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Re: Avoid assembler warnings from AArch64 constructor/destructor priorities

On 02/02/18 15:14, Kyrill Tkachov wrote:

On 01/02/18 17:26, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Kyrill  Tkachov wrote:

Hi Joseph, aarch64 maintainers,

On 28/09/17 13:31, Joseph Myers wrote:
Many GCC tests fail for AArch64 with current binutils because of
assembler warnings of the form "Warning: ignoring incorrect section
type for .init_array.00100".  The same issue was fixed for ARM in
r247015 by using SECTION_NOTYPE when creating those sections; this
patch applies the same fix to AArch64.

Tested with no regressions with cross to aarch64-linux-gnu. OK to
There is a user request to backport this patch to the GCC 7 and 6
branches: PR 84168.

Would that be acceptable?
I don't object, but I'm not aware of this being a regression.

I think it's been present since the beginning of the port so
it's not a regression, just a user request for a bugfix backport.

The patch applies, bootstraps and tests cleanly on both branches FWIW.

Gentle ping on this (I had almost forgotten about it).
Do the aarch64 maintainers mind this patch being packported to the GCC 7 and 6 branches?


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