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Re: [PATCH, alpha]: Remove some_operand and some_ni_operand

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:53 PM, Richard Henderson <> wrote:
> On 05/13/2015 11:11 AM, Uros Bizjak wrote:
>> We can use general_operand instead of some_operand.
>> 2015-05-13  Uros Bizjak  <>
>>     * config/alpha/ (extendqidi2): Use general_operand
>>     instead of some_operand for operand[1] predicate.
>>     (extendhidi2): Ditto.
>>     (cbranchdi4): Use general_operand instead of some_operand
>>     for operand[1] and operands[2] predicates.
>>     (cstoredi4): Ditto.
>>     * config/alpha/ (some_operand): Remove unused predicate.
>>     (some_ni_operand): Ditto.
>> Tested on alpha-linux-gnu.
>> Richard, does this look OK to you, or is there any other reason that
>> general_operand predicates were not used here?
> For the extensions, it was put in by Kenner in 1997 (90f6b60d), to improve code
> for unaligned memories.  That code was removed in 2011 by me (8b2983a3), so I
> think dropping some_operand there is fine.
> For the conditionals, it was added in 2004 by me (62350d6c), and that code is
> still there.  Specifically,
> @@ -3177,11 +3177,17 @@ alpha_emit_conditional_branch (enum rtx_code code)
>             cmp_code = NIL, branch_code = code;
>           /* If the constants doesn't fit into an immediate, but can
>              be generated by lda/ldah, we adjust the argument and
>              compare against zero, so we can use beq/bne directly.  */
> -         else if (GET_CODE (op1) == CONST_INT && (code == EQ || code == NE))
> +         /* ??? Don't do this when comparing against symbols, otherwise
> +            we'll reduce (&x == 0x1234) to (&x-0x1234 == 0), which will
> +            be declared false out of hand (at least for non-weak).  */
> +         else if (GET_CODE (op1) == CONST_INT
> +                  && (code == EQ || code == NE)
> +                  && !(symbolic_operand (op0, VOIDmode)
> +                       || (GET_CODE (op0) == REG && REG_POINTER (op0))))
> If I didn't use some_operand, the SYMBOL_REF would be lowered and we'll only
> see a REG here.  Searching the mail archive I find
> pointing to the test case gcc.dg/20040123-1.c
> Perhaps debugging that testcase to see what's reaching a_e_c_b in these modern
> times will tell you what's most appropriate.

The reason for removing some_operand is, that it is effectively
exactly equal to general_operand:

from gensupport.c:

  {"general_operand", false, true, {SUBREG, REG, MEM}},

the second "true" stands for "bool allows_const_p", where:

  if (std_preds[i].allows_const_p)
    for (j = 0; j < NUM_RTX_CODE; j++)
      if (GET_RTX_CLASS (j) == RTX_CONST_OBJ)
        add_predicate_code (pred, (enum rtx_code) j);

and from rtl.def, these are all RTX_CONST_OBJs:

rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST_INT, "const_int", "w", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST_WIDE_INT, "const_wide_int", "", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST_FIXED, "const_fixed", "www", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST_DOUBLE, "const_double",
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST_VECTOR, "const_vector", "E", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(CONST, "const", "e", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(LABEL_REF, "label_ref", "u", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(SYMBOL_REF, "symbol_ref", "s0", RTX_CONST_OBJ)
rtl.def:DEF_RTL_EXPR(HIGH, "high", "e", RTX_CONST_OBJ)

This is exactly the list of constant operands (minus const_fixed) from
some_operand predicate:

(define_predicate "some_operand"
  (ior (match_code "reg,mem,const_int,const_wide_int,const_double,const_vector,
       (and (match_code "subreg")
            (match_test "some_operand (SUBREG_REG (op), VOIDmode)"))))

So, the only question is about SUBREG processing here, but I don't
think it matters here.


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