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Re: *ping* Re: [Patch, fortran] PR65792 - allocation of scalar elemental function with structure constructor fails

Dear Mikael, dear all,

I am struggling to find time for gfortran at present because of the
change in my personal circumstances. I am still working full time as a
consultant, whilst trying to sell the house and fix up all those
things that l'Administration Francaise makes so "interesting" (Having
had quasi-diplomatic status, there are all sorts of issues involved in
cars, pensions and... yes, the 2014 tax return).  Things will improve
on a timescale of three months because I am expecting an acceptable
offer for the house, next week.

In the meantime, to show willing, I will attend to this right now :-)



On 15 May 2015 at 19:01, Mikael Morin <> wrote:
> Le 09/05/2015 15:12, Mikael Morin a écrit :
>> Le 01/05/2015 20:25, Paul Richard Thomas a écrit :
>>> Dear All,
>>> By the time I went to commit, something had changed and the patch
>>> caused a regression. I presume that the version that I had of Andre's
>>> patch was not the same as the one committed. I'll cast an eye over it
>>> this weekend and see if I can understand what gives.
>> Hello Paul,
>> to get things moving again, I propose the attached fix to your patch.
>> Tested on alloc_comp_deep_copy_1 only for now.
> Hello Paul,
> any news?
> Mikael

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's
too dark to read.

Groucho Marx

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