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Re: [patch 0/27] RFC: Use automake-1.11.6 across the tree

Am 2015-05-05 um 18:03 schrieb Michael Haubenwallner:
> Now that gcc-5 is out, what about an automake-1.11.6 update for gcc-6?

When installing automake-1.11.6 into some dedicated location,
there's one regression compared to 1.11.1:

  $ ./configure --prefix=/prefix/of/automake-1.11.6 && make install
  $ /prefix/of/automake-1.11.6/bin/aclocal
  aclocal: couldn't open directory '/prefix/of/automake-1.11.6/share/aclocal': No such file or directory

It turns out this is "the directory of third-party system-wide m4 files",
which is assumed that it "always exists" since this commit:

The workaround is to simply create this directory:

  $ mkdir /prefix/of/automake-1.11.6/share/aclocal

While I think this really is a regression within the automake-1.11 branch,
I'll take it as acceptable behaviour change since automake-1.12.

But as the workaround is simple, I'm unsure whether to
report it as automake-1.11 bug and request an 1.11.7 release (unlikely),
or fully document the workaround in install.texi,
or have install.texi point to this very mail,
or let web search engines spot this very mail.


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