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[PATCH, ARM] attribute target (thumb,arm) [0/6] respin (4th)

> A general note, please reply to each of the patches with a rebased
> patch as a separate email. Further more all your patches appear to
> have dos line endings so they don't seem to apply cleanly. Please
> don't have spurious headers in your patch submission - it then makes
> it hard to , please create it in a way that it is easily applied by
> someone trying it out. It looks like p4 needs a respin as I got a
> reject trying to apply the documentation patch to my tree while trying
> to apply it.

lets go... rebased (4th time since 2014 !), no conflicts.

so here is the attribute revisited / rebased , so

 - thumb1 is now supported
 - -mflip-thump option added for testing.
 - inlining is allowed between modes.

This set of patches was tested on arm-none-eabi as:

no regressions with:

a few artifacts, all of them analyzed, with

Artifacts are analyzed, they are mostly the fault of the testsuite being
unable to mix modes in the expected results (e.g thumb[1,2] or arm tests
predicates, mix setjmp/longjump between modes...)

The support is split as followed:

[1/6] Reorganized arm_option_override to dynamically redefine the flags
depending on the attribute mode.

[2/6] Reorganized macro settings to be set/unset for each #pragma targets

[3/6] Change ARM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME into a function

[4/6] Implement hooks to support attribute target

[5/6] Implement #pragma target

[6/6] Add -mflip-thumb option for testing



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