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Re: [PATCH 14/14][ARM/AArch64 testsuite] Test float16_t vcvt_* intrinsics

On 22 April 2015 at 19:38, Alan Lawrence <> wrote:
> This adds a test of vcvt_f32_f16 and vcvt_f16_f32, also vcvt_high_f32_f16
> and vcvt_high_f16_f32.
> On ARM, we pass additional option -mfpu=neon-fp16 to the compiler (possible
> following patch 2/3). The compiler is already receiving an option such as
> -mfpu=neon or -mfpu=crypto-neon-fp-armv8, but passing neon-fp16 as well as
> either of those appears to do no harm, and turns on the superset of all
> -mfpu options, as desired.
> On AArch64, we additionally test vcvt_high_f32_f16 and vcvt_high_f16_f32;
> these are not tested on ARM as the relevant intrinsics do not exist in
> 32-bit state.
> Passing on aarch64_be-none-elf, aarch64-none-elf, arm-none-linux-gnueabi,
> aarch64-none-linux-gnu.
> gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog:
>          * New.

You should call clean_results() once more, before the first tests, to
make sure the 'results*' array are initialized as expected.

Other AArch64-specific tests in the same dir use #if
defined(__aarch64__) while you use #ifdef __ARM_64BIT_STATE.
Any reason to prefer the latter?


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