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Re: [PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [2/6] respin (4th)

On 05/07/2015 10:49 AM, Ramana Radhakrishnan wrote:

On 06/05/15 15:20, Christian Bruel wrote:
In preparation of the pragma target

reorganize ÃTARGET_CPU_CPP_BUILTINSÃ to redefine mode dependent macros
based on current thumb_p.

I'm not entirely happy with this patch as it appears to be too tied to
just the "thumbness" of the attributes. Additionally there appears to be
recomputing of booleans which could well have been done using the
standard headers, given that this includes tm.h why don't you have the
definitions from arm.h for the various TARGET_* macros. See a couple of
examples below.

While you are here , can you look at moving all the CPP builtins into
one function and then working from there. That would be a better
restructuring in the long term rather than a piece meal move in this
case. Makes rebuild times smaller for folks by doing this in one place.

rebased and resplited the patch in 2 subparts to address those points.

  - [2.1/6]: Move all the CPP builtins from arm.c
- [2.2/6]: Redefine TARGET_MACROS for #pragma GCC target without "thumbness" the glue. (also, rereading this patch with rested eyes, I was not happy neither and needed a complete rewrite to be readable and more synergy between the target features macros).

  New versions are following...



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