve it for FreeBSD

Re: [patch] Implement ISO/IEC TS 18822 C++ File system TS

[patch] Implement std::pointer_safety etc.

[PATCH] Improve the test in bitfields.m4


[PATCH] libiberty: cleanup Makefile.in

[patch] libjava signal handling for FreeBSD (amd64/i386)

[patch] libjava testsuite

[patch] libstdc++/56117 make std::async launch new threads by default

Re: [patch] libstdc++/64657 support iterators with overloaded comma operator

[patch] libstdc++/65352 fix ubsan errors in std::array<T, 0>

[patch] libstdc++/65978 LWG 2275 and 2301, constexpr forward_as_tuple and tie

[patch] libstdc++/66011 Fix various filesystem operations

[patch] libstdc++/66017 Avoid bad casts and fix alignment of _Rb_tree_node<long long>::_M_storage

[patch] libstdc++/66018 avoid AC_SEARCH_LIBS test

[patch] libstdc++/66055 add missing constructors to unordered containers

[patch] libstdc++/66078 __make_move_if_noexcept_iterator should return a constant iterator or a move iterator

[patch] libstdc++/66327 don't pass null pointers to memcmp

[patch] libstdc++/66354 don't pass null pointers to memset

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: Fix list.cc xmethods test.

[PATCH] LTO balanced map: add stats about insns and symbols.

[patch] LWG 2418 make std:experimental::apply() work with pointers to member

[patch] LWG 2440 std::seed_seq::size() should be noexcept

[PATCH] Make mergeable read-only sections per-function, if requested.

[patch] Make std::string default constructor conditionally noexcept

[PATCH] Mark help string in DEFPARAM as no-c-format

[PATCH] microblaze-linux: add missing cpp specs

[PATCH] move check-gcc parallelize value into C front end

[patch] Move generic tree functions from expr.h to tree.h

[PATCH] Move global state in timevar.c to a new "timer" class

[PATCH] Move some patterns from fold to match.pd

[PATCH] netbsd: respect -symbolic

[PATCH] New SLP reduction testcase

[PATCH] nios2-linux: add missing cpp specs

Re: [PATCH] Non-working jit patch for debug-early (was Re: [patch 0/10] debug-early merge)

[PATCH] Optimize (CST1 << A) == CST2 (PR tree-optimization/66299)

[patch] Optimize std::list when using new ABI

Re: [patch] Perform anonymous constant propagation during inlining

Re: [PATCH] plugin event for C/C++ function definitions

Re: [PATCH] PR 62173, re-shuffle insns for RTL loop invariant hoisting

[PATCH] PR 66215: S390: Fix placement of post-label NOPs with -mhotpatch

[PATCH] PR c/66220: Fix false positive from -Wmisleading-indentation

Re: [PATCH] PR debug/61352 back port from mainline

Re: [PATCH] PR ld/18355: --enable-shared doesn't work

[PATCH] PR other/66250: Can't adjust complex nor decimal floating point modes

Re: [PATCH] PR target/48904 x86_64-knetbsd-gnu missing defs


[PATCH] PR target/66232: -fPIC -fno-plt -mx32 fails to generate indirect branch via GOT

[PATCH] pr65771 testcase

Re: [Patch] pr65779 - [5/6 Regression] undefined local symbol on powerpc

[PATCH] Print Pass Names

[patch] rearrange attribute documentation sections

[PATCH] Refactor vectorizer cost model

[PATCH] Refactoring: use std::swap instead of manual swaps

[PATCH] Remove dead code.

[patch] Rename template parameter of std::__alloc_rebind

[PATCH] rs6000: Expand all comparisons against a constant

[PATCH] rs6000: Fix peephole

[PATCH] rs6000: Improve rtx_costs for EQ a bit (PR30967)

[PATCH] S390: SUpport -mtune=native and -march=native.

Re: [PATCH] S390: Support -mtune=native and -march=native.

[PATCH] Simple fix to enhance outer-loop vectorization.

[PATCH] Simple optimization for MASK_STORE.

[patch] std::experimental::gcd and std::experimental::lcd

[patch] std::experimental::ostream_joiner

[patch] std::packaged_task(allocator_arg_t, const A&, F&&) should not be explicit

[patch] std::polar requires non-negative rho

[PATCH] Support vectorizing SLP with mixed plus/minus

[patch] testsuite enable PIE tests on FreeBSD

[PATCH] Tiny if-conv improvement (PR tree-optimization/66142)

[PATCH] TLC to reassoc get_rank

[PATCH] toplevel: fixes for in-tree libiconv

[PATCH] unify -posix/-pthread cpp handling for gnu-user targets

[patch] Update libstdc++ status docs, add C++17 status

[patch] Update SJLJ buffer after dynamic stack allocation

[patch] Use deleted functions to make std::locale::facet non-copyable

[patch] Use std::decay in return type of std::async (LWGW 2021)

[PATCH] Vectorize loops with parameterized loop bounds

[PATCH] Vectorize strided group loads

[PATCH], Add IEEE 128-bit floating point to PowerPC, patch #1

[Patch]: libbacktrace - add support of PE/COFF

[PATCH][1/n] Reduction vectorization improvements

[PATCH][3/n] Reduction vectorization improvements

[PATCH][5/n] Reduction vectorization improvements

[PATCH][AArch64] Add __extension__ and __always_inline__ to crypto intrinsics

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Add branch-cost to cpu tuning information.

[PATCH][AArch64] Do not overwrite cost in bswap case

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix aarch64_rtx_costs of PLUS/MINUS

RE: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix Cortex-A53 shift costs

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix geniterators.sh to use standard BRE syntax in sed

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Fix operand costing logic for MINUS

[PATCH][AArch64] Handle FLOAT and UNSIGNED_FLOAT in rtx costs

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Increase static buffer size in aarch64_rewrite_selected_cpu

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Make aarch64_min_divisions_for_recip_mul configurable

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] PR target/65491: Classify V1TF vectors as AAPCS64 short vectors rather than composite types

[PATCH][AArch64] Properly cost sign_extend+ashiftrt version of sbfx

[PATCH][AArch64] Remember to cost operand 0 in FP compare-with-0.0 case

[PATCH][AArch64] Removed unused SLOWMUL target flags

Re: [PATCH][AArch64] Use conditional negate for abs expansion

[PATCH][AArch64][obvious] In aarch64_class_max_nregs use UNITS_PER_VREG and UNITS_PER_WORD

[PATCH][AArch64][PR 66136] rewrite geniterators.sh in awk

Re: [PATCH][AARCH64]Use mov for add with large immediate.

[PATCH][ARM/AArch64 Testsuite] Cleanup advsimd-intrinsics.exp, removing unnecessary loop

[PATCH][ARM/AArch64] Properly cost rev16 operand

[PATCH][ARM] Add debug dumping of cost table fields

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Do not lower cost of setting core reg to constant. It doesn't have any effect

[PATCH][ARM] Fix PR 65955: Do not take REGNO on non-REG operand in movcond_addsi

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Handle UNSPEC_VOLATILE in rtx costs and don't recurse inside the unspec

Re: [PATCH][ARM] PR/65711: Don't pass '-dynamic-linker' when '-shared' is used

[PATCH][ARM] Restrict MAX_CONDITIONAL_EXECUTE when -mrestrict-it is in place

Re: [PATCH][ARM][stage-1] Initialise cost to COSTS_N_INSNS (1) and increment in arm rtx costs

[PATCH][calls.c] Remove #ifdef checks on STACK_GROWS_DOWNWARD

[PATCH][doc] Update definition location of attribute_spec in documentation

Re: [PATCH][docs] Re: Update __atomic builtins documentation.

Re: [PATCH][DRIVER] Wrong C++ include paths when configuring with "--with-sysroot=/"

Re: [PATCH][expr.c] PR 65358 Avoid clobbering partial argument during sibcall

Re: [PATCH][libstc++v3]Add new dg-require-thread-fence directive.

[PATCH][libstdc++-v3] Add _GLIBCXX_HAVE_LIMIT_FSIZE to guard 27_io/fpos/14775.cc

[Patch][loop-invariant.c] Fix a couple of bugs regarding loop invariant motion discovered by spec2k6 on aarch64

Re: [PATCH][MIPS] Enable load-load/store-store bonding

[PATCH][PING^2] Skip preprocessor directives in mklog

[PATCH][PR66010] Don't take address of ap unless necessary

[PATCH][PR66013] Update address_taken after ifn_va_arg expansion

[PATCH][RFA] PR rtl-optimization/66237

[PATCH][Testsuite] Disable tests with dg-require-fork for simulated targets

[PATCH][tree-ssa-math-opts] Expand pow (x, CONST) using square roots when possible

[PATCH][wwwdocs] Mention native CPU detection in aarch64 notes for GCC 6

[PATCH]Add sync_int_long target selector to gcc.dg/pr65345-2.c

Re: [PING 2][PATCH] libgcc: Add CFI directives to the soft floating point support code for ARM

[ping**2] Handle MULTILIB_REUSE in auto-generated SYSROOT_SUFFIX_SPEC macro

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 61683

[PING] [C++17] Implement N3928 - Extending static_assert

[PING] [RFC 12/13] S/390 Vector ABI GNU Attribute.

[PING] Re: [PATCH] add self-tuning to x86 hardware fast path in libitm

[Ping]: [Patch] [AArch64] PR target 66049: fix add/extend gcc test suite failures

Re: [PING][PATCH][PR65443] Add transform_to_exit_first_loop_alt

[PING][PR65637] Fix ssa-handling code in expand_omp_for_static_chunk

[PING^2, AArch64] Add long-call attribute and pragma interfaces

Re: [PING^3] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Improve vmulX intrinsics

[PING^4] [PATCH] [AArch64, NEON] Improve vmulX intrinsics

[PINGv6][PATCH] ASan on unaligned accesses

[PINGv7][PATCH] ASan on unaligned accesses

[PINGv8][PATCH] ASan on unaligned accesses

[PR c/52952] More precise locations within format strings

Re: [PR testsuite/65205, libgomp/65993] Fix dg-shouldfail usage in OpenACC libgomp tests

Re: [PR65768] Check rtx_cost when propagating constant

[RFA] Factor conversion out of COND_EXPR using match.pd pattern

[RFA] Fix combine to canonicalize (mult X pow2)) more often

[RFA] libiberty/mkstemps.c: Include <time.h> if <sys/time.h> not available.

[RFA] More type narrowing in match.pd V2

[RFA] Reimplement canonicalization of comparison arguments in match.pd

[RFA] Restore combine.c split point for multiply-accumulate instructions

[RFC / CFT] PR c++/66192 - Remove TARGET_RELAXED_ORDERING and use load acquires.

Re: [RFC / CFT] PR c++/66192 - Remove TARGET_RELAXED_ORDERING and use load acquires.

[RFC 0/6] Flags outputs for asms

[RFC 12/13] S/390 Vector ABI GNU Attribute.

[RFC PATCH] ira: accept loads via argp rtx in validate_equiv_mem

[RFC, PATCH] nonzero attribute, static array parameter

Re: [rfc, stage 1] default to -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks on nios2-elf

RE: [RFC: Patch, PR 60158] gcc/varasm.c : Pass actual alignment value to output_constant_pool_2

[RFC] COMDAT Safe Module Level Multi versioning

Re: [RFC] Elimination of zext/sext - type promotion pass

[rfc] gcc trunk - libgomp thread affinity for freebsd

[RFC] operand_equal_p with valueization

Re: [RFC] Tighten memory type assumption in RTL combiner pass.

Re: [RFC]: Remove Mem/address type assumption in combiner

Re: [RFC][PATCH 2/3] Propagate and save value ranges wrapped information

[RFC][PATCH][X86_64] Eliminate PLT stubs for specified external functions via -fno-plt=

Re: [rs6000] Fix compare debug failure on AIX

[RS6000] Fix PR66020, -mprofile-kernel related

[RS6000] Fix PR66033, nop pattern

[SH][committed] Fix gcc.target/sh/pr54236-1.c failures

[SH][committed] Fix gcc.target/sh/pr54236-2.c failures

[SH][committed] Fix pr64366.c test case

Re: [tz] [C/C++ PATCH] Implement -Wshift-negative-value (PR c/65179)

Re: [ubsan] Add -fsanitize=bounds-strict

[v3 patch] Fix some copyright years

[v3 patch] Fix some Filesystem TS operations

[v3 patch] Implement LWG 2466 (allocator_traits::max_size() is stoopid)

Re: [wwwdocs, committed] gcc-5/changes.html: Update Fortran section

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.9

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 5.1

[wwwdocs] Skeleton for GCC 6 release notes

[wwwdocs] Update changes.html

aarch64 simd index out of range message not correct on 32 bit host

Re: acc_on_device for device_type_host_nonshm

Re: acc_on_device for device_type_host_nonshm (was: libgomp nvptx plugin: rework initialisation and support the proposed load/unload hooks) (PR65742)

Add few cases to operand_equal_p

add names for constants in line-map.c

Add statistics to alias.c

Add testcase for pr39726, update ChangeLog to note when it was fixed

arm memcpy of aligned data

Avoid non-canonical RTL in splitter for adding a large constant to register on the PA

backport the fixes of PR target/64011 and /61749 to 4.9 gcc

breakage with series "[0/9] Record number of hard registers in a REG"

C PATCH for -Wshift-negative-value (PR c/66066)

Re: C PATCH to add -Woverride-init-side-effects (PR c/64918)

C++ PATCH for bugs in strip_typedefs*

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/51747 (list-initialization from same type)

C++ PATCH for c++/59012 (alignas pack expansion)

C++ PATCH for c++/66320 (ICE with NSDMI)

C++ PATCH for core DR 1391

C++ PATCH for DR 1518 (explicit default ctor and copy-list-initialization)

C++ PATCH for self-referential variable template

C++ PATCH for typedef stripping with variable templates

C++ PATCH for variable template partial specialization bug

C++ PATCH to add -Wterminate

C++ PATCH to change -Wc++14-compat operator delete warning

C++ PATCH to handling of exception specs in system headers

C++ PATCH to print_tree TRAIT_EXPR

C++ PATCH to redeclaration error location

C/C++ PATCH to allow deprecating enum values (PR c/47043)

Calculate TYPE_CANONICAL only for types that can be accessed in memory

Check canonical types in verify_type

check_GNU_style.sh: Don't cat empty file

Cleanup and improve canonical type construction in LTO

Commit: MSP430: Add -mcode-region= and -mdata-region= options

Commit: MSP430: Add multilibs for different types of hardware multiply

Commit: MSP430: Enhance the zero_extendhisi2 pattern

Commit: RX: Better use of PUSHM and POPM

Compute canonical type by main variants

conditional lim

Constify few functions in tree.c

Contents of PO file 'cpplib-5.1.0.sv.po'

Copy TYPE_NO_FORCE_BLK in finalize_type_size

debug mode maintenance patch

Demangle symbols in debug assertion messages

Do less generous pointer globbing in alias.c

Do not compare type attributes in gimple_canonical_types_compatible_p

Do not compute alias sets for types that don't need them

Do not output debug info into slim LTO files

Re: Don't dump low gimple functions in gimple dump

Re-enable shadd insns on the PA

Enhance std::hash for pointers

Extend type verifier to check various uses of TYPE_BINFO and TYPE_VALUES_RAR

Extend verify_type to check various uses of TYPE_MINVAL

False ODR violation positives on anonymous namespace types

Final patch to cleanup hppa port's handling of shadd/scaled indexed addressing modes

Fix Ada bootstrap with LTO

Re: Fix alignment propagation

fix class enum lookup

Fix compiler warnings

Fix construction of gcov_fn_info

Fix hashing of basetypes of methods

Fix hppa_legitimize_address's handling of ASHIFT/MULT sequences

Re: Fix logic error in Fortran OpenACC parsing

Fix logic error in Fortran OpenACC parsing (was: [PATCH 3/3] Fix indentation issues seen by -Wmisleading-indentation)

Fix minor memory leak in jump threader

Fix pa.md splitters for recent combine changes

Fix pattern validation in genrecog

Fix PR48052: loop not vectorized if index is "unsigned int"

fix pr65369.c testcase

Fix PR66251 (wrong code with strided group stores)

Fix r223258 fallout in gfortran.dg

Fix RTL checking failure in emit_pattern_{after|before}_setloc

Fix some of ODR type comparsion warnings

Fix two more memory leaks in threader

Fix type_verifier ICE with non-NULL TREE_PURPOSE in TYPE_ARG_TYPES

Fix ubsan tests on ARM (PR testsuite/66046)

Fix verify_type ICE on TYPE_METHOS

gccgo patch committed: If unary & does not escape, variable does not escape

Re: genrecog: Address -Wsign-compare diagnostics

genrecog: Address -Wsign-compare diagnostics (was: Mostly rewrite genrecog)

GIMPLE syntax highlighting for vim

Go patch committed: Better escape analysis for interface parameters

Go patch committed: Don't make temporaries for string concatenation of constants

Improve error message for vector conversion

Re: Improve LTO type checking during symtab merging

Last part of verify_type_vairant checks

libgo patch committed: Fix runtime/pprof test when libgo compiled with -O0

libgo patch committed: Permit nil Func in Func.Name

MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.

match.pd patch reverted

match.pd: (x | y) & ~x -> y & ~x

Minor operand shortening patch reapplied

miter_base simplification

More checks for verify_type_variant

Re: More type narrowing in match.pd

Re: Mostly rewrite genrecog

Movable initializer lists (C++ N4166)

Move ABS detection from fold-const.c to match.pd

Move dependency for shared libgcc

My patch for GCC 5 directory names

new business leads

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'cpplib' (version 5.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 5.1.0)

Next set of OpenACC changes

Next set of OpenACC changes: C family

Next set of OpenACC changes: Fortran

Next set of OpenACC changes: middle end, libgomp

Next set of OpenACC changes: Testsuite

ODR merging and implicit typedefs

Re: OpenACC: initialization with unsupported acc_device_t

OpenACC: initialization with unsupported acc_device_t (was: [PR testsuite/65205, libgomp/65993] Fix dg-shouldfail usage in OpenACC libgomp tests)

Partial fix for PR66047

patch for PR65862

Patch ping

PATCH to fix libgomp OpenACC with C++11

PATCH to run autoconf tests with C++ compiler

PATCH: Mention --enable-default-pie in gcc-6/changes.html

Re: PATCH: PR target/48904: x86_64-knetbsd-gnu fails to build

Patch: Refactor number_of_iterations_exit

Re: PATCH] PR target/65612: Multiversioning doesn't work with DSO nor PIE

PATCHes to help with C++11 bootstrap

PIC calls without PLT, generic implementation

Ping ** 0.5 patch, fortran] Inline matmul with conjugate complex numbers

ping**3 [PATCH, ARM] Cortex-A9 MPCore volatile load workaround

ping**n re [patch, ARM] Add support for crtfastmath.o

Re: ping: [gcc patch] libcc1: '@' GDB array operator

PING: [PATCH diagnostics] Handle two locations for the same diagnostic. Convert all gfc_warning_1 and gfc_notify_std_1 calls

Re: ping: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [0-6]

Ping: [Patch, fortran, PR44672, v6] [F08] ALLOCATE with SOURCE and no array-spec

PING: [PATCH] PR target/65846: Optimize data access in PIE with copy reloc

PING: Re: [patch 6/10] debug-early merge: Java front-end

Re: PING^3: [PATCH]: New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

PR 64454: Improve VRP for %

PR 66076: invalid vec_grow in rtx iterators

PR fortran/44054 Convert all gfc_error_1 calls to gfc_error

PR64454: (x % y) % y

PRE and uninitialized variables

Question about patch for PR bootstrap/65150 (identical functions)

Ref: Package with Reg #: BK272062313GDM..

Refactor gimple_expr_type

Remove method_class_type

Remove mode argument from gen_rtx_SET

Remove splay_tree from gimplify.c

resurrect __attribute__((atomic)) work

Reuse predicate code analysis for constraints

RFA: Doc update: Describe new MSP430 feature

RFA: Fix mode checks for possibly-constant predicates

RFA: PATCH to use -std=c++98 in stage 1 of bootstrap

RFA: RL78: Place zero-initialised data into the .bss section

RFA: RL78: Save the frame pointer if it is used.

RFC: Add a new relocation to x86-64/i386 psABIs

RFC: Add C++ warnings for unnecessarily general return types

RFC: Patch to align spills beyond what the stack supports

Simplify -x<0 to x>0

Small fold-const.c / match.pd tweaks

Statically-allocated objects with non-trivial ctors (was Re: [PATCH 33/35] Change use to type-based pool allocator in ira-color.c.)

Teach gimple_canonical_types_compatible_p about incomplete types

Three C++ PATCHes to fix testsuite regressions with cxx_dialect defaulting to cxx11

Trivial improvement to recent change to split point selection for multiply-accumulate instructions

Trivial whitespace fixes in tree-ssa-threadedge.c

Re: update docs for --enable-languages

Use a couple of macros in stor-layout.c

v3 PATCH to avoid -Wsized-deallocation warnings with C++14 compiler

v3 PATCH to fix libstdc++ build/test with C++11 default compiler

Vectorize stores with unknown stride

Work around PR65873

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