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Re: debug mode maintenance patch

On 28/05/15 22:32 +0200, François Dumont wrote:
Sorry, I saw it used so many times for macros that I though it was the right way to report macro modifications.

The changelog style is fairly complicated :-)

I also replicate Copyrights from debug.h to assertions.h.

   * include/debug/debug.h (_GLIBCXX_DEBUG_ASSERT,
   * include/debug/assertions.h:, new.
   * include/debug/formatter.h
   (struct _Error_formatter::_Is_iterator_value_type): New.
   (struct _Error_formatter::_Is_instance): New.
   (struct _Error_formatter::_Parameter): Make public and not friend
   (_Error_formatter::_Parameter::__instance): New _M_kind enum entry.
   (_Error_formatter::_Parameter::__iterator_value_type): New _M_kind enum
   (struct _Error_formatter::_Parameter::_Type): New.
   (struct _Error_formatter::_Parameter::_Instance): New, inherit from
   (union _Error_formatter::_Parameter::_M_variant): Reorganize.

I don't think we need to say 'struct' or 'union' either, because we're
not writing C, and they aren't needed in C++, but no big deal.

Ok to commit ?

Yes, looks good, thanks.

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