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Re: [patch 1/28] top-level: Use automake-1.11.6

On 05/11/2015 07:55 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Sat, 9 May 2015, Bernd Edlinger wrote:
>> But maybe you would like it better if we update, for instance, to:
>> automake-1.14  _and_  autoconf-2.69 ?
> Updating to current automake and autoconf release versions (but still 
> using git versions of the toplevel scripts, not those from particular 
> releases) is a good thing 

Agreed - but that seems to require additional source changes, which is
beyond my knowledge (and need). Besides that: wouldn't such commits be
of better quality when starting from identical old (1.11.6) versions?

> - remembering that toplevel is shared with the 
> binutils-gdb and newlib-cygwin repositories

Just curious: I do remember this from the old CVS days, but given that
gcc has its own Subversion repository, how is that organized now?

> (unfortunately some files 
> sometimes get out of sync, especially in newlib-cygwin which people 
> commonly don't update when changing the other repositories), so if 
> subdirectories in those repositories aren't updated at least ensure that a 
> mixture of versions (toplevel using a newer version than some 
> subdirectories) works.

I'm all fine to omit this top-level downgrades and regenerate without the
"--add-missing --copy --force-missing" automake flags. Feels more obvious
anyway, otherways "--enable-maintainer-mode" should use them already.

> (If libtool gets involved in the update, remember about reverting libtool 
> commit 3334f7ed5851ef1e96b052f2984c4acdbf39e20c from the version of 
> libtool code used.)

Indeed a libtool patch (for aix) is the driving one behind this automake sync.
But as far as I understand, libtool-originating files are slightly modified
in gcc anyway, so I plan to pick this aix patch only, not a general update.


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