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Re: [PATCH][docs] Re: Update __atomic builtins documentation.

On 04/30/2015 04:44 AM, Matthew Wahab wrote:
[added tags to subject]


On 20/04/15 14:29, Matthew Wahab wrote:

The documentation for the __atomic builtins isn't clear about their
and behaviour. In particular, assumptions about the C11/C++11
restrictions on
programs should be stated and the different behaviour of memory models
in fences
and in operations should be noted. The behaviour of compare-exchange
when the
compare fails is also confusing and the description of the
implementation of the
__atomics is mixed in with the description of their functionality.

This patch tries to deal with some of these problems.

Tested by looking at the html.

Ok for trunk?

2015-04-20  Matthew Wahab  <>

    * doc/extend.texi (__atomic Builtins): Move implementation details
    to the end of the description, rewrite opening paragraphs, state
    difference with __sync builtins, state C11/C++11 assumptions,
    weaken itemized descriptions, add explanation of memory model
    behaviour, expand description of compare-exchange, simplify text.


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