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Re: [PATCH 13/14][ARM/AArch64 testsuite] Use gcc-dg-runtest in advsimd-intrinsics.exp

Christophe Lyon wrote:
On 26 May 2015 at 18:25, Alan Lawrence <> wrote:
I don't see this symptom - I am able to execute such subsets with either my,
or Sandra's, advsimd-intrinsics.exp.

I didn't try to run with your patch, I thought it was an oversight of yours.

Sorry, indeed I've just checked that gcc-dg-runtest includes the filter.

Is it that you have to check runtest_file_p because you are setting
gcc_parallel_test_enable to 0?

I'm doing more testing now, but I think I can drop my advsimd-intrinsics.exp
changes altogether; I'll post an updated patch series shortly.

In the meantime I'm curious as to why you found the gcc_parallel_test_enable
necessary? (And is it safe to reset it to 1 afterwards, rather than to a
saved value?)

So after working through the differences between Sandra's and my patch, I find the existing advsimd-intrinsics.exp achieves pretty much the same thing, and preserves the same list of test variants (e.g. the -Og -g from set-torture-options which I had removed).

However, I've tried testing advsimd-intrinsics.exp (both the whole thing, and individual tests using RUNTESTFLAGS) with and without this hunk:

@@ -57,20 +57,7 @@ set-torture-options $C_TORTURE_OPTIONS {{}} $LTO_TORTURE_OPTI
 set additional_flags [add_options_for_arm_neon ""]

 # Main loop.
-foreach src [lsort [glob -nocomplain $srcdir/$subdir/*.c]] {
-    # If we're only testing specific files and this isn't one of them, skip it.
-    if ![runtest_file_p $runtests $src] then {
-       continue
-    }
-    # runtest_file_p is already run above, and the code below can run
-    # runtest_file_p again, make sure everything for this test is
-    # performed if the above runtest_file_p decided this runtest
-    # instance should execute the test
-    gcc_parallel_test_enable 0
-    gcc-dg-runtest $src "" $additional_flags
-    gcc_parallel_test_enable 1
+gcc-dg-runtest [lsort [glob -nocomplain $srcdir/$subdir/*.\[cS\]]] "" ${additional_flags}

and find exactly the same tests are run and pass. My hypothesis is thus that you only need the explicit loop, manual checking of runtest_file_p, and gcc_parallel_test_enable, in order to do *both* c-torture-execute *and* gcc-dg-runtest; since we are now only doing the latter, this is unnecessary. Does that make sense? (If you agree, I'll propose that as a standalone cleanup patch.)

Cheers, Alan

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