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PR fortran/44054 Convert all gfc_error_1 calls to gfc_error


This patch finishes the conversion of Fortran diagnostics to use the
common diagnostics by removing all gfc_error*_1 variants.

I noticed that whether some buffered gfc_error_1() end up printed may
depend on whether a gfc_error_now is given or not, and not only on
whether there is any output buffered. Thus, I reintroduced a new
error_buffer of type gfc_buffer_error.

The rest is mostly mechanic.

I did not make an attempt in this patch to remove all code that has
become obsolete now:

gfc_get_terminal_width (already implemented in diagnostics.c)
error_char (already empty, but used by other obsolete functions)
error_string (obsolete, just use %s)
error_uinteger (obsolete, just use %lu)
error_integer (obsolete, just use %ld)
gfc_widechar_display_length, gfc_wide_display_length,
print_wide_char_into_buffer, gfc_print_wide_char (I'm not sure how
this functionality differs from what the common diagnostics already
do, perhaps some of it should be moved to the common code)
show_locus (obsolete, except "Included at" handling should be moved to
the common diagnostics, no testcase is testing this).
show_loci (obsolete, except "During initialization" handling should be
moved to the common diagnostics, no testcase is testing this)
error_print, error_printf (obsolete)

Bootstrapped and regression tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.



2015-05-17  Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez  <>

    PR fortran/44054
    * gfortran.h (struct gfc_error_buf): Rename as
    gfc_error_buffer. Move closer to push, pop and free
    methods. Reimplement using an output_buffer.
    * error.c (errors, warnings, warning_buffer, cur_error_buffer):
    Delete everywhere in this file.
    (error_char): Delete all contents.
    (gfc_increment_error_count): Delete.
    (gfc_error_now): Update comment. Set error_buffer.flag.
    (gfc_warning_check): Do not handle warning_buffer.
    (gfc_error_1): Delete.
    (gfc_error_now_1): Delete.
    (gfc_error_check): Simplify.
    (gfc_move_error_buffer_from_to): Renamed from
    (gfc_push_error): Handle only gfc_error_buffer.
    (gfc_pop_error): Likewise.
    (gfc_free_error): Likewise.
    (gfc_get_errors): Remove warnings and errors.
    (gfc_diagnostics_init): Use static error_buffer.
    (gfc_error_1,gfc_error_now_1): Delete declarations.
    * symbol.c, decl.c, trans-common.c, data.c, expr.c, expr.c,
    frontend-passes.c, resolve.c, match.c, parse.c: Replace
    gfc_error_1 with gfc_error and gfc_error_now_1 with gfc_error_1
    * f95-lang.c (gfc_be_parse_file): Do not update errorcount and
    warningcount here.
    * primary.c (match_complex_constant): Replace gfc_error_buf and
    output_buffer with gfc_error_buffer.

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