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Re: [patch 0/27] RFC: Use automake-1.11.6 across the tree

On 05/08/2015 01:22 PM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:
> On Thu, 7 May 2015 18:52:52, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
>> On 05/06/2015 03:01 PM, Bernd Edlinger wrote:
>>> On Tue, 5 May 2015 18:03:15, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
>>>> Now that gcc-5 is out, what about an automake-1.11.6 update for gcc-6?
>>>> BTW, the actual commands I use to re-run automake for everything (I found) is:
>>>> $ export AUTOMAKE='automake-1.11 --add-missing --copy --force-missing'
>>>> $ /src/gcc-trunk/configure --prefix=/install \
>>>> --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,go,java,lto,objc,obj-c++ \
>>>> --enable-liboffloadmic=target \
>>>> --enable-libmpx \
>>>> --enable-maintainer-mode
>>>> $ make bootstrap
>>> And for completeness: ada missing here?
>> This starts to become tricky here on my quite up-to-date Gentoo stable amd64 box:
>> The normal host compiler is: gcc version 4.8.4 configured to --enable-languages=c,c++
>> while the gnat compiler is: gnatgcc version 4.3.5 configured to --enable-languages=c,ada
>> But: How do I tell the gcc-trunk/configure to use gcc/g++ for C/C++ and gnatgcc for Ada?
>> I've thought of using CC=gnatgcc, but then I also would need something like CXX=gnatg++
>> OTOH, seems like Gentoo never has enabled ada for the normal host gcc.
>> Is this a problem I should fix with Gentoo, or is it me missing anything here?

Seems the ada team is understaffed in Gentoo...

> I don't think the boot strap can work if the "gcc" driver program does not
> understand ada and c++ at the same time.

but I've been able to --enable-languages=c,c++,ada for some gcc-4.6.4 now, thanks!

To me it looks complete now for above configure command to "--enable-libada",
besides adding "ada" to "--enable-languages".


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