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Re: Do less generous pointer globbing in alias.c

> >Hmm, what about
> >
> >union t {int a; char b;};
> >
> >int a;
> >uniont t *ptr=&a;
> >*ptr = ...
> >
> >If we want to define this, aliasing_component_refs_p would IMO need to
> >be symmetrized, too.
> >I am happy leaving this undefined.
> Globbing all pointers was soo  simple... :)

Indeed, but too restrictive ;)
The testcase above is not about globbing pointers, I do not think it is going
to be handled in defined manner by mainline (or any release).
> Note that we are in the middle-end here and have to find cross-language common grounds.  People may experience regressions towards the previous globbing so I guess the question is which is the globbing we want to remove - that is, what makes the most difference in code-generation?

Yes, I expect to see some PRs with regress towards the previous globbing.  I
think the globbing as proposed by my patch should be generous enough for common
bugs in user code and it is quite easy to add new rules on demand.

For high-level C++ code definitely the most important point is that you have
many different class types and we care about differentiating these (struct *a
wrt struct *b).  We also want to make difference between vtbl pointer (that is
pointer to array of functions) and other stuff.

I think I will modify the patch the following way:
1) I will move the code adding subset to get_alias_set
2) I will add flag "is_pointer" to alias set datastructure
3) I will make alias_set_subset_of to additionally consider
   every "is_pointer" set to be subset of alias set of ptr_type_node's set.

This will fix the symmetry with void *a; variable and incompatible pointer write.

We need to do two things - arrange alias set to be subset of all pointer's alias sets
and all their superset and force equivalence between pointer alias sets.
While the first can be also done by means of special flag "contains_pointer"
I think it is cleaner to keep the DAG reprsented explicitely.  After all we do not
have that many alias sets and the hash table lookups should be fast enough
(we may special case lookup in hash of size 1)

> Richard.
> >Honza

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