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Re: PING^3: [PATCH]: New configure options that make the compiler use -fPIE and -pie as default option

On Tue, 19 May 2015, Magnus Granberg wrote:

> > > <> noted a
> > > possible issue with MIPS.  Actually, rather more config/*.h and
> > > config/*/*.h headers contain specs testing for (-fpie, -fPIE, -fno-pie,
> > > -fno-PIE, -pie) options, which would be affected by these changes.  I'd
> > > say this patch should include an initial attempt at adjusting those config
> > > headers, which should be an essentially mechanical change not requiring
> > > understanding anything target-specific.  For link-time specs, that may
> > > mean using PIE_SPEC and NO_PIE_SPEC.  For compile-time specs, similar new
> > > macros would be added.  Given such adjustments included in the patch and
> > > the relevant target maintainers CC:ed, I might then be inclined to approve
> > > the patch on the basis of allowing a week for target maintainers to test
> > > the changes for their targets before commit, as I don't see any major
> > > problems with it beyond the need to update the target-specific specs.
> > 
> > Here is the updated patch.  I will post patches for cris, mips, powerpc
> > and sparc separately.  The target maintainers should be able to adjust
> > backend ASM_SPEC with FPIE_OR_FPIC_SPEC and
> > 
> > OK for trunk?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> PIng
> Any progress on this?

Have updates for all affected specs for all targets been posted?  I just 
saw a small and apparently arbitrary subset of targets with patches, and 
no explanation of how those targets were identified or why the other 
targets with specs mentioning the options in question did not need 

Joseph S. Myers

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