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Re: [PATCH] Don't fold away division by zero (PR middle-end/66127)

On May 14, 2015 12:46:06 AM GMT+02:00, Joseph Myers <> wrote:
>On Wed, 13 May 2015, Marek Polacek wrote:
>> > Rather, how about having an extra argument to c_fully_fold_internal
>> > for_int_const) indicating that the folding is of an expression with
>> > integer constant operands (so this argument would be true in the
>new case 
>> > of folding the contents of a C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPR with 
>> > C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPR_INT_OPERANDS set)?  In that special case, 
>> > c_fully_fold_internal would only fold the expression itself if all 
>> > evaluated operands folded to INTEGER_CSTs (so if something that
>> > get folded, such as division by 0, is encountered, then all
>> > expressions containing it also don't get folded).
>> Did you mean something like the following?  It is on top of the
>> c_fully_fold_internal patch; if it makes any sense, I'll squash these
>> into one.
>Yes.  The two patches are OK together, though I think it would be
>to add for_int_const checks also in the cases of unary operations, &&,
>and ?: (the last three being cases where it's only the evaluated
>that need to fold to INTEGER_CSTs, not any unevaluated operands).  It
>well be the case that no folding at present can fold any of those cases
>an INTEGER_CST when it shouldn't be one, but I don't think we should
>on that.
>> This still doesn't reject enum { A = 0 * (unsigned) (1 / 0) };, but
>> that we don't reject such an enum at present.
>It's rejected with -pedantic-errors, but it should indeed be rejected 
>unconditionally like the other cases.
>Casts can do some optimization prematurely, but I don't know if that
>anything to do with the non-rejection here.

Do the patches allow us to remove the restrictions from the folding patterns?


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