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--enable-maintainer-mode currently broken, needs --disable-werror to complete bootstrap


Re: [C++ PATCH] Further get_identifier ("string literal") C++ FE caching

[0/5] C-SKY port

[0/5] C-SKY port v2

[00/11] Add a vec_basic_block of scalar statements

[00/46] Remove vinfo_for_stmt etc.

[01/11] Schedule SLP earlier

[01/46] Move special cases out of get_initial_def_for_reduction

[02/11] Remove vect_schedule_slp return value

[02/46] Remove dead vectorizable_reduction code

[03/11] Remove vect_transform_stmt grouped_store argument

[03/46] Remove unnecessary update of NUM_SLP_USES

[04/11] Add a vect_orig_stmt helper function

[04/46] Factor out the test for a valid reduction input

[05/11] Add a vect_stmt_to_vectorize helper function

[05/46] Fix make_ssa_name call in vectorizable_reduction

[06/11] Handle VMAT_INVARIANT separately

[06/46] Add vec_info::add_stmt

[07/11] Use single basic block array in loop_vec_info

[07/46] Add vec_info::lookup_stmt

[08/11] Make hoist_defs_of_uses use vec_info::lookup_def

[08/46] Add vec_info::lookup_def

[09/11] Add a vec_basic_block structure

[09/46] Add vec_info::lookup_single_use

[1/5] C-SKY port v2: Configury

[1/5] C-SKY port: Configury

[10/11] Make the vectoriser do its own DCE

[10/46] Temporarily make stmt_vec_info a class

[11/11] Insert pattern statements into vec_basic_blocks

[11/46] Pass back a stmt_vec_info from vect_is_simple_use

[12/46] Make vect_finish_stmt_generation return a stmt_vec_info

[13/46] Make STMT_VINFO_RELATED_STMT a stmt_vec_info

[14/46] Make STMT_VINFO_VEC_STMT a stmt_vec_info

Re: [14/n] PR85694: Rework overwidening detection

[15/46] Make SLP_TREE_VEC_STMTS a vec<stmt_vec_info>

Re: [15/n] PR85694: Try to split existing casts in widened patterns

[16/46] Make STMT_VINFO_REDUC_DEF a stmt_vec_info

Re: [16/n] PR85694: Add detection of averaging operations

[17/46] Make LOOP_VINFO_REDUCTIONS an auto_vec<stmt_vec_info>

Re: [17/n] PR85694: AArch64 support for AVG_FLOOR/CEIL

[18/46] Make SLP_TREE_SCALAR_STMTS a vec<stmt_vec_info>

[19/46] Make vect_dr_stmt return a stmt_vec_info

Re: [2/2] Add AddressSanitizer annotations to std::string.

[2/5] C-SKY port v2: Backend implementation

[2/5] C-SKY port: Backend implementation

[20/46] Make *FIRST_ELEMENT and *NEXT_ELEMENT stmt_vec_infos

[21/46] Make grouped_stores and reduction_chains use stmt_vec_infos

[22/46] Make DR_GROUP_SAME_DR_STMT a stmt_vec_info

[23/46] Make LOOP_VINFO_MAY_MISALIGN_STMTS use stmt_vec_info

[24/46] Make stmt_info_for_cost use a stmt_vec_info

[25/46] Make get_earlier/later_stmt take and return stmt_vec_infos

[26/46] Make more use of dyn_cast in tree-vect*

[27/46] Remove duplicated stmt_vec_info lookups

[28/46] Use stmt_vec_info instead of gimple stmts internally (part 1)

[29/46] Use stmt_vec_info instead of gimple stmts internally (part 2)

[3/5] C-SKY port v2: Documentation

[3/5] C-SKY port: Documentation

[30/46] Use stmt_vec_infos rather than gimple stmts for worklists

[31/46] Use stmt_vec_info in function interfaces (part 1)

[32/46] Use stmt_vec_info in function interfaces (part 2)

[33/46] Use stmt_vec_infos instead of vec_info/gimple stmt pairs

[34/46] Alter interface to vect_get_vec_def_for_stmt_copy

[35/46] Alter interfaces within vect_pattern_recog

[36/46] Add a pattern_stmt_p field to stmt_vec_info

[37/46] Associate alignment information with stmt_vec_infos

[38/46] Pass stmt_vec_infos instead of data_references where relevant

[39/46 v2] Change STMT_VINFO_UNALIGNED_DR to a dr_vec_info

[39/46] Replace STMT_VINFO_UNALIGNED_DR with the associated statement

[4/5] C-SKY port v2: Testsuite

[4/5] C-SKY port: Testsuite

[40/46 v2] Add vec_info::lookup_dr

[40/46] Add vec_info::lookup_dr

[41/46] Add vec_info::remove_stmt

[42/46] Add vec_info::replace_stmt

[43/46] Make free_stmt_vec_info take a stmt_vec_info

[44/46] Remove global vinfo_for_stmt-related routines

[45/46] Remove vect_stmt_in_region_p

[46/46] Turn stmt_vec_info back into a typedef

[5/5] C-SKY port v2: libgcc

[5/5] C-SKY port: libgcc

[AArch64] Add support for 16-bit FMOV immediates

Re: [Aarch64] Fix conditional branches with target far away.

[AArch64] Generate load-pairs when the last load clobbers the address register [2/2]

[AArch64] Use arrays and loops rather than numbered variables in aarch64_operands_adjust_ok_for_ldpstp [1/2]

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 1/2] Fix addressing printing of LDP/STP

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 2/2] PR target/83009: Relax strict address checking for store pair lanes

Re: [ABSU_EXPR] Add some of the missing patterns in match,pd

[Ada] Add elaboration-related switches to GNAT UGN

[Ada] Adjust growth factor from 1/32 to 1/2 for Unbounded_String

[Ada] Adjust inlining in GNATprove mode for predicate/invariant/DIC

[Ada] Argument_String_To_List creates empty items from whitespace

[Ada] Assertion_Policy for class-wide precondition

[Ada] Attach the special GNATprove HEAP entity to the Standard package

[Ada] Avoid confusing warning on exception propagation in GNATprove mode

[Ada] Avoid crash when traversing units with -gnatd.WW debug switch

[Ada] Bit_Order cannot be defined for record extensions

[Ada] Code cleanup on functions inlining

[Ada] Compiler failure on an extended_return_statement in a block

[Ada] Configuration state not observed for instance bodies

[Ada] Crash on case expression in build-in-place function

[Ada] Crash on Indefinite_Hashed_Maps with -gnata -gnateV

[Ada] Crash processing abstract state aspect of a package

[Ada] Crash processing sources under GNATprove debug mode

[Ada] Deconstruct 'F' as a prefix for an ALI data

[Ada] Deconstruct always-false calls to Withed_Body in Walk_Library_Items

[Ada] Deconstruct unused Withed_Body filed of N_With_Clause node

[Ada] Do not generate debug info for actual subtypes

[Ada] Faulty ignored Ghost code removal

[Ada] Fix alignment of mutex_t and cond_t type on 32-bit SPARC/Solaris

[Ada] Fix incompatibility Default_Scalar_Storage_Order/tagged types

[Ada] Fix Next_Actual when used on calls "inlined for proof"

[Ada] Fix spurious check failure for Character discriminant

[Ada] GNATmake fails to detect missing body

[Ada] Illegal deferred constant causes stack overflow

[Ada] Minor fix for imported C++ constructors

[Ada] Missing check on illegal equality operation in subprogram

[Ada] Missing error on hidden state in instantiation

[Ada] New ignored Ghost code removal mechanism

[Ada] Optimize calls to pure functions with by-ref In parameter

[Ada] Reduce -Wstack-usage false positives on variant records

[Ada] Replace low-level calls to Ekind with high-level calls to Is_Formal

[Ada] Secondary stack leak in loop iterator

[Ada] Secondary stack leak in statements block located in a loop

[Ada] Secondary stack leak with access-to-subprogram

[Ada] Segmentation_Fault with Integer'Wide_Wide_Value

[Ada] Spurious error -- "allocation from empty storage pool"

[Ada] Spurious error on default parameter in protected operation

[Ada] Spurious error on Part_Of indicator

[Ada] Spurious error on prefixed call in an instantiation

[Ada] Spurious error on the placement of aspect Global

[Ada] Spurious error on unused Part_Of constituent

[Ada] Spurious error with null Abstract_State

[Ada] Spurious possible contraint error warning with No_Exception_Propagation

[Ada] Spurious warning on iteration over range of 64-bit modular type

[Ada] Use standard version of s-memory.adb for mingw32

[Ada] Violation of No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration not detected

[Ada] Wrong value after assignment of overlain record objects

[ARM/FDPIC v2 00/21] FDPIC ABI for ARM

[ARM/FDPIC v2 01/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add -mfdpic option support

[ARM/FDPIC v2 02/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Handle arm*-*-uclinuxfdpiceabi in configure scripts

[ARM/FDPIC v2 03/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Force FDPIC related options unless -mno-fdpic is provided

[ARM/FDPIC v2 04/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for FDPIC for arm architecture

[ARM/FDPIC v2 05/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Fix __do_global_dtors_aux and frame_dummy generation

[ARM/FDPIC v2 06/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for c++ exceptions

[ARM/FDPIC v2 07/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Avoid saving/restoring r9 on stack since it is RO

[ARM/FDPIC v2 08/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Ensure local/global binding for function descriptors

[ARM/FDPIC v2 09/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support for taking address of nested function

[ARM/FDPIC v2 10/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Implement TLS support.

[ARM/FDPIC v2 11/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Add support to unwind FDPIC signal frame

[ARM/FDPIC v2 12/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Restore r9 after we call __aeabi_read_tp

[ARM/FDPIC v2 13/21] [ARM] FDPIC: Force LSB bit for PC in Cortex-M architecture

[ARM/FDPIC v2 14/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip unsupported tests

[ARM/FDPIC v2 15/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust scan-assembler patterns.

[ARM/FDPIC v2 16/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip v8-m and v6-m tests that currently produce an ICE

[ARM/FDPIC v2 17/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests that don't work in PIC mode

[ARM/FDPIC v2 18/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Handle *-*-uclinux*

[ARM/FDPIC v2 19/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Enable tests on pie_enabled targets

[ARM/FDPIC v2 20/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Adjust pr43698.c to avoid clash with uclibc.

[ARM/FDPIC v2 21/21] [ARM][testsuite] FDPIC: Skip tests using architecture older than v7

[arm] Put CPU's FPU capabilities directly in the ISA specification

[C PATCH] Fix endless loop in the C FE initializer handling (PR c/85704)

[C++ Patch] Adjust one more error message to use rich_location::add_range

[C++ Patch] Another permerror related tweak

[C++ PATCH] Avoid code generation changes with -Wnonnull-compare vs. -Wno-nonnull-compare (PR c++/86569)

[C++ Patch] Check permerror return value

[C++ PATCH] Disallow type specifiers among lambda-declarator decl-specifier-seq (PR c++/86550)

[C++ PATCH] Fix extern_decl_map handling (PR c++/3698, PR c++/86208)

[C++ PATCH] Further get_identifier ("string literal") C++ FE caching

[C++ PATCH] Hide __for_{range,begin,end} symbols (PR c++/85515)

[C++ PATCH] Hide __for_{range,begin,end} symbols (PR c++/85515, take 2)

[C++ PATCH] Implement P0595R1 - so far as __builtin_is_constant_evaluated rather than std::is_constant_evaluated magic builtin

Re: [C++ Patch] More location fixes to grokdeclarator

[C++ Patch] PR 59480 ("Missing error diagnostic: friend declaration specifying a default argument must be a definition")

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/79133

[C++ PATCH] PR c++/86398

Re: [C++ PATCH] Speed up inplace_merge algorithm & fix inefficient logic(PR libstdc++/83938)

[C++ Patch] Use rich_location::add_range in three more places

[C++2A] Implement P1008R1 - prohibit aggregates with user-declared constructors

[c-family] Swich -fdump-ada-spec output for Ada 2012

[committed, libgomp, openacc, testsuite] Fix async logic in lib-12.f90

[committed, libgomp, openacc, testsuite] Fix async/wait logic in lib-13.f90

[committed] #pragma omp declare target fixes

[committed] [PR target/85993] Remove dead conditional in SH target code

[committed] [PR tree-optimization/86010] More aggressively trim partially dead mem* and str* calls

[committed] And now fixing alignment stuff for ARM

[committed] Consolidate movsd and movmd patterns/splitters for H8

[committed] Consolidate some H8 patterns

[committed] Consolidate xor/ior patterns and splitters for H8

[committed] Consolidating various H8 patterns

[committed] Don't ignore OpenMP map clauses for declare target to vars if there is always modifier (PR middle-end/86660)

[committed] Fix FRV builds

[committed] Fix OpenMP class iterators in distribute parallel for (PR c++/86443)

[committed] Fix OpenMP taskloop handling of reference temporaries (PR middle-end/86539)

[committed] Fix OpenMP taskloop lowering (PR middle-end/86542)

[committed] Fix tree-ssa/asm-2.c on the v850

[committed] Fix typo/thinko in recent tree-ssa-dse.c change

[committed] Fix whitespace issues in h8300.md

[committed] libcpp: remove redundant parameter from rich_location::set_range

[committed] More H8 cleanups, mostly expander consolidation

[committed] Move non-PIC jump table to rodata on 32-bit linux

[committed] optinfo-emit-json.cc: fix trivial memory leak

[committed] Partial fix for for-15.C (PR middle-end/86660)

[committed] Reinstate dump_generic_expr_loc

[committed] Remove duplicate logical<mode>3_sn pattern

[committed] Restore nios2 builds

[committed] Restoring MIPS builds after alignment changes

[committed] Resync inline implementation of ceil_log2 (PR 86506)

[Committed] S/390: Don't emit prefetch instructions for clrmem

[committed] Save/restore OpenMP linear clause modifiers in modules (PR fortran/86421)

[committed] selftest: introduce class auto_fix_quotes

[committed][aarch64][gcc][patch] Fix -Wpedantic issue with testcase.

[committed][gcc][patch] Require sse for testcase on i686.

[contrib] compare_tests: Print number of tests

[GCC][PATCH][Aarch64] Added pattern to match zero extended bfxil

[GCC][PATCH][Aarch64] Exploiting BFXIL when OR-ing two AND-operations with appropriate bitmasks

[GCC][PATCH][Aarch64] Stop redundant zero-extension after UMOV when in DI mode

[gen/AArch64] Generate helpers for substituting iterator values into pattern names

[gomp5] Add host teams construct support

[gomp5] Add omp_pause_resource{,_all} support

[gomp5] Add support for C++ range for loops in #pragma omp {distribute,for,simd,taskloop}

[i386] Do not omit the frame pointer at -O0

[libgomp, nvptx, committed] Calculate default dims per device

[libgomp, nvptx. committed] Handle per-function max-threads-per-block in default dims

[libgomp, nvptx] Move device property sampling from nvptx_exec to nvptx_open

[OBVIOUS][ARM][libgcc] Fix comment for code working on architectures >= 4

[og8] Add __builtin_goacc_parlevel_{id,size}

[og8] More goacc_parlevel enhancements

[PATCH 0/2] v4: optinfo framework and remarks

[PATCH 0/3] Add OpenACC diagnostics to -fopt-info-note-omp


[PATCH 0/4] Alignment option enhancements

[PATCH 0/5] [RFC v2] Higher-level reporting of vectorization problems

[PATCH 0/5] dump_printf support for middle-end types

[PATCH 0/6] rs6000: Test all rs6000 floating point conversions

[PATCH 0/7] Mitigation against unsafe data speculation (CVE-2017-5753)

[PATCH 0/8] Reduce/remove dependencies on _GLIBCXX_USE_C99_STDINT_TR1

[PATCH 00/11] (v2) Mitigation against unsafe data speculation (CVE-2017-5753)

[PATCH 00/11] [nvptx] Initial vector length changes

[PATCH 01/11] [nvptx] Update openacc dim macros

[PATCH 01/11] Add __builtin_speculation_safe_value

[PATCH 02/11] [nvptx] Rename worker_bcast variables oacc_bcast.

[PATCH 02/11] Arm - add speculation_barrier pattern

[PATCH 03/11] [nvptx] Consolidate offloaded function attributes into struct offload_attrs

[PATCH 03/11] AArch64 - add speculation barrier

[PATCH 04/11] [nvptx] Make nvptx state propagation function names more generic

[PATCH 04/11] AArch64 - Add new option -mtrack-speculation

[PATCH 05/11] [nvptx] Fix whitespace in nvptx_single and nvptx_neuter_pars

[PATCH 05/11] AArch64 - disable CB[N]Z TB[N]Z when tracking speculation

[PATCH 06/11] [nvptx] only use one bar.sync barriers in OpenACC offloaded code

[PATCH 06/11] AArch64 - new pass to add conditional-branch speculation tracking

[PATCH 07/11] [nvptx] Add thread count parm to bar.sync

[PATCH 07/11] AArch64 - use CSDB based sequences if speculation tracking is enabled

[PATCH 08/11] [nvptx] Add axis_dim

[PATCH 08/11] targhooks - provide an alternative hook for targets that never execute speculatively


[PATCH 09/11] pdp11 - example of a port not needing a speculation barrier

[PATCH 1/2] Add "optinfo" framework

[PATCH 1/2] condition_variable: Report early wakeup of wait_until as no_timeout

[PATCH 1/2] rs6000: Generate rl*imi for memory some more

[PATCH 1/2] v5: Add "optinfo" framework

[PATCH 1/3] Correct the reported line number in fortran combined OpenACC directives

[PATCH 1/3] S/390: Implement -mfentry

Re: [PATCH 1/3][POPCOUNT] Handle COND_EXPR in expression_expensive_p

[PATCH 1/4] [ARC] Add more additional register names

[PATCH 1/4] Clean up of new format of -falign-FOO.

[PATCH 1/5] Add opt-problem.h

[PATCH 1/5] Simplify dump_context by adding a dump_loc member function

[PATCH 1/6] rs6000: Use more correct names for some trunc/extend libcalls

[PATCH 1/7] Add __builtin_speculation_safe_value

[PATCH 1/8] Remove <chrono> dependency on _GLIBCXX_USE_C99_STDINT_TR1

[PATCH 10/11] [nvptx] Use MAX, MIN, ROUND_UP macros

[PATCH 10/11] x86 - add speculation_barrier pattern

[PATCH 11/11] [nvptx] Generalize state propagation and synchronization

Re: [PATCH 11/11] Increase MAX_MAX_OPERANDS limit

[PATCH 11/11] rs6000 - add speculation_barrier pattern

[PATCH 18/n, 386]: Fix PR85694, Generation of vectorized AVG (Average) instruction

[PATCH 2/2] Add "-fsave-optimization-record"

[PATCH 2/2] condition_variable: Use steady_clock to implement wait_for

[PATCH 2/2] optinfo: add diagnostic remarks

[PATCH 2/2] rs6000: Improve vsx_init_v4si

[PATCH 2/3] Correct the reported line number in c++ combined OpenACC directives

[PATCH 2/3] i386: Change indirect_return to function type attribute

[PATCH 2/3] S/390: Implement -mrecord-mcount

Re: [PATCH 2/3] Temporary remove "at least 8 byte alignment" code from x86

[PATCH 2/4] [ARX][FIX] Fix uncache attribute.

[PATCH 2/4] Fix coding style of ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGN.

[PATCH 2/5] dumpfile.c: eliminate special-casing of dump_file/alt_dump_file

[PATCH 2/5] Use opt-problem.h in try_vectorize_loop_1

[PATCH 2/6] rs6000: Use correct names for some trunc/extend libcalls

[PATCH 2/7] Arm - add speculation_barrier pattern

[PATCH 2/8] Remove char16_t and char32_t dependency on <stdint.h>

[PATCH 3/3] Add user-friendly OpenACC diagnostics regarding detected parallelism.

Re: [PATCH 3/3] Extend -falign-FOO=N to N[:M[:N2[:M2]]]

[PATCH 3/3] S/390: Implement -mnop-mcount

Re: [PATCH 3/3][POPCOUNT] Remove unnecessary if condition in phiopt

[PATCH 3/4] [ARC] Improve instruction selection for fp moves.

[PATCH 3/4] Define MAX_CODE_ALIGN globally.

[PATCH 3/5] Add some test coverage

[PATCH 3/5] C++: clean up cp_printer

[PATCH 3/6] rs6000: Improve truncifsf2

[PATCH 3/7] AArch64 - add speculation barrier

[PATCH 3/8] Modify some library internals to work without <stdint.h>

[PATCH 4/4] [ARC] Update default optimizations for size.

[PATCH 4/4] Do not enable OPT_falign_* for -Os.

[PATCH 4/5] c-family: clean up the data tables in c-format.c

[PATCH 4/5] Use opt_result throughout vectorizer

[PATCH 4/6] rs6000: Fix testsuite bug in check_ppc_float128_hw_available

[PATCH 4/7] AArch64 - Add new option -mtrack-speculation

[PATCH 4/8] Add missing checks for _GLIBCXX_USE_C99_STDINT_TR1

[PATCH 5/5] Add opt-problem.cc

[PATCH 5/5] Formatted printing for dump_* in the middle-end

[PATCH 5/6] rs6000: New testsuite selectors

[PATCH 5/7] AArch64 - disable CB[N]Z TB[N]Z when tracking speculation

[PATCH 5/8] Remove dg-require-cstdint directive from tests

[PATCH 6/6] rs6000: New testcase fp-convert.c

[PATCH 6/7] AArch64 - new pass to add conditional-branch speculation tracking

[PATCH 6/8] Remove dg-require-cstdint directive from tests

[PATCH 7/7] AArch64 - use CSDB based sequences if speculation tracking is enabled

[PATCH 7/8] Remove dg-require-cstdint directive from tests

[PATCH 8/8] Add missing dg-require-cstdint directives to tests

Re: [PATCH 8/8] Enhance documentation of gcov.

[Patch AArch64] Add early clobber for the store_exclusive patterns.

[PATCH rs6000] Fix PR86612

[PATCH v2 0/7] Support partial clobbers around TLS calls on Aarch64 SVE

[PATCH v2 00/10] New backend for the TI PRU processor

[PATCH v2 01/10] Initial TI PRU GCC port

[PATCH v2 02/10] Initial TI PRU libgcc port

[PATCH v2 03/10] testsuite: Add PRU tests

[PATCH v2 04/10] testsuite: Add check for overflowed IMEM region to testsuite

[PATCH v2 05/10] testsuite: Add check for unsupported TI ABI PRU features to testsuite

[PATCH v2 06/10] testsuite: Remove PRU from test cases requiring hosted environment

[PATCH v2 07/10] testsuite: Define PRU stack usage

[PATCH v2 08/10] testsuite: Mark that PRU has one-cycle jumps

[PATCH v2 09/10] testsuite: Mark that PRU uses all function pointer bits

[PATCH v2 1/7] Add CLOBBER_HIGH expression

[PATCH v2 10/10] testsuite: Mark testsuite that PRU has different calling convention

[PATCH v2 2/7] Generation support for CLOBBER_HIGH

[PATCH v2 3/7] Add func to check if register is clobbered by clobber_high

[PATCH v2 4/7] lra support for clobber_high

[PATCH v2 5/7] cse support for clobber_high

[PATCH v2 6/7] Remaining support for clobber high

[PATCH v2 7/7] Enable clobber high for tls descs on Aarch64

[PATCH v2] Enable decimal float on x86_64 kFreeBSD and Hurd

[PATCH v2] libgcc: m68k: avoid TEXTRELs in shared library (PR 86224)

[PATCH v2] libitm: sh: avoid absolute relocation in shared library (PR 86712)

Re: [PATCH v3] [aarch64] Add HiSilicon tsv110 CPU support

[PATCH, aarch64 0/4] Add movprfx patterns and alternatives

[PATCH, aarch64 1/4] aarch64: Add movprfx alternatives for unpredicated patterns

[PATCH, aarch64 2/4] aarch64: Remove predicate from inside SVE_COND_FP_BINARY

[PATCH, aarch64 3/4] aarch64: Add movprfx alternatives for predicate patterns

[PATCH, aarch64 4/4] aarch64: Add movprfx patterns for zero and unmatched select

[PATCH, Ada] Makefile patches from initial RISC-V cross/native build.

[PATCH, Ada] RISC-V: Initial riscv linux Ada port.

[PATCH, ARM] PR85434: Prevent spilling of stack protector guard's address on ARM

[Patch, avr, PR85624] - Fix ICE when initializing 128-byte aligned array

[Patch, avr, PR86635] Fix miscompilation with __memx and libgcc float function __gtsf2

[patch, committed, fortran] PR82009 [F08] ICE with block construct

[PATCH, committed] Add -mgnu-asm to pdp11 target, change -mdec-asm

[PATCH, committed] Fix rtl check error in pdp11

[PATCH, committed] Fix typo in pdp11 target

[PATCH, committed] Improve code generation for pdp11 target

Re: [PATCH, contrib] Add contrib/maintainers-verify.sh

[PATCH, cvs] Clarify that powerpc64le-linux-gnu is a primary platform

[PATCH, debug] Add fdebug-nops

[PATCH, debug] Add fkeep-vars-live

[PATCH, doc] Small clarification on define_subst

[Patch, fortran] A first small step towards CFI descriptor implementation

[patch, fortran] Asynchronous I/O, take 3

[Patch, Fortran] PR 57160: short-circuit IF only with -ffrontend-optimize

[Patch, Fortran] PR 85599: warn about short-circuiting of logical expressions for non-pure functions

[Patch, fortran] PR66679 - [OOP] ICE with class(*) and transfer

[Patch, fortran] PR80477 - [OOP] Polymorphic function result generates memory leak

[PATCH, GCC, AARCH64] Add support for +profile extension

[PATCH, middle-end]: Fix PR86511, traps are generated for non-trapping compares

[PATCH, obvious?] Some minor nits in string folding functions

Re: [PATCH, PR86257, i386/debug] Fix insn prefix in tls_global_dynamic_64_<mode>

[PATCH, rs6000 v3] enable gimple folding for vec_xl, vec_xst

[PATCH, rs6000 v4] enable gimple folding for vec_xl, vec_xst

[PATCH, rs6000] Add missing logical-op interfaces to emmintrin.h

[PATCH, rs6000] Add support for gimple folding vec_perm()

[PATCH, rs6000] Alphabetize prototypes of AltiVec built-in functions in extend.texi

Re: [PATCH, rs6000] Fix AIX test case failures

[PATCH, rs6000] gimple folding support for vec_pack and vec_unpack

[PATCH, rs6000] refactor/cleanup in rs6000-string.c

[PATCH, rs6000] Replace __uint128_t and __int128_t with __uint128 and __int128 in Power PC built-in documentation

[PATCH, rs6000] Sort Altivec/VSX built-in functions into subsubsections according to configuration requirements

[PATCH, rs6000] Testcase adds for vec_unpack

[PATCH, S/390] Improved support for the Linux kernel Ftrace

[PATCH, S390] Avoid LA with base and index on z13

[PATCH, S390] Increase function alignment to 16 bytes

[PATCH, testsuite] PPC testsuite pr85456.c

[PATCH, testsuite] Restrict some PPC tests

[patch, x86] Improve memcpy/memset strategy for Skylake.

[PATCH,AIX] Optimize the time required for loading XCOFF data

[PATCH,fixincludes] AIX unistd header

[PATCH,nvptx] Remove use of 'struct map' from plugin (nvptx)

[PATCH,nvptx] Remove use of CUDA unified memory in libgomp

[PATCH,nvptx] Truncate config/nvptx/oacc-parallel.c

[PATCH,nvptx] Use CUDA driver API to select default runtime launch, geometry

[PATCH,rs6000] AIX test fixes 2

[PATCH,rs6000] Backport of stxvl instruction fix to GCC 7

Re: [PATCH,rs6000] Fix implementation of vec_unpackh, vec_unpackl builtins

[Patch-86512]: Subnormal float support in armv7(with -msoft-float) for intrinsics

Re: [PATCH] -fopt-info: add indentation via DUMP_VECT_SCOPE

[PATCH] -fsave-optimization-record: add contrib/optrecord.py

[PATCH] [AArch64, Falkor] Adjust Falkor's sign extend reg+reg address cost

[PATCH] [AArch64, Falkor] Switch to using Falkor-specific vector costs

[Patch] [Aarch64] PR 86538 - Define __ARM_FEATURE_LSE if LSE is available

[PATCH] [Ada] Make middle-end string literals NUL terminated

Re: [PATCH] [ARC] Add support for HS4x cpus.

[PATCH] [MSP430] Fix PR/86662

Re: [PATCH] [RFC] Higher-level reporting of vectorization problems

[PATCH] [v2][aarch64] Avoid tag collisions for loads falkor

[PATCH] [v3][aarch64] Avoid tag collisions for loads falkor

[PATCH] [v4][aarch64] Avoid tag collisions for loads falkor

[PATCH] Add a test for std::condition_variable_any

[PATCH] Add baseline symbols for riscv64-linux-gnu

[PATCH] Add BIT_FIELD_REF canonicalization patterns

Re: [PATCH] Add experimental::sample and experimental::shuffle from N4531

[PATCH] Add initial version of C++17 <memory_resource> header

[PATCH] Add linker_output as prefix for LTO temps (PR lto/86548).

[PATCH] Add malloc predictor (PR middle-end/83023).

[PATCH] Add support for making maps 'private' inside OpenACC offloaded regions

Re: [PATCH] add support for strnlen (PR 81384)

[PATCH] Add testcase for already fixed bug

[PATCH] Add workaround for aligned_alloc bug on AIX

[PATCH] Add xfail-if to some tests that fail with COW strings

Re: [patch] adjust default nvptx launch geometry for OpenACC offloaded regions

[PATCH] Adjust offsets for present data clauses

[PATCH] Alias -Warray-bounds to -Warray-bounds=1


[PATCH] arm: Generate correct const_ints (PR86640)

[PATCH] arm: Testcase for PR86640

[PATCH] Avoid another non zero terminated string constant

[PATCH] avoid incomplete types in -Warray-bounds (PR 86741)

[PATCH] Avoid infinite loop with duplicate anonymous union fields

[PATCH] Avoid out of scope access in hsa-dump.c

Re: [PATCH] C++: Fix PR86083

[PATCH] C++: suggestions for misspelled private members (PR c++/84993)

[PATCH] Call REAL(swapcontext) with indirect_return attribute on x86

[PATCH] change %G argument from gcall* to gimple*

[PATCH] combine: Allow combining two insns to two insns

[PATCH] combine: Another hard register problem (PR85805)

[PATCH] Come up with TARGET_GET_VALID_OPTION_VALUES option hook (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] convert braced initializers to strings (PR 71625)

[PATCH] Do less (redudant) constant propagation during unrolling

[PATCH] doc clarification: DONE and FAIL in define_split and define_peephole2

[PATCH] doc: add missing "mode" type attribute

[PATCH] doc: discourage const/volatile on register variables

[PATCH] doc: update looping constructs

[PATCH] Don't create non zero terminated string constant

[PATCH] Don't fold nextafter/nexttoward if -ftrapping-math or -fmath-errno if they produce denormal results (PR c/86420)

[PATCH] Don't unconditionally define feature test macros in <version>

[PATCH] Enable decimal float on x86_64 kFreeBSD and Hurd

[PATCH] Enable firstprivate OpenACC reductions

Re: [PATCH] enhance strlen to understand MEM_REF and partial overlaps (PR 86042, 86043)

[PATCH] Explain asan parameters in params.def (PR sanitizer/79635).

[PATCH] Explicitly mark _S_ti() as default visibility to work around clang -fvisibility-inlines-hidden bug

[PATCH] Fix -fcompare-debug issue in cp_maybe_instrument_return (PR sanitizer/86406)

[PATCH] Fix __mmask* types on many AVX512 intrinsics

[PATCH] Fix _Pragma GCC diagnostic in macro expansions

[PATCH] fix a couple of bugs in const string folding (PR 86532)

[PATCH] Fix a missing case of PR 21458 similar to fc6141f097056f830a412afebed8d81a9d72b696.

[PATCH] Fix an UBSAN error in cp/parse.c (PR c++/86653).

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap on ia64 with old GCC version.

[PATCH] Fix DJGPP LTO with debug

[PATCH] Fix DOS-based system build and fix documentation.

[PATCH] Fix error level of warning about C++ style comments

[PATCH] Fix expand_divmod (PR middle-end/86627)

[PATCH] Fix folding of volatile values (PR 86617)

[PATCH] Fix GCOV CFG related issues.

[PATCH] Fix GCOV scan pattern (PR testsuite/86366).

[PATCH] Fix hard regno checks

[PATCH] Fix inline memcpy ICE (PR tree-optimization/86526)

[PATCH] Fix middle-end/86528

[PATCH] Fix part of PR86389

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/86705

[patch] Fix PR tree-optimization/86514

[PATCH] Fix PR70828 - broken array-type subarrays inside acc data, in OpenACC

[PATCH] Fix PR84829

[PATCH] Fix PR85974

[PATCH] Fix PR86363

[PATCH] Fix PR86413

[PATCH] Fix PR86452

[PATCH] Fix PR86456

[PATCH] Fix PR86457

[PATCH] Fix PR86462

[PATCH] Fix PR86479

[PATCH] Fix PR86523

[PATCH] Fix PR86557

[PATCH] Fix PR86585

[PATCH] Fix PR86654

[PATCH] Fix segfault in -fsave-optimization-record (PR tree-optimization/86636)

[PATCH] Fix several AVX512 intrinsic mask arguments.

[PATCH] Fix sigsegv on -fdump-tree-all-enumerate_locals

[PATCH] Fix store-merging wrong-code issue (PR tree-optimization/86492)

[PATCH] Fix target clones (PR gcov-profile/85370).

[PATCH] Fix the damage done by my other patch from yesterday to strlenopt-49.c

[PATCH] fix typo in tree-ssa-strlen.c (PR 86696)

[PATCH] Fix up pr19476-{1,5}.C (PR testsuite/86649)

[PATCH] Fix wrong code with truncated string literals (PR 86711/86714)

[PATCH] Fixes to testcase for PR tree-optimization/86636

[PATCH] fold strings as long as the array they're stored in (PR 86428)

[PATCH] fold strlen() of aggregate members (PR 77357)

[PATCH] fold strlen() of substrings within strings (PR 86415)

[PATCH] GCOV: add cache for streamed locations.

[PATCH] gcov: Fix wrong usage of NAN in statistics (PR gcov-profile/86536).

[PATCH] haiku: Initial build support

[PATCH] have pretty printer include NaN representation


[PATCH] i386: Remove _Unwind_Frames_Increment

Re: [PATCH] i386; Add indirect_return function attribute

[patch] improve internals documentation for nested function descriptors

[PATCH] Improve libstdc++ docs w.r.t newer C++ standards

Re: [patch] Improve specs processing to allow %* in function arguments

[PATCH] include more detail in -Warray-bounds (PR 86650)

[PATCH] include/std/variant (__accepted_index): Use void_t.

[PATCH] Introduce __builtin_expect_with_probability (PR target/83610).

[PATCH] Introduce instance discriminators

Re: [patch] jump threading multiple paths that start from the same BB

[PATCH] libbacktrace: Move define of HAVE_ZLIB into check for -lz

[PATCH] libgcc: m68k: avoid TEXTRELs in shared library (PR 86224)

[PATCH] libitm: sh: avoid absolute relocation in shared library (PR 86712)

[PATCH] Libraries' configure scripts should not read config-ml.in when multilib is disabled

[PATCH] libsanitizer: Mark REAL(swapcontext) with indirect_return attribute on x86

Re: [PATCH] libtool: Sort output of 'find' to enable deterministic builds.

[PATCH] Limix dump_flag enum values range (PR middle-end/86645).

[PATCH] Make __resource_adaptor_imp usable with C++17 memory_resource

[PATCH] Make function clone name numbering independent.

[PATCH] Make GO string literals properly NUL terminated

[PATCH] Make strlen range computations more conservative

Re: [PATCH] Make sure rs6000-modes.h is installed in plugin/include/config/rs6000/ subdir

[PATCH] Merge Ignore and Deprecated in .opt files.

[PATCH] Minor refactoring in <bit> header

[PATCH] Move ((A & N) + B) & M -> (A + B) & M etc. optimization from fold-const.c to match.pd (PR tree-optimization/86401)

[PATCH] Move -Walloca and related warnings from c.opt to common.opt

[PATCH] Move match-and-simplify recursion limit from SCCVN to generic place

[PATCH] Move std::unique_lock definition to a separate header

[PATCH] Optimize std::sub_match comparisons using string_view-like type

[PATCH] P0458R2 Checking for Existence of an Element in Associative Containers

[PATCH] P0556R3 Integral power-of-2 operations, P0553R2 Bit operations

[PATCH] P0646R1 Improving the Return Value of Erase-Like Algorithms I

[PATCH] P0758R1 Implicit conversion traits

[PATCH] P0887R1 The identity metafunction

[PATCH] P0935R0 Eradicating unnecessarily explicit default constructors

[PATCH] PR debug/86459 - Fix -gsplit-dwarf -g3 gcc_assert

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/58265 implement LWG 2063 for COW strings

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/70940 optimize pmr::resource_adaptor for allocators using malloc

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/70966 fix lifetime bug for default resource

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/84928 use std::move in <numeric> algorithms

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/85831 define move constructors and operators for exceptions

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86398 fix std::is_trivially_constructible regression

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86450 use -Wabi=2 and simplify -Werror use

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86537 remove less<shared_ptr<T>> partial specialization

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86595 add missing noexcept

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86603 Move __cpp_lib_list_remove_return_type macro

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86658 fix __niter_wrap to not copy invalid iterators

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86734 make reverse_iterator::operator-> more robust

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/86751 default assignment operators for std::pair

Re: [PATCH] Prefer mempcpy to memcpy on x86_64 target (PR middle-end/81657).

[PATCH] Print default options selection for -march,-mcpu and -mtune for aarch64 (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] Print heuristics probability fraction part with 2 digits.

[PATCH] Privatize independent OpenACC reductions


[PATCH] Prototype of hook for possible list of option values.

[PATCH] Provide extension hint for aarch64 target (PR driver/83193).

Re: [patch] refine getenv_spec_function fallback value for undefined variable

[PATCH] reject conflicting attributes before calling handlers (PR 86453)

[PATCH] relax lower bound for infinite arguments in gimple-ssa-sprinf.c (PR 86274)

[PATCH] Remove "note: " prefix from some scan-tree-dump directives

Re: [PATCH] Remove -Wabi from libstdc++ build options

[PATCH] Remove legacy testcase for -fprofile-generate=./

[PATCH] Remove powerpc-linux_paired from config-list.mk

[PATCH] Remove redundant #if conditional

[PATCH] Remove unused code.

[PATCH] Remove unused explicit instantiation of __bind_simple

[PATCH] Reorder conditions in uses-allocator construction helper

[PATCH] Replace safe bool idiom with explicit operator bool

Re: [PATCH] restore -Warray-bounds for string literals (PR 83776)

[PATCH] Revert one more symbol_summary::get to ::get_create (PR ipa/86529).

[PATCH] RFC: Prototype of "rich vectorization hints" idea

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add support for riscv-*-*.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Finish Ada port.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix interrupt support for -g.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix nested function trampolines.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Report error if function declare with different

[PATCH] RISC-V: Silence expected Ada testsuite warning.

[PATCH] rs6000: Set up ieee128_float_type_node correctly (PR86285)

[PATCH] S/390: Add CFI for mcount call sequences

[PATCH] S/390: libstdc++: 64 and 32 bit baseline update

[PATCH] SCCVN data-structure TLC

[PATCH] SCCVN Datastructure TLC, part 2

[PATCH] scripts/create_testsuite_files: Fix typo in comment.

[PATCH] Show valid options for -march and -mtune in --help=target for arm32 (PR driver/83193).

[PATCH] Simplify linker script patterns for std::exception_ptr

[PATCH] Simplify the base characteristics for some type traits

Re: [PATCH] specify large command line option arguments (PR 82063)

[PATCH] testcase for 2-2 combine

Re: [PATCH] tighten up -Wbuiltin-declaration-mismatch (PR 86125)

[PATCH] treat -Wxxx-larger-than=HWI_MAX special (PR 86631)

[PATCH] Update config.guess and config.sub

Re: [PATCH] Use __builtin_memmove for trivially copy assignable types

[PATCH] use TYPE_SIZE instead of TYPE_DOMAIN to compute array size (PR 86400)

[PATCH] warn for strlen of arrays with missing nul (PR 86552)

Re: [PATCH] When using -fprofile-generate=/some/path mangle absolute path of file (PR lto/85759).

[PATCH] x86: Tune Skylake, Cannonlake and Icelake as Haswell

[PATCH], Add configuration checks to PowerPC --with-long-double-format=ieee

[PATCH], Improve PowerPC switch behavior on medium code model system

[PATCH], Remove undocumented -mtoc-fusion from PowerPC


[PATCH][AAarch64][v2] Add support for TARGET_COMPUTE_FRAME_LAYOUT

[PATCH][aarch64] Avoid tag collisions for loads on falkor

[Patch][Aarch64] Implement Aarch64 SIMD ABI and aarch64_vector_pcs attribute

[PATCH][AArch64] Implement new intrinsics vabsd_s64 and vnegd_s64

Re: [PATCH][AARCH64] PR target/84521 Fix frame pointer corruption with -fomit-frame-pointer with __builtin_setjmp

Re: [PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow addv patterns [Patch 2/4]

Re: [PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow subv patterns [Patch 3/4]

Re: [PATCH][arm] Avoid STRD with odd register for TARGET_ARM in output_move_double

[PATCH][C family] Fix PR86453

[PATCH][c++] Fix DECL_BY_REFERENCE of clone parms

[PATCH][C++] Fix PR86523

[PATCH][COMMITTED][ARC] Don't use deprecated align_labels_log variable.

[PATCH][debug] Fix pre_dec handling in vartrack

[PATCH][debug] Handle debug references to skipped params

[PATCH][debug] Handle references to skipped params in remap_ssa_name

[PATCH][debug] Reuse debug exprs generated in remap_ssa_name

[PATCH][Fortran] Use MIN/MAX_EXPR for intrinsics or __builtin_fmin/max when appropriate

[PATCH][Fortran][v2] Use MIN/MAX_EXPR for min/max intrinsics

[PATCH][GCC][AARCH64] Canonicalize aarch64 widening simd plus insns

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Cleanup the AArch64 testsuite when stack-clash is on [Patch (6/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Ensure that outgoing argument size is at least 8 bytes when alloca and stack-clash. [Patch (3/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Set default values for stack-clash and do basic validation in back-end. [Patch (5/6)]

Re: [PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Simplify movmem code by always doing overlapping copies when larger than 8 bytes.

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Updated stack-clash implementation supporting 64k probes. [patch (1/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64] Validate and set default parameters for stack-clash. [Patch (3/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][AArch64][mid-end] Updated stack-clash implementation for AArch64. [patch (0/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][Arm] Cleanup up reg to reg move in neon_mov.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][ARM] Fix can_change_mode_class for big-endian

[PATCH][GCC][Arm] Fix subreg crash in different way by enabling the FP16 pattern unconditionally.

[PATCH][GCC][front-end][build-machinery][opt-framework] Allow setting of stack-clash via configure options. [Patch (4/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][front-end][opt-framework] Allow back-ends to be able to do custom validations on params. [Patch (1/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][front-end][opt-framework] Update options framework for parameters to properly handle and validate configure time params. [Patch (2/3)]

[PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Add a hook to support telling the mid-end when to probe the stack [patch (2/6)]

[PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Allow larger copies when not slow_unaligned_access and no padding.

Re: [PATCH][GCC][mid-end] Correct subreg no-op handling for big-endian vec_select.

[PATCH][Middle-end] disable strcmp/strncmp inlining with O2 below and Os

Re: [PATCH][Middle-end]3rd patch of PR78809

[PATCH][Middle-end][version 2]change char type to unsigned char type when expanding strcmp/strncmp

[PATCH][Middle-end][version 3]3rd patch of PR78809

[PATCH][Middle-end]change char type to unsigned char type when expanding strcmp/strncmp

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Add missing Optimization attribute.

[PATCH][OBVIOUS] Fix wrong declaration.

Re: [PATCH][PR sanitizer/84250] Avoid global symbols collision when using both ASan and UBSan

Re: [PATCH][PR84877]Dynamically align the address for local parameter copy on the stack when required alignment is larger than MAX_SUPPORTED_STACK_ALIGNMENT

[PATCH][RFC] Make iterating over hash-map elide copying/destructing

[PATCH][testsuite, guality] Add -fno-ipa-icf in gcc.dg/guality

[PATCH][testsuite/guality] Run guality tests with Og

Re: [PATCH][wwwdocs] Mention Cortex-A76 support in GCC 9 changes.html

Re: [PATCH]Use MIN/MAX_EXPR for intrinsics or __builtin_fmin/max when appropriate

[PING] [PATCH] Fix _Pragma GCC diagnostic in macro expansions

[PING] Re: [PATCH 1/2] v5: Add "optinfo" framework

[PING] Re: [PATCH] C++: suggestions for misspelled private members (PR c++/84993)

[PING][PATCH, rs6000, C/C++] Fix PR target/86324: divkc3-1.c FAILs when compiling with -mabi=ieeelongdouble

[PING][PATCH] [v4][aarch64] Avoid tag collisions for loads falkor

[PING][PATCH][Aarch64] v2: Arithmetic overflow addv patterns [Patch 2/4]

[PR 80689] Copy small aggregates element-wise

[PR 86371] Remove spurious $HOME include from BRIG FE Makefile

[PR c++/86374] Name lookup failure in enclosing template

Re: [PR fortran/83184] Fix matching code for clist/old-style initializers when encountering assumed-rank declarations

[PR86544] Fix Popcount detection generates different code on C and C++

[RFC 1/3, debug] Add fdebug-nops

[RFC 2/3, debug] Add fkeep-vars-live

[RFC 3/3, debug] Add fdebug-nops and fkeep-vars-live to Og only

Re: [RFC PATCH] diagnose built-in declarations without prototype (PR 83656)

Re: [RFC, testsuite/guality] Use relative line numbers in gdb-test

[RFC] Fix recent popcount change is breaking

[RFC] fwprop address cost changes

[RFC] Induction variable candidates not sufficiently general

[RFC][debug] Add -fadd-debug-nops

[SPARC] Minor tweak

[SVE ACLE] Add initial support for arm_sve.h

[testsuite, committed] Fix get-absolute-line error handling

[testsuite, committed] Use relative line numbers in gcc.dg/guality

[testsuite/guality, committed] Prevent optimization of local in vla-1.c

[testsuite/guality, committed] Use @main as bp loc instead of line nrs in const-volatile.c

[testsuite/guality, committed] Use relative line numbers in vla-1.c

[testsuite] Minor tweak to 4 Aarch64 testcases

[testsuite] Robustify target_tls_runtime check

[testsuite] Simplify dg-final

[version 2] Re: [PATCH][Middle-end]3rd patch of PR78809

[wwwdocs, committed] Update Nios II info

[wwwdocs] Adjust a link to microsoft.com in gcc-4.7/changes.html

[wwwdocs] adjust www.itl.nist.gov to https in readings.html

[wwwdocs] Document more C++2a support in libstdc++

[wwwdocs] Document new sve-acle-branch

[wwwdocs] extensions.html - remove "rogue" MELT page

[wwwdocs] gcc-4.3/changes.html - switch www.mpfr.org to https

[wwwdocs] Mention LTO link-time issue fixed in gcc 8.2

Re: [wwwdocs] PATCH for Re: Create a new mirror

[wwwdocs] Repeat the 8.2 C++ ABI change also in the 8.2 changes.html section

[wwwdocs] Replace <a name=...> by id= attributes in all of projects/

abstract ABS_EXPR code for ranges into separate function

abstract gimple_call_nonnull*() from vr-values

abstract remaining wide int operations in VRP

abstract wide int binop code from VRP

Add dump file for WPA streaming

Re: Add IFN_COND_FMA functions

Re: Add support for dumping multiple dump files under one name

allow thread_through_all_blocks() to start from the same initial BB

arm - Add vendor and CPU id information to arm-cpus.in

Avoid &LOOP_VINFO_MASKS for bb vectorisation (PR 86618)

Re: Avoid assembler warnings from AArch64 constructor/destructor priorities

Avoid matching the same pattern statement twice

backporting fix for 85602 to GCC 8

Backports to 8.3

Build fail on gthr-simple.h targets (Re: AsyncI/O patch committed)

Re: Build fail on gthr-single.h targets (Re: AsyncI/O patch committed)

Re: C++ PATCH for c++/57891, narrowing conversions in non-type template arguments

C++ PATCH for c++/86190, bogus -Wsign-conversion warning

C++ PATCH for c++/86201, diagnostic routines re-entered crash

C++ PATCH for c++/86378, functional cast in template noexcept-specifier

C++ PATCH for c++/86480, nested variadic lambda and constexpr if

C++ patch ping

C++ PATCH to add a test for c++/84306

calculate overflow type in wide int arithmetic

Clean up interface to vector pattern recognisers

cleanup cross product code in VRP

commited: avoid extended initializer lists warnings

committed [PATCH] fix typo in tree-ssa-strlen.c (PR 86696)

committed: remove redundant -Wall from -Warray-bounds (PR 82063)

committed: removed directives ignored by DejaGnu

Compilation error in simple-object-elf.c

Contents of PO file 'gcc-8.2.0.uk.po'

Do not stream DECL_FCONTEXT

Enhance __gnu_debug::string debug assertion

Ensure PATTERN_DEF_SEQ is empty before recognising patterns

Re: Extend tree code folds to IFN_COND_*

Re: extract_range_from_binary* cleanups for VRP

Fix ceil_log2(0) (PR 86644)

Fix invalid cc_status after [const_][us]mulsi3_highpart

Fix old thinko in choose_multiplier

Fold pointer range checks with equal spans

front-page news rotation policy?

GCC 8.2 Status Report (2018-07-12)

GCC 8.2 Status Report (2018-07-19), branch frozen for release

Go patch commited: Fix parsing of composite literals with omitted pointer types

Go patch committed: Build a single backend type for a type alias

Go patch committed: Connect the concrete type and the placeholder for circular types

Go patch committed: Don't set btype_ field too early for an alias type

Go patch committed: Fix double evaluation when using interface field expression

Go patch committed: Fix evaluation order of LHS index expressions

Go patch committed: Fix order of evaluation of boolean expressions

Handle SLP of call pattern statements

Re: Improve std::rotate usages

Re: Invert sense of NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C

libgo patch committed: Check return value as well as error from waitid

libgo patch committed: Prune sighandler frames in runtime.sigprof

libgo patch committed: Skip zero-sized fields in structs when converting to libffi CIF

Re: Limit Debug mode impact: overload __niter_base

Make the vectoriser drop to strided accesses for stores with gaps

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

NetApp Users Contact List

New German PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.2.0)

New Japanese PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1.0)

New Spanish PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.1.0)

New Swedish PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.2.0)

New template for 'gcc' made available

New Ukrainian PO file for 'gcc' (version 8.2.0)

Optimization for std::to_string()

optimize std::vector move assignment

Pass more vector types to append_pattern_def_seq

Patch ping (Re: [C PATCH] Fix endless loop in the C FE initializer handling (PR c/85704))

PING #2 [PATCH] specify large command line option arguments (PR 82063)

PING #3 [PATCH] specify large command line option arguments (PR 82063)

PING [PATCH] i386: Remove _Unwind_Frames_Increment

PING [PATCH] libsanitizer: Mark REAL(swapcontext) with indirect_return attribute on x86

PING [PATCH] specify large command line option arguments (PR 82063)

PING [PATCH] warn for strlen of arrays with missing nul (PR 86552)

PR libstdc++/86272 Fix undefined __glibcxx_check_insert_range2

Quarter 3 2018

RFA: libiberty: avoid UBSAN complaint in cplus-dem.c

RFC: lra-constraints.c and TARGET_HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED question/patch

RFC: Patch to implement Aarch64 SIMD ABI

Share ebo helper throughout lib

Stepping down, mostly...

Targetted B2B companies contact list

Test (please ignore)

V3 [PATCH] C/C++: Add -Waddress-of-packed-member

Re:we can provide you printing and packaging2018/7/15 18:54:52

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